Snuza Hero – Infant Movement Monitor

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Snuza Hero - Infant Movement Monitor 1
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Snuza Infant Movement Monitor


Snuza Infant Movement Monitor
Snuza Infant Movement Monitor
Snuza Infant Movement Monitor
Snuza Infant Movement Monitor
Snuza Infant Movement Monitor


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10 reviews for Snuza Hero – Infant Movement Monitor

  1. i_x3_murph

    I bought this for my daughter and her brand new son. She uses it EVERYDAY and absolutely L❤️VES it❣ She’s an RN, she’s pretty much seen everything that can unfortunately happy to an infant plus her friend lost their baby to SIDS just recently at only 4 months. Needless to say between all of that, she’s beyond the normal jittery Momma, I tell her she is absolutely paranoid and making things WAY too hard on herself due to this. Come the second baby she’ll see what I’m talking about and won’t be such a freak, lol. BUT this does work VERY good and helps calm her down as well. She’s finally getting some sleep between having the Snuzza on him and the Video Monitor too. It is well worth the money. The shipper was FaNtAStiC too, I explained the situation a little and she went out of her way to go mail it so my daughter would get it quickly. Awesome all the way around‼️ A+++

  2. martyheemsah

    It works great. I had one before for when my baby was a newborn, but that one got lost at daycare. I bought a second one and she is now 6 months old. I have it on her when she is sleeping. I also have a little camera/monitor in the room for when I step out to do chores or workout. The Snuza Hero and camera/monitor together are perfect. I use the two of them together when I am in the next room working out. Great product!

  3. -Kc-

    We originally tried the much more expensive sock-based competitor (Owl*t), which was absolutely terrible; ridden w/ false alarms and much too complicated for our preference. That got returned, and we tried this instead. The Snuza Hero SE works wonderfully, and is extremely simple. No apps, no connection issues, no repeated false alarms… just pure functionality. I’d recommend this to any parent.

  4. kdgreen

    The Snuza is the best thing I have bought for my daughter! The only thing I regret is that I didn’t have it from day one. I waited and bought it after three days of not sleeping because I was watching her breathe all night. I bought another more expensive monitor and still couldn’t sleep because there was no way to test it to see if it was actually working. With the snuza, you can test it every single time before you put it on your baby by simply setting it on a flat service and waiting on the alarm to go off. That gave me the most peace of mind. You also don’t have to worry about it connecting to a base or WiFi in order for it to work. I have slept great each night knowing the snuza works which has made me a happier during the day and able to enjoy each little moment with my baby!

  5. Samaki B.

    My son has reflux issues and whenever he is on his back he is gagging. When I put him in his stomach he sleeps good. I bought this so I wouldn’t have to watch him sleep. I tried this on myself to see what triggered it. I had to be perfectly still and hold my breath in order for it to alert me. I watch it light up with each breath he takes. I haven’t had any false alarms. The only time it has gone off is when he rolled over. I love this device. I seen it was FSA eligible after I paid for it.I saw someone post their baby got a blister from it being on the babies skin so I keep a thin onesie on and it works

  6. Amazon Customer

    We had previously purchased the Owlet monitor for my first child but I wanted something different with my second. After much research I decided on the Snuza Hero. It isnt recommended for co-sleeping or bedsharing but it surely works for us. I believe they dont reccomend it because they say the monitor might pick up the motion of the parent(s). This isnt the case with us. I tested it and it only picks up her breathing motions. The noise level is good. I’ve had the monitor accidentally moved because I burped her and the alarm sounded after I laid her back down. It woke me up instantly but baby didnt get too scared. Great product!

  7. amaqui_78

    After losing my last child to SIDS, needless to say, when my daughter came, I couldn’t sleep so I purchased Snuza Hero and am so glad I did!! The baby doesn’t even notice the monitor on her diaper, and I have only recieved one false alarm in 6 consecutive months of use. Battery life is excellent. Instructions are easy to understand. Comes w plastic case for traveling. Would definitely reccomend for parents who want piece of mind.

  8. Ellis Others

    This item has given me peace of mind and allows me to sleep soundly at night. I’m a paranoid first time mom.My son at a very young age decided that he preferred to sleep on his stomach. He could roll onto his belly but not back to his back. Also, when he sleeps through the night, I don’t. I’m constantly checking to make sure he’s alive. LOL The SNUZA has changed that.It is easy to get false alarms, because the monitor can easily come loose especially if your baby is an active sleeper. (I don’t mind the occasional false alarm, because I know the monitor works. The first false alarm is intense though). We minimized false alarms by using an elastic band. We cut the band off of a pair of his pants and we clip the monitor to that. My little guy is big enough now that he can pull the monitor off, but for the most part, he leaves it alone.The first alarm is very low. I have never been able to hear it over the monitor, but the second alarm is loud enough to wake you up. The alarm doesn’t wake my baby up for some reason. LOLWe chose this over an Owlet because:1) There isn’t any extra pieces (base, plugs, wires, etc). This is one piece. It’s portable and takes a battery. If the power goes out or if I don’t have access to electricity, this monitor will still work.2) No WiFi or Bluetooth signals.3) This alarm will notify you after 15 seconds if there isn’t any movement from your baby. The other brand monitor will notify you when oxygen levels get to an extreme low, which is when it’s already too late. At 15 seconds, I can artificially provide oxygen to my baby via CPR if necessary without allowing oxygen levels to become that low.4) I read about babies getting skin burns from the other brand.We bought this item through Amazon, but it appeared used, so we returned it and bought one from an actual retail store.

  9. Patrick

    I have a big baby boy. I used the product when he was between 13 to 14 pounds. However, the Snuza is too big. If you place the product on the baby and you need to have this one on your chest (straight on you when you are standing) it will cause pressure on the belly. It is also not convenient to be placed on the diaper. We are now using an alternative product that snaps on the clothe and it is way better. No need to change when swapping diaper. Also, the clip is so big that it causes a gap between the skin and the diaper. It is a flaw and overflow could occurs.The pro is that you have a continual signal that the baby is breathing, but the lack of connectivity with a mobile phone is perceived to me. I wish to get more statistic on the baby. Overall, we had to return the product and use something a little more more expensive that is more convenient.

  10. LacyLampe

    This little thing is small and fit the size of our newborn but I wasn’t a huge fan of how hard it pushed into his stomach. The little rubber piece was a little more solid than flexible and I personally thought it would be uncomfortable for the little guy. It was also a huge hassle because every diaper change you need to swap it out to the new diaper and newborns go through a lot of diapers! In the middle of the night I had a tendency to just take it off because it was just too much effort to keep messing with it.In the end, I spent the money and got an owlet smart sock because you put it on and then you don’t have to mess with it until morning. The sock also gave me feedback about just how well he was sleeping which I ended up liking way more than I thought I would.Closing thoughts: If you absolutely need some sort of monitoring system but can’t afford the owlet then this would work, but I ended up not using it because it required a lot of effort to make it functional on a newborn.

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