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Hotronic FootWarmer S4 Custom

Cold feet keeping you off the slopes? With four different heat level settings, Hotronic heated insoles will provide the comfort needed to brave the elements. The Custom S4 will install in all types of footwear and can easily be transferred from one pair of footwear to another. For use while skiing, snowboarding, and during other general cold-temperature activities. Please note that a footbed is still required to use these heaters, whether it is stock or custom.

  • The new S series batteries offer more than ever before, including enhanced reliability, longevity, and performance


Hotronic Footwarmer Power Plus s4: Heat Element: Pair
Hotronic Footwarmer Power Plus s4: Heat Element: Pair. Condition is "New". Never used! Brand new oem genuine. Shipped with USPS First Class (3 to 5 business days).
Hotronic Power Plus S4+ Battery Pack | Ski Boot Heaters
The Hotronic Power Plus S4+ Battery Pack is stronger than ever before. The switch is redesigned to prevent unintended switching. This battery is for use with ski boot heaters from Hotronic. This super powerful battery contains 4 NiMH cells that work even in the coldest weather. Fully...
Hotronic Footwarmer S4 Custom Boot Heater - 1033
New, no box. Arrived with some scratches on the batteries. Foot insole has not be cut - it’s still new. Stickers have not been peeled off. Hotronic Footwarmer S4 Custom Boot Heater - 1033.
Hotronic FootWarmer S4+ Power Set replacement battiers with recharger
The Hotronic FootWarmer S4+ Power Set includes 2 battery packs and 1 recharger. Keep this as a back-up spare for your Hotronic ski boot heaters, just in case you lose a battery or plan on having non stop fun in the snow. This set up includes 2 of the super powerful, long lasting S4+ battery...
Hotronic FootWarmer S4+ Universal Ski Boot Heater for battery powered heat
The Hotronic FootWarmer S4+ Universal Ski Boot Heater warms your feet, no matter what footwear you are wearing, in any weather. Newly redesigned with a raised protector on the switch to prevent unexpected switching. This super powerful set up keeps your feet warm in the coldest weather with its...


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FootWarmer Addon
released on December 21, 2017

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10 Reviews for FootWarmer Addon

  1. dlredman55

    Excellent product I have been using for year my first pair 1998 my battery went bad so got new ones

  2. 2birdiedogs

    My wife loves to ski but has always been troubled by cold toes. No combination of socks seemed to help. I ordered these and had our local ski shop set them up on her inner boots. They do a great job. She has gotten two full days from a full charge with battery left.

  3. Arboh

    This is a great product with only one flaw.First of all, I have very poor circulation in my toes, but teach skiing at night when it is the coldest…. Bad combination !Before I got the Hotronic warmers, my feet would go numb if I did not come in and warm up every few hours. With the warmers, I can stay out all night. I really don’t feel the warmth, I just don’t feel the cold !! So great that I got a set for my wife too.Now for the flaw. It is well documented in other ratings, so no surprise. It’s the cable connectors that plug into the batteries. They are in a very damage prone location, and guess what… they get damaged.Hotronic needs to improve this design. Seems odd to me that the issue is so well documented, but Hotronic has not responded with a design improvement.

  4. lvmudd

    Installed in my ski boot and no more cold toes while skiing.

  5. Seamus

    Bought for my wife who constantly complained of cold feet when skiing (often to the point where she would stop early when out). These solved that issue perfectly. Set on 50% power, she is warm in the coldest of conditions and the battery pack lasts at least 10 hours (or more – haven’t tested any longer amount of time). There are great YouTube videos on how to install, which I highly recommend watching and following. It took me about 25 minutes to install both and after one season, they haven’t come out or slipped inside at all. Only watch out is that the battery back will slide off the back of the boot, so you need to be mindful of that when skiing. Make sure to pull the elastic of the pant over the battery and boot so it gets captured inside.

  6. Jeroen Thibaut

    These footwarmers were gamechangers for me. I’ve been skiing for some 30 years and never had cold feet.Then, two years ago I had to leave my boots on those “airblowing & warming poles” they install in ski chalets (at least in the Alps). Unfortunately, one night these didn’t work; leaving my boots cold, and more problematic: still wet from the day before. While skiing in freezing temperatures (in my quite hard and not ‘cushioned’ boots) I literally froze my feet. They were white and numb. In the months following, I slowly regained feeling in my toes, but it took more than a year to have a normal feeling again. What stayed: I get cold feet very quickly now, where I never had cold feet before. At night when working on my desk, when walking in cold temperatures, …Last year I took some of those chemical packets that you can put in your gloves for some hours of warmth and put them under my toes. They helped some, but were very uncomfortable. So this year I invested in the Hotronic S4 custom and installed them in my boots. I dried/warmed my boots during the night (with blowers I carry with me). Before skiing, I put them on “3” for 15 minutes, then reduced to “2” and went skiing. They worked like a charm. Warm feet all day (even when temperatures went to -23 °C). I do not feel them in my boots (installed them myself) and I click the batteries on the backside of my boots. Hardly ever put them on “3”. (guess the trick is to start with warm feet and keep them that way).Only downpoint: I would look for a more secure attaching mechanism next time. I’m lucky my ski pants have those elastic band to keep snow out, as I found the battery twice in there. They had loosend from my boot (lifts, jumps, …) but were caught there. Maybe one of their clips, or some duct tape would do the trick.I bought extra soles (without the batteries, as I’ll reuse the ones I have) to use in my shoes/slippers/…

  7. Cristina Twigg

    These warm up your feet gradually, which is great. Not a super duper HOT feeling, but consistent warmth. But I wanted to write in that the installation instructions that come with the device are TERRIBLE. Thankfully, the internet provided, and there’s an amazing video with instructions on how to install these so you can do it right the first time, with no risk of messing it up. Amazon doesn’t let you post links from other sites in their reviews, but if you do a search on youtube for: How to Install a Hotronics Custom Boot Heater by Peter Glenn, you’ll get a great video that instructs you how to get these bad boys into your boots easily.

  8. Robert Balton

    They just didn’t work. The fact that they don’t make it clear that you have to permanently install them is crazy. The fact that they don’t warn you that the batteries need to initially charge for 72 hours is crazy. The directions for installing them are awful. I had to go to You Tube where I learned I should cut a hole in my boot… crazy! These were an EXPENSIVE FLOP!

  9. John

    I use for skiing. Used so far three times at -20C. I have an acquaintance who has had them 5 years and is happy with performance. Downsides non potability and very expensive.

  10. Megan Pitsch

    Used 6 times in ski boots this winter. This is a technical piece of equipment. I have poor circulation, my toes get cold and these heater work . It was between 15 and 28 degrees out,I used mostly on level 2 and lasted all day 6+ hours. I did need level 3 sometimes in Morning when its coldest out, just recharge and good to go the next day. The recharger has indicator lights to tell you when they are fully charged. I did not have to leave charging over night, it takes 3-4 hours to recharge. I pre heated boots by turning on15 minutes b-4 putting boots on. don’t forget to recharge in off season when not in use. The only issue I had was I did hit the battery/ which I was located on back top of ski boot while getting on the chair lift. They have a strong wire clip on battier to hold battery in place. This is the best heating system, no fuss, just bend over and adjust setting for heat setting, no taking on/off ski boot to adjust. 5 star.

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FootWarmer Addon

$254.00 $208.00