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Air Ionizer Pendant Necklace

Oxy-Angel Personal Travel Mini Portable Air Purifier, Negative Ion Purifier, Necklace Wearable For Both Kids And Adults, Home Mini USB Charging Air Purifier, Eliminates Smoke Smell, Odors, Dust, Pollen, etc.





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16 reviews for Oxy-Angel Wearable Air Purifier

  1. Breather

    Works okay if your stationary in a room but not sure how practical it is when walking around outdoors.

  2. Charles T. Gardner

    Easy to use and helps with viruses and allergies

  3. admond

    Nice product and fast delivery

  4. AMJ

    When I first saw this item the shipping took 4 to 6 weeks to arrive here in the US. Then when I saw they had reduced the shipping time to about a week I ordered one. I like the quicker shipping. This personal ionizer seems to work very well. The description claims it releases 7 million ions and the flyer says 4000 *10ions/cm2. ?.. I’m not sure how that works out with the math. What I can say is next to my Airtamer 302 this unit does seem to put out a steady and heavier stream of ions than the Airtamer 302. That’s just opinion/observation as I don’t have a meter. The rechargeable feature is nice and one charge lasts 24 hours according to the package insert. It’s on the big side for me but if you like ornate accessories you might like it. The neck chain measures 28 1/2 inches so for me, I will have to shorten it. It looks similar to a box chain with a rounded feature probably stainless steel. The pendant measures 1 3/4 “ wide x 2” tall x just shy of 3/4 “ thick. The front is pearl white and the remainder mirror finish. There is a blue ring that is lit when on and that same ring is red when charging and turns off when charged. I flip it so the mirror side shows not the blue light. Nowhere to post my pictures otherwise I would upload them.

  5. Sabrina Cook

    I have sinus problems and allergies and now with the virus this is even more important to have! It’s like having an invisible protective barrier around you from germs and pollutants and allergens. It takes about a month to receive it but its worth the wait!

  6. YY

    Delivery much quicker than expected. A nice product that’s easy to use & gives extra protection to health.

  7. Just The Facts

    It works great. I’ve probably ordered about 20 for family & friends. Of all, only 1 was defective – can’t complain with those odds. It would not hold a charge and would turn off after 5 mins. The seller accepted the return so I can’t complain about the customer service.I deducted 1 star because of the shipping. It’s not free shipping to me ($5) & not to return ($13) – had to pay both ways.Also it was a huge hassle to return : color print & affix special labels because of the lithium ion battery. I know it’s for safety, but there’s a huge disconnect when NONE that were shipped TO me had any of those warnings. Not a single one.

  8. Karen Henry

    First of all, be forewarned that this item was made in China. We purchased it because we wanted something portable that doesn’t increase your insecurities by hiding your face. At the time, it was one of the only ones that hadn’t sold out. It’s a wonderful idea, and we noticed the improvement right away. Suddenly, we could breathe more deeply. It felt like there was more oxygen, and our allergies improved. While it still works in that respect, we’ve had massive problems in the past couple of months. First we notice that they either wouldn’t fully charge or didn’t hold their charge for a full day. It’s gotten to the point that we have to plug them in every 30 minutes. Also, the red and blue lights that let you know it’s on or charging do strange things when we plug them in. Even though they’re turned off, the red light should come on to let us know that the device is charging; but many times it doesn’t. We have to hit the button again for it to come on. And then it will flash purple instead of red. We got these because they were less expensive and nicer looking than some of the other models, but now we’re considering going to something that was not made in China. It was really just to tide us over until we could afford a filter for the whole house and something higher quality to wear while we’re out. Our recommendation is, if you need something right away and can’t afford anything else, this might be an option. However, don’t expect it to work perfectly for very long. Plan to upgrade as soon as you can.

  9. Angel

    I am highly allergic to pollen and dust. I sneeze multpile times a day because of it. I noticed a significant improvement since I started wearing it. I probably sneeze once or twice during an 8hour period compared to when I was sneezing multiple times in a span of minutes. It is small and compact, does not need a lot of space in my pocket. The chain is a little long for me but not bothersome. It xan also be conveniently charged anywhere an outlet is available.

  10. Richard Nguyen

    the appearance of purifier is beautiful and generous,very practical.Purification effect is very good,super quiet,very like!

  11. wendylarson

    Easy to use and light weight.I recommend

  12. Linda R

    This air purifier is amazing! We’ve been using it for a few days now and I’ve noticed our toddler isn’t rubbing her nose as much as she used to. Very pleased with it

  13. Wendy

    This is the first time I’ve purchased a air purifier & this one is absolutely amazing there is no noise to it I love it fantastic value for money aswell

  14. Ellie Chin

    For such a small item it really is effective,I have only had it a week and have noticed an immense difference.I have found it also has helped my hay fever.The air is cleaner and there is no smell.Nothing to not like.Good design and good value for money.

  15. Alex Williams

    Very easy to use and set up,very quiet too,can definitely notice a difference,would highly recommend

  16. zachary arehart

    Quiet and effective.l would recommend for everyone.

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