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Warmfits Heated Insoles for Men

These heated insoles from Warmfits help to keep your feet warm in cold weather. Powered by a rechargeable battery that can be charged via power bank or mobile phone ac adapter.

  •  RECHARGEABLE FOOT WARMER: This is a portable rechargeable heated insoles. Rechargeable lithium ion polymer batteries are mounted to your ankle via velcro tape. These can be charged via power bank or mobile phone ac adapter.
  • HIGH CAPACITY: High capacity batteries offer 5-6 continuous hours of runtime with fully rechargeable Batteries. Warming time is varies in different environment. The temperature will reach up to 120 °F to warm cold feet in winter without too hot to sweat.
  • MOBILE CAMPING FOOT WARMER: The heated insoles is Made from soft elastic EVA-foam, Thickness is approximately 0.19 In . You feet don’t feeling any tight squeeze when the insoles fit in to your shoes.
  • VENTED DESIGN: This electric insoles can be bent by 180 degree. It is washable, reusable. And you can wash it via brush.(not for machine washing). This battery foot warmers are the perfect solution to your cold feet- Keeping your feet warm without getting hot to the touch and making them sweat
  • ONE SIZE FIT ALL: This insoles can be cut into your size. ( US Shoes Size 7.5-12 ) Best unisex heated boot insoles for outdoor sports, chores, hunting, hiking,camping,fishing etc.

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New Adult Size Warmfits Rechargeable Battery Powered Heated Foot Insoles Unisex
New Adult Size Warmfits Rechargeable Battery Powered Heated Foot...



Rechargeable Heated Insoles Foot Warmers
released on September 23, 2018



7 Reviews for Rechargeable Heated Insoles Foot Warmers

  1. Tequila Sue

    After going through two pairs of the original Thermacells that stopped charging after a few months, I switched to Warmfits. Although I’m not crazy about wearing the batteries around my legs, they have kept my feet perfectly warm in -8 temps for 3 – 4 hours (I haven’t worn them longer) without wearing out the battery. I have worn them to the barn for two hours in the morning, not charged them and worn them for another two hours in the evening with no loss in their ability to keep my feet warm. It takes them a while to fully charge so I just leave them plugged in overnight.I highly recommend them so far, which has been two months.Update: 2 months into my second winter using these, and they are still working perfectly.Just remember that these will NOT make your feet hot. They just keep them perfectly comfortable, so much so that I don’t even think about my feet, which has never happened in the winter!Pro tip: remember to check that they’re connected if you’re feet start getting cold. I was outside putting up Christmas lights a couple of weeks ago, and my left foot started going numb, but I just thought it was because my socks were too thick. It wasn’t until I came in and realized I hadn’t connected the battery…won’t do that again!UPDATE: Going on the third year without a complaint! I also forgot to mention that they’re super thin so you can wear them with most of your shoes or boots.

  2. Ise Loa

    Working outside in brutal North Dakota weather – these warming insoles are a Godsend..!!! Tried battery / re-chargable sox – they fell apart right away + were very inconvenient to use. These fit perfectly inside of my workboots and keep my toes toasty warm.

  3. AMJ

    This could be a really great item, but it just doesn’t work well enough to be effective. I bought these to keep my toes from getting cold while hunting, but unfortunately, it doesn’t heat up the toe area at all. I could feel a small amount of heat on the heel and middle of my sole, but only when I put pressure on my foot (such as when standing). When I was sitting, if my feet were hanging loose and not pressed against the ground, I couldn’t feel the heat at all. These are advertised as 5 – 6 hours of battery working time. Imagine my surprise when they quit working after only 3 hours of use. That’s very poor performance, especially because the batteries take just about all day to charge when plugged into a regular 120V outlet.When I got these home, I recharged one of the batteries and checked the insole with an infrared thermometer. The heat distribution varied significantly at different areas of the sole (see photos), but nowhere was it close to the “up to 120 degrees” stated in the description. At time zero, room temperature was about 67 degrees. After 16 minutes, I checked the temperature at different areas – the toe area was only 69 degrees, the middle of the sole was about 87 degrees, and the heel was around 100 degrees. Not effective if you want to keep you toes warm. The one plus is that they were easy to use; the batteries strapped easily above my boots, and it was easy to plug the soles to the batteries; the extra cord tucked easily inside my boots.

  4. Love my deals

    Excellent heated insoles don’t keep your feet warm for hours. These came on time and as described. They are an excellent value and in the long run they’re gonna save us so much money over buying the throwaway warming pads for my feet. This is a great product for anyone that works outside or there’s any kind of outdoor walking or outdoor sports easy to cut to any size foot. Excellent value. Hold a charge. Happy with this item.

  5. Christopher King

    I am always cold so I was really excited when I found these heated insoles. They they don’t get super hot and offer enough heat to keep me warm outside for a long time.Pros:*insoles can be cut to fit various shoe sizes. I cut them to my shoe size but they still work in my spouse ‘s shoes that are bigger.*insoles are thin so they don’t add a lot of bulk to my shoes. I barely notice a difference*warms up very quickly and battery lasts for several hours* the set comes with a usb charging cable and a charging block. I like this because a lot of products today don’t come with the actual block.* everything stores nicely in the original box. When I’m going out I just grabbed the whole set and bring it to my car. That way I can wear my insoles and recharge the batteries as neededSuggestions:*The best way to get an accurate cut is to take out your current insole and trace it. The first one I cut I used the existing lines and it didn’t work as well as when I traced my own insole.* the insoles work by battery power. The batteries have to be attached to your leg via a comfortable carrying bag and a velcro strap. When I’m finished wearing them, I leave the batteries right in the bag and charge them that way.

  6. rocci berrini

    I felt like I was on house arrest with that big old battery ankle bracelet thing after about two hours I rather have cold feet then a super sore ankle. I feel like it’s just a matter time before that cord gets ripped out of the heating element very fragile. I ended up just getting some heated socks it makes sense to have everything built into one actual unit instead of different components with very weak points. It’s a good idea on paper but no dice not for me

  7. Joseph D Maddock

    Went to my basement shop and discovered one battery had exploded and caught fire burning my countertop and luckily the fire didn’t spread. I can’t find contact details for the seller. I am concerned someone is going to get hurt.

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