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Lumo Lift Wearable Posture Coach

The Lift from Lumo is the first posture coach you wear, if you slouch, it vibrates! A posture corrector that’s perfect for sitting or working at computers. Comfortable & easy to use. Improve your posture today!

  • Change Your Life by Changing Your Posture! Sit straighter, stand taller and look better with Lumo Lift, an all-in-one appearance booster and fitness tracker.
  • Lumo Lift is a wearable posture coach that helps you sit straighter, stand taller, and look better by buzzing when you slouch.
  • Look Better, Feel Better, Be Better! Better posture helps you look better and feel more confident, reduce back and neck pain, and improve your mood & reduce stress.
  • Lumo Lift works and syncs wirelessly only with Bluetooth 4+ equipped smartphones operating iOS 11.3 or above, or Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or above. Please search “Lumo Lift compatibility” on Google for more details..
  • Up to 4 weeks of local activity data storage


Lumo Lift Posture Coach device - USED, includes all original accessories
Lumo Lift Posture Coach device - USED, includes all original accessoriesIn excellent condition — my posture's great now; device really works!
Lumo Lift Posture Coach Lightly Used Tested - Magnetic Clasp Only
Magnetic clasp ONLY.No other stuffs are included.Show minor signs of usage: minor surface scratches/etc.Works well.Please note: to save your postage, will only charge 79 cents for NO tracking numbers. Ship by 1st class mail. No tracking numbers. See pictures for further descriptions. What you see...
Lumo Lift Posture Coach
Lumo Lift Posture Coach. Condition is "Used". Shipped with USPS First Class. Lightly used. Comes with all accessories and parts in box.
Lumo Lift Posture & Activity Coach - Black #LLK020-001b New
Lumo Lift Posture & Activity Coach - Black #LLK020-001b New. Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS First Class.
BRAND NEW Lumo Lift Posture Coach - Open Box Never Used
BRAND NEW Lumo Lift Posture Coach - Open Box Never Used. Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS First Class.


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// Specifications

Lumo Lift Posture Coach
released on October 7, 2014

// Company Profile – LUMO BodyTech

LUMO BodyTech is a company that was first started in 2011, and aims to improve peoples health. LUMO BodyTech does this through their smart sensors and software. – View Profile


9 Reviews for Lumo Lift Posture Coach

  1. Dawson64

    I have been wearing my Lumo Lift for about a month to help improve my posture. The device itself has helped me considerably. A coworker has commented that my posture has been very good lately. My 6 year old has taken notice and will randomly yell out “posture” to remind the family to sit up tall.The first day I wore my Lumo Lift, it kept buzzing me every 2 minutes as I sat at my desk. I quickly noticed that I kept looking down because my monitors were too low. I raised them up and the posture reminders decreased.I wear the Lumo Lift on an undershirt each day. Typically this shirt seems to be tight enough to keep the Lumo Lift close to my body allowing it to function properly. There have been a couple of days where I didn’t get the Lumo Lift trained properly only to realize it thought I had good posture all morning or that I wasn’t meeting my posture goal.I worry about the light flashing throughout the day. I wish the light would only flash when you interact with it, but I have seen it flash in the mirror when I get ready in the morning. I have also had one co-worker notice the Lumo Lift when I had a black dress shirt covering it.The Lumo Lift lasts me about 2 days wearing it 15 hours a day. By the end of the second day, I have about 20-30% battery life left, depending on how much I was buzzed (I do have the coaching sessions on for 12 hours a day). The Lumo Lift does charge very quickly.As a result, I would give the hardware 5 stars as its benefits far outweigh the LED light (which could be covered by tape).The app has room for improvement and I would give the app 3 stars.The app is fairly simple, but could provide a much better user experience. The user experience is behind the times and is limited in terms of what you can do.The app is getting bug fixes, but there are only a few documented enhancements. I have had the app lose the link to the Lumo Lift twice (the last time was yesterday, after I started writing this review). I tried signing out of the app to try to get it to sync. I’m surprised it doesn’t remember your email address to make it easier to sign in. Both times I needed to reset the Lumo Lift while having it on its power station (click & hold for a while until the lights start changing colors). Interestingly, even though the app said it hadn’t synced since 8 am, it had data into the afternoon.I like the test functionality in the app and used it to see how well I trained the lift. I think it could use some additional features like showing some of the measurements on where your posture is at or being able to see or adjust the acceptable range.The goals in the app could be much more customizable. What is 40% good posture? Why can’t I say I want 60%? Why can I only change the number of hours and not the percentage? The same applies for the number of steps, but I consider this an added benefit to wearing the Lumo Lift. Although I’m very skeptical of the calories burned.Even more importantly is the results.While the Lumo Lift is not a magic ‘pill’, it effectively raises awareness and reminds you of your posture. It has helped me improve my posture dramatically. While it alone hasn’t been able to reverse the damage I have done by excessive sitting, I believe it is going to help in my recovery and beyond. I started using the Lumo Lift and going to physical therapy at the same time. It has been a slow process, but I am starting to see improvement.UPDATE 11/14/2016Lumo Lift updated their app to version 2.0 today. It looks better. I will see how it works in the days to come.They have also recently updated the firmware of the Lift. I like this release better. It is good to see they are still working on developing this product.*** […] if it helped you because it helps me too! A month after I purchased the Lumo Lift, they asked me to provide a review. My opinions are solely mine and are NOT influenced by anything other than the QUALITY and PERFORMANCE of this particular product. Thanks! ***

