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The Best Backpack Umbrella is the Nubrella

The Nubrella is a backpack wearable umbrella that offers shade, rain, snow, and UV sun protection. It is made of strong, windproof material to protect you in harsh conditions. The Nubrella is a nifty canopy umbrella system that works great for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. It is especially useful for photographers and hikers. As seen on Shark Tank the Nubrella is a one of a kind, patented design, wearable umbrella.

  •  EASY TO WEAR – Comfortably rests on your shoulders and secures with adjustable waist strap for complete hands-free capability. Easily stores down users back – no need to carry anything. Good for any outdoor event, city tour, day hike, fishing, theme park. The back brace is made of high quality breathable material. The entire Nubrella only weighs 3lbs. No more holding an umbrella for hours or relying on the minimum protection of a hat!!
  • USAGES – Designed for both Workers and Recreational Enthusiast – Whether employees taking orders outdoors with I-Pads, letter carriers, construction workers, professional photographers – to simply Walking the dog, fishing, hiking, attending a sporting event, or soccer moms – Nubrella offers an endless amount of usages.
  • INTUITIVE DESIGN – A hands-free, non-invertible umbrella/weather protector, conveniently worn backpack-style. Complete Hands-Free & Wind-Resistant RAIN and SUN Protection all in one unit. Ripstop, waterproof nylon, lightweight aluminum rods, glass-filled plastic for superman strength. Open front for perfect vision and non-interfered communication. Plus, extended frontal coverage protecting you and smart devices.
  • AERODYNAMIC – Our patented sleek retro aerodynamic canopy can withstand up to 40mph winds and cannot invert. Canopy blocks wind-chill keeping you significantly warmer or cooler in all inclement conditions.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE – All of our products are backed by our quality guarantee – If for any reason you aren’t fully satisfied, just let us know and we’ll do what we can to ensure your happiness with no hassles. The Nubrella Guarantee is a sign of how confident we are in the superior quality and effectiveness of our product. Order with confidence – we’ve got you covered.

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Nubrella Backpack Umbrella
released on November 12, 2019


Nubrella | Hands Free Weather protection

MEET NUBRELLA. OUR WEARABLE HANDS-FREE UMBRELLA IS REVOLUTIONARY. HANDS-FREE. Why be constrained by the standard umbrella that needs holding? Our innovative HandsFree design frees you to do almost any task – like walking the dog, working on a farm, or taking the perfect photo-with greater ease and efficiency. All while being shielded from the ...

Nubrella Update (2021) - Shark Tank Success

The Nubrella was such a unique idea it had no problems getting accepted in the first season of the Shark Tank Show. The owner and inventor Alan Kaufman came into the Shark Tank looking for a $200k investment in exchange for a 25% equity stake in the Umbrella Business.

Nubrella - Outdoor & Sporting Goods Company - West Palm ...

Nubrella, West Palm Beach, Florida. 4,903 likes. Nubrella is a 21st century new backpack style worn Hands-Free weather protection device for Rain & Sun protection.


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10 Reviews for Nubrella Backpack Umbrella

  1. Ush

    I am an aficionado photographer, and Nubrella has been the best addition to my photography set. I have used it for both sun and rain protection. Having my hands free while getting weather protection is just brilliant. I love it!

  2. M.a

    This nubrella is really solid because the umbrella stays in place. The straps can be adjusted to fit. It blocks out the sun for uv protection and allows me to do yard work while protection me from sun and rain. Great at keeping you dry when it rains because the angle can be adjusted to accommodate the wind direction that blows the rain. Used it in NYC with 40 MPH winds and it didnt budge, great buy!!

  3. Malkie Matyas

    Bought this as a holiday present for my postal delivery guy. He doesn’t stop thanking me. He has already used on a windy rainy day and really hot weather and this Numbrrlla umbrella performed way above expectations. Go out and buy this for your postal worker

  4. Chaya

    My boyfriend works as a parking lot attendant and is always standing in the boiling heat with no shade at all. Bought this and everything changed, the UV protection is too notch. He says he literally feels it 10-15 degrees cooler under it. Doesn’t go by a day that he doesn’t take it to work.

  5. I don’t drink the Kool-Aid

    Okay, it’s a wearable umbrella. Barely. If it extended about six (6) inches further forward, it would be both more effective and more useful. Worse, it is NOT as pictured. The images online show a clear panel on either side allowing side-to-side visibility. The one I received is solid black material — no side visibility at all.I envisioned this as an ideal umbrella for photography in light showers. Unfortunately, it is essentially useless for that application. Lenses I can protect with their own rain-resistant wraps. Camera bodies, too. But not having enough cover to keep rain out of my face effectively with camera to eye is a deal breaker. Add to that, not being able to see anything side-to-side makes it somewhat dangerous when others are around and I need to be cognizant of their movements, keeping out of their way as I work.I’m returning it for a refund. Not worth the money.

  6. Cheryl S.

    I bought this for my husband who is a mail carrier and he loves it. He used to come home soaked but not anymore. He said it works great.

  7. Hurin

    I photograph cars for an auto auction, thousands a week, in all weather. This hands-free umbrella lets me handle my camera, notebook, and pen without fumbling with an regular umbrella. My camera is waterproof, but if water gets on the lens, it ruins the picture.The Nubrella is made well enough, though mine doesn’t have the transparent sections in the hood that are in some pictures here. It is all black.When opened the hood extends only about 4-5 inches beyond the bill of my ball cap. I wish it extended further to keep more water off my lens. My solution is to remove the belly strap and pull the hood farther forward. This of course partially obscures my vision. Those transparent panels would be nice!

  8. Donneta Nichols

    I am a plant merchandiser so I work outside in rain and sun all day.I received it in December and the next day it rained. I loved the way it kept most the rain off me. Love the hands free and the ease of putting on and taking off.

  9. B

    I never got yhe umbrella 159 dollars and never got refund be carful look at mor rewvis beafur pay scam

  10. Maayan

    You will never see the umbrella or your mony

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