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AIKA Smart Insoles for Toddlers

Have you ever had that terrifying feeling at the park, or the amusement park, or the mall, or just out on the town; where you lose track of your kids for just a second? The AIKA Smart Insoles will eliminate that problem. Just sync with your smart phone. Place the insole inside your toddler’s shoe. When your toddler escapes the 90F (30M) perimeter, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone. 2 Insoles for toddlers ages 3-7 y/o and free app included.

  • WINNER of NAPPA Award “Best in the Industry”
  • Free app included
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Internal lithium-ion polymer batteries included
  • For iOS and Android devices


Aika Smart Insoles For Toddlers unisex size 3-7 "Keep your loved ones insight"

Aika Smart Insoles For Toddlers unisex size 3-7 "Keep your loved ones insight". Condition is New with tags. Shipped with USPS First Class Package.

Aika Smart Insoles For Toddlers Size 3-7

Aika Smart Insoles For Toddlers Size 3-7. Condition is New in box. These insoles go in your child’s shoes and connect via Bluetooth to your phone. An alert will be sent to your phone if your child goes farther than 30m from you. Great if you have a little wanderer on...

Aika Smart Insoles For Toddlers Size 3-7 Bluetooth Free App NEW  Easy to Use

Aika Smart Insoles For Toddlers Size 3-7 Bluetooth Free App NEW Easy to Use. Condition is New with tags. Shipped with USPS First Class Package. Keep your loved ones in sight !

Aika Smart Insoles for Toddlers size 3-7 Baby/Toddler Tracker

Aika Smart Insoles for Toddlers size 3-7. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS First Class Package.


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8 Reviews for Smart Insoles for Kids

  1. Katrina F.

    Lost “signal” often and my phone constantly alarmed. Couldn’t return it either.

  2. M M M

    It dosen’t alert me when it is past the perimeter. App has no instructions.. It’s just a basic simple app.. dosen’t work.

  3. Momma

    Bought the Aika smart soles for a trip to Disneyland with my ADHD stricken son who tends to wander off and get lost. Total lifesaver!! Not to mention all the time I saved looking for him that I could spend relaxing and enjoying the experience. Well worth it and much better than the other alternatives out there. I work in ER so I see all the horrific things that can happen when kids run off. If you’re planning a trip where there are a lot of people I highly recommend these insoles in that they can’t be easily removed. Now if only they made a larger size so I can keep track of the rest of my family:)

  4. sandy parker

    Simple to use and no complaints from my kiddos in regards to comfort. We go to a lot of crowded boating events and keeping track of the kids stresses me out. Very easy for them to get lost or into something they shouldn’t. Highly recommend for anyone with rambunctious kids, or multiples. You can find your kids before they get too far away.

  5. Yadi

    The item does not sync didn’t bother on using the second pair. Parents waist of money, plus it doesn’t help the situation and cant track you children. I tried to get a refund but wouldn’t allow me too.

  6. celticsea

    I really wanted to like these, and I still love the concept. I bought these prior to taking my toddler to Disneyland and wanted to have more assurance of her whereabouts to fall back on, if she snuck away for 2 seconds. But I couldn’t even get these to sync! My phone found the soles, but it just kept trying to sync without ever being able to do it. So….long story short, I didn’t get to use them. Oh well. I hope they fix the bugs with the app/soles someday.

  7. Sandra T

    I just got mine today and im really dissapointed the app isnt very helpful and it needs to “sync” evetime and that takes me literally pressing hard on the shoe inserts. It wont read my toddlers steps

  8. Gerard Block

    The spirit of adventure has driven the human race into the future for time immemorial, and is likely the most defining characteristic that delineates our species from the raucous beasts of the wild. Humans seek the horizon, always pressing forwards into the promise of the unknown.Toddlers and young children are perhaps the bravest of us all. In a world of which they know so little, they sprint towards new discoveries, blithely unaware of even the simplest mechanics of what constitutes our interpretation of reality. In these young adventurers we see the best in all of us.However, the borderless seeking exhibited among young progeny must, at times, be monitored. To curtail, or worse, constrain by physical barricade the meandering paths of enlightenment pursued by toddlers breaking new grounds of exploration would be an affront to the human nature that has delivered us so much in this technological age.AIKA Smart Insoles stand as a monolith of ingenuity and convenience, a true manifestation of what the human spirit can generate, the ripened fruit born of the tree of adventure. The comphy soles fit many small shoe sizes, require no charging, and connect via Bluetooth to the phone app. Should miniature dilettantes stray beyond the virtual bounds of Bluetooth range, notifications, visual and auditory, remind the master of the phone, and presumably of the child, that that the small wayfarer must be brought to heel.Loose your children from the surly bonds of chain link playpens, for they are not yet unduly incarcerated by the overbearing state. Let them see the distant horizon, the far mountain top, and let them dream of what lies on the other side. When they set out on the expedition to find out, you can rely on AIKA Smart Insoles to let you know when they’ve made it the first 90 feet.

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