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S2 Seatback System

SUBPAC is the most consistent and accurate bass monitoring solution on the market. Accurate, immersive, and portable – the SUBPAC S2 is the latest addition to SUBPACs line of revolutionary tactile audio systems that have quickly become essential tools for music production and enjoyment from the top studios in LA and London, to basement apartments and bedrooms worldwide.

  • Frequency Range: 1Hertz to 200 Hertz
  • Portability: The SUBPAC gives you a Full range, Portable production solution Anywhere, anytime
  • The SUBPAC is silent to the outside World; You will Not get Noise complaints, allowing you to create for longer, later into the night
  • Feeling sound puts less stress on Your most valuable asset Your ears; With the SUBPAC you can produce/Mix for longer at lower levels
  • SUBPAC is the most consistent and accurate bass monitoring solution on the market

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SUBPAC S2 Bluetooth 4.0 (Seatback) Tactical Bass System Unit
SUBPAC S2 Bluetooth 4.0 (Seatback) Tactical Bass System Unit
SUBPAC S2 (Seatback) Tactical Bass Unit For Audio Professionals, Gamers, music lovers, etc. Perfect for someone who wants the full power of club level bass but no one else can hear it. The battery does not hold a charge. Must be plugged...



SUBPAC S2 Tactile Bass System
released on December 28, 2015


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11 Reviews for SUBPAC S2 Tactile Bass System

  1. Jenn

    I have to say I’m surprised there so much in reviews about gaming and working out…. in a completely different level, this is amazing for the deaf and hard of hearing alike. I recommend this to those that fall in that category. We may not be able to “hear” the music in its entirety, but this SubPak certainly allows you to feel it.

  2. alca.migu

    A whole new dimension to music and the backpack just fits everything I need without a problem.

  3. Renado Lewis

    Love the Subpac. I don’t love the battery. After 1 week the battery only last an hour. I keep it plugged in to get the full experience. That defeats the mobility purpose.

  4. Eugene O.

    Note: I originally wrote this review of the SubPac S2 for a computer audiophile forum.Sound Quality:I have now sampled my whole music library with the SubPac. It really rounds out what I think is by far the closest approximation to what I was looking for, for anything remotely close to the total cost I’ve invested. The bass experience is highly versatile. It is equally good for Trance, Jazz, Classical, and other genres. It is both full and punchy, it’s not like having a subwoofer that’s designed to deliver one kind of bass over another.I have the SubPac connected to the monitor outs on my interface, and the headphones connected to the headphone out, with independent level controls. I leave the SubPac’s own level control at the halfway point (where the curve transitions from linear to logarithmic), and my interface gives me fine control over the balance. I can boost the bass pretty darned high just by turning up the SubPac level, without audibly (or palpably) distorting the sound, or turn it down so it offers a realistic level of body resonance that you would get from experiencing music live. The only caveat in the realism is that your spine is what typically vibrates most with a SubPac, as opposed to, say, your chest. That said, I am made very aware of where in my body specific frequencies resonate with the SubPac: some in my butt, some in my lower back, and others in my head. The 16 Hz Bombarde on my favorite pipe organ recording is delivered through my spine and head with absolutely earth-shattering glory, and yet the clarity remains intact like I’ve never heard from a subwoofer (granted, I’ve never heard an audiophile-level subwoofer in a proper listening room). Just the fact that no bass at any level causes any objects to rattle in my room is itself a godsend.Design/Comfort/Convenience:The SubPac is not a perfect product, but the complaints I have are all relatively minor. It feels like a solid product made of quality materials. The comfort is about as good as I can reasonably expect. The SubPac is slightly padded, but it does stick out and is not as physically comfortable for long periods as is sitting in my ergonomic computer chair without it. Between the SubPac and my HD380 headphones, the SubPac is the limiting factor in comfort for long sessions.The SubPac S2 comes with an x-shaped arrangement of adjustable straps to fit over various shapes and sizes of computer chairs. It also comes with an additional strap that’s supposed to go over the top of your chair. This additional strap is not nearly long enough to go over my computer chair. The good news is this additional strap is not really needed. Without it, I’ve achieved a very snug and stable fit to my computer chair that has stayed in place for the hours I have used the SubPac so far.Some people have complained that they weren’t warned about the control box. Well, you audiophiles understand the need for such a thing, to properly power it, and to provide an input and output some distance away from the epicenter of the vibrations. This control box comes with a strap to conveniently attach it to the underside of a computer chair arm rest. My only complaint with this part of the design is that the control box can fairly easily slide off the strap. The cables should keep it from falling to the floor, though, and I imagine an easy fix would be to stick some additional piece of cloth into the clip.Conclusion:The SubPac is definitely not a cheap gimmick, but a serious product of high quality to cost ratio, and what I believe is the best (and possibly only) way to hear and feel every possible frequency on a sub-$1,000 budget. The comfort of the seated (S2) version is decent relative to reasonable expectations, but it will probably make your ergonomic computer chair significantly less comfortable for long listening sessions. I’m tempted to compare it to the backpack (M2) version, particularly to see which is more comfortable, but I have to be careful about throwing around money to compare products given my budget. The only other complaints I have about the SubPac I mentioned above for completeness’ sake, but they probably wouldn’t be significant enough to affect most peoples’ buying decisions.The SubPac offers a fundamentally different experience from listening to music on headphones alone. Whether feeling music the way the SubPac allows is for you is a personal decision. I don’t know what level of headphones the SubPac would be able to compliment well in terms of quality, but I find it an impressive compliment to my HD380s, delivering a truly augmented experience without sacrificing quality.