  2. D. Hempy

    The Lumo Lift worked great for a few weeks. I wore it every day and appreciated the reminder buzzes.Then after a few weeks, it stopped giving me reminders and would not pair with my phone. It still charged, and vibrated correctly when I turned it on and calibrated it. But alas…would not vibrate to remind me to stop slouching even if I laid down on my desk. It also failed to pair with my phone after that, despite many attempts, resets, and reinstallations of the app.I opened a ticket with Lumo, and got several rounds of canned “Did you turn it on? Try turning it on!” auto-replies that clearly showed no human ever read my request for help. Even with the auto-replies, I’d get several emails of, “our support backlog is so great it’s going to be a few more days until you hear from us” emails, finally followed by some useless prattle about remembering to charge and calibrate the device — which I CLEARLY indicated I had done many times in my complaint.See the attached image that only shows the new messages from Lumo — several levels of reply chains are nested under the seven top-level emails. The visible email is TWO MONTHS into the exchange, and they’re STILL asking me if I’ve installed the app and if I know I need to calibrate the unit each day. ARGHHH!When I finally gave up the first time, I asked for an RMA. They said I had to return it to Amazon where I bought it. Well, guess what — the 30-day return period had expired by then. So I started all over trying to get the attention of a human for a warranty claim to get a new one. That thread has been going on for a month now, and when I started using a little foul language in my responses, they offered to give me an Amazon credit for the purchase price or send me a replacement unit.The original unit worked so well when I first got it, I asked for the replacement. I’ve since gotten two messages asking for my address (which they already had) and promising to get one out to me right away. I still don’t have the replacement. I’ve held off on posting this review since I’m so excited about the product (not the customer service!) but at this point, enough is enough. I wonder if the “backlog of customer support” tickets is because the company is a part-time basement operation or because they’ve had so many failures in the field. Who knows…Aside from those woes, the Lumo really was great when it was working. Just as described, it gave a gentle nag whenever I needed it. It got to the point that my coworker (who often stands a few inches to my side) would correct her posture every time she heard my Lumo vibration go off! LOL!That is the only reason this review got two stars, instead of one. I hope I do get a replacement and that it actually lasts for a year or two.The pedometer is not very accurate. It’s a nice add-on, but if you’re on the fence for this as a posture coach, don’t let that feature sway you.The Android app is useful, but kind of annoying. Every time you start it, you have to wade through pages of fluff until you finally got to the activity dashboard that should have been the very first thing a returning user sees when starting the app.If anyone at Lumo is interested in this review, my ticket numbers are 55339 and 57102. Your system should show about seven emails your system sent me between 2/7/2016 and 4/7/2016, most of which were your, “you’ll hear from us in a few days” tripe, and a similar number of emails from me to you. If you have any ability to get my unit shipped, I’d be most appreciative.

  3. Kelly

    First of all the app didn’t work for me. I finally got it to connect and it worked for a week. Then it just stopped vibrating when I slouched, or even when I just put it in my hand and tilted it… It just didn’t work anymore. Followed all the troubleshooting steps on the website, spoke to a representative who made me go through all those steps again. Then, again, they sent me more troubleshooting which didn’t work. It seemed they wanted to blame it on my phone (which was connected just fine) not the device. Finally I had to report a bug on the app, and no response…i think they know that it just stops working after a while, but don’t bother to replace the product to customers. Also the vibration is too faint for me to feel, and the bra strap clip is made for tiny bras-not people like me who have larger straps and probably need the product more… Very disappointed in their follow thru and dishonesty

  4. rickie87

    Item is worn and obviously not a new one as stated. A little bit disappointed:(

  5. Entrope

    Update Apr 2019: Interestingly, someone is still updating/maintaining the IOS app.It worked well for me for over a year. Had to replace when I washed it. However the company has ceased operations as of Jun 29, 2018, so bear this in mind if you are looking to buy this. Too bad! Check their website to see the announcement. Hopefully, someone will resuscitate it.

  6. ichci

    Not accurate, posture setting not stable. The company is belly up, no support whatsoever.

  7. Chris

    The company that makes the Lumo Lift was sold. The new company stopped supporting the Lumo Lift app which the physical product needs to function.Now my Lumo Lift is nothing more than an expensive paperweight and a reminder of why we should be weary of physical products that require apps to function.

  8. motorcityhipchic

    Really helps me be mindful of my posture

  9. willkirch2

    It does not hold a charge and function properly. Need to return for credit. Please let me know how to return. Thank you Jerome Kirchmeier

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