  5. R. Webb

    I’ll start by saying the only reason this isn’t 5 stars is the price. It’s a little pricey for what it is. You can find a cheaper solution for sure, but this is simple, plug and play, no hassle at all. It was boxed nicely and feels very well made.I bought this for gaming, and it really does add another level to the experience on top of Virtual Reality. Playing flight simulators and being able to feel the engine roar is exactly what I was hoping for. Something I didn’t expect to like it for so much is music. You can feel those low frequencies with such precision. It’s a great product, it’s expensive because it’s niche and no one else really sells a plug and play system like this. Worth the money if you have the expendable income for sure.

  6. 2012laureline

    Great condition. Super helpful for music production and brings trance, house, techno, hip hop tracks to life.

  7. Charles Giovanniello

    Really awesome, I was blown away by this thing. Really good if your a music producer with a problematic bass response in your room (I particularly produce Dance/EDM, so that’s crucial). And listening to music with this thing is a whole different experience.

  8. Umoja Stephenson

    Who’s idea was it to replace the curly cord on the earlier M2X models with a much shorter static cord requiring you to take the item off every time you need to adjust the settings?Also: Why have an adjustable bass level when the system can’t operate beyond 50% without shutting itself off or possibly blowing out the speakers? Seems rather redundant.Otherwise the product works as intended and it does add an extra level of realism and immersion to music, movies, and gaming.

  9. Nick

    Sounds cool but is just over priced crap. It feels like you straped a 2×6″ board to your back, You can’t turn the power level over 50% or it will immediately shut down, it’s annoying to anyone around you because of the vibration noise it makes, if I had a wood chipper I think I’d have more fun throwing it in then actually using it seeing as how I’ve never actually used it outside of my house. Batteries are not replaceable.

  10. Michael M

    Wow. I love this thing.. and I returned it. The cables drove me crazy, I was always tangled and snagging. You also can’t reach to plug them in after you out it on. Why did they not weave the headphone input to the shoulder strap with a pocket for extra cable? Why is the amp box cable so short you can’t bring it in front of you when you detatch it? Why didn’t they put an extension to plug the input to the strap closest to your pocket so you can see it, reach it, and decrease tangling?Besides the cable experience, I seriously love it!

  11. M&D Trent

    To start off, the Subpac fits my contour well. I am 6’1 and about 185lbs. I am using this in conjunction with my Bose Quiet Comfort II headphones and my iPhone XSMax. I have my headphones wired into the Subpac box. Pros: Lightweight, can produce low frequency bass, and works well on first-person games. Cons: Bluetooth – Bluetooth – Bluetooth. I am not sure if is the setup with the new Iphone 5.0 Bluetooth technology, but every I want to use my subpac, I have to restart Bluetooth pairing, which does not always work right away. This is a huge pain when I am running and then the subpack disconnects from my phone. I find that this happens more frequently when using the subpac at nominal for about 15-20 minutes. I knew the cost was a bit high, but I gave it three stars because there should be an adapter made by subpac to enhance newer technologies and reduce the number of hanging wires.

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