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Reflective Running Mini Backpack Vest for Men & Women

Holds Your Phone, Mini-Tablet, Supplies, Snacks, and more. This minimalist backpack includes 2 convenient pockets for more carry space than you might imagine in a backpack this slim and compact.

  • Slim Minimalist Backpack fits comfortably over your shoulders and rests on shoulder blades. Say goodbye to thick, bulky packs that restrict your movement, slow you down, and are heavy. This is super slim at just 0.2″ in thickness. Extra lightweight to give you the storage and carry capacity you need without the heavy weight!
  • Holds Any Phone, mini-tablet, money, ID, cards, and much more. Includes 2 pockets. The biggest pocket can be used for any tablet under 8.5″ or absolutely Any phone with a large bulky protective cover. Second pocket has a zipper to secure a phone under 5.2″. Can carry 2 devices at the same time with one in each pocket. Can hold iPad Mini Series, Amazon Fire excluding Fire HD, or Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Great for travel to securely carry your passport or for commuting to school and work!
  • Bounce Free for greater comfort and perfect fit. Fully protects your electronics and eliminates the annoying bouncing that plagues most other small backpacks. You will enjoy the smart design, the exceptional style, and the high quality materials and construction. This backpack will look good and serve well for years of convenience and improved safety!
  • Highly Reflective for improved road safety. Lets motorists see you in low light and darkness. This is essential for running, hiking, biking, and walking. Can be seen for 360 degrees with a bright reflection that won’t be missed. Don’t go out on the road, sidewalk, hiking or biking path without this. Perfect for men, women, and kids ages 9 and up!

At you can purchase a Running Mini Backpack Vest for Men & Women - Reflective w/360°Hi-Viz, Holds Accessories and any iPhone, Android, iPad mini - Lightweight Adjustable gear for Fitness, Walking, Cycling, Hiking and more! for only $28.95., which is 26% less than the cost in eBay ($38.97). The cheapest price was found on January 24, 2022 2:09 am. – View Buying Options



RUNNING MINI BACKPACK VEST Reflective Adjustable Gear Cycling Black RUNTASTY
RUNNING MINI BACKPACK VEST Reflective Adjustable Gear Cycling Black...
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Running Backpack Vest
released on February 4, 2020


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8 Reviews for Running Backpack Vest

  1. MrsB

    Best running mini backpack EVER! Used it for a 13.2 mile Spartan Beast OCR and it did not disappoint! Front pocket held mustard and gel packs. Top pocket is deep and covers entire length of bag. Great for storing lip gloss, wipes, and music player or phone. I was able to adjust the bag for a snug fit that did not move at all when I ran! As you can see in the picture it fit like a glove to my back, felt like a second skin but did not rub or cause friction burn. I honestly forgot it was even back there!

  2. Casey

    I was looking for a pouch that wasn’t a hydration pack for short distance runs, 3 to 6 miles. Fits very snug against my back and does not jostle around when I run. Definitely recommend for any one who is looking for a pouch that is not bulky. Maybe I didn’t see it but maybe making it in different colors would be nice. Otherwise great product.

  3. Chris

    Much better than using the belt style packs for running or cycling. Carrying your stuff higher your torso keeps the pack from bouncing along. It’s just large enough for essentials (a small wallet, phone, and keys) and not be cumbersome. If I could change anything, I’d want lightly padded velcro straps for comfort and be able to put into laundry. Otherwise, highly recommended!

  4. Julius Berry

    I use it while I’m running or biking. I love this product! It holds all my essentials like iPhone 7 Plus, car keys, wallet, etc. I don’t know if it’s big enough to hold my iPad mini but I haven’t tested it yet. I’m 6’7” with a wide back and I honestly barely know I have it on. I can reach my phone with ease from the Velcro patch pocket. Loosening the straps on me don’t make a huge difference in loose fitting, but the cross chess strap add GREAT support and security

  5. Lekeisha Davis

    My workouts consist of intense hiking, jogging, and stair workouts – and they all require my hands and body to be as free as possible . I used to run with a fanny pack to hold my phone, water and keys- and it sucked! Having a fanny pack flopping around interfered with my performance during workouts, and backpacks were too bulky. This mini back pack has been a dream come true. I forget I even have it on! I’m able to fit my water pouches, keys, phone, and other small items in my mini back pack and can’t even feel this on my back! It’s doesn’t flop around or cause any interferences . I won’t go in ANY of my workouts without this backpack now – I’m so in love! I wish there were more colors to choose from. BUY IT !!!

  6. Cladnoir

    It’s dented on the back cushion. Also the package arrived with it looking like it was slashed through something and it was taped back together with the cut going through the plastic and the cardboard that was holding the bag in place. The reflectors have scratches on them. The stitch work doesn’t look very durable, expect to only put your phone or light weigh items. Honestly, spend a little more on a better quality bag.

  7. Uptown Girl

    I used this for one run then had to abandon it because it scratched the skin on my shoulders, leaving scars. Disappointing, as it is a nice lightweight pouch to hold a few things while you run, but not worth the scars. If you wear longer sleeves covering your shoulders it might be OK but I usually sweat when I run so typically wear tank top style t-shirts.

  8. Willie V. Hughes

    I purchased this running backpack on a Amazon Lightning Deal and even at that price I don’t think it’s a very good value. I returned mine.The actual backpack looks much cheaper in-person. The colors of the trim and fabric aren’t very complimentary, and the logo looks very cheap and childish.But my biggest problem with the backpack has to do with function. They used a relatively heavy, thick material kind of like what you’d see on a wetsuit, and that adds a lot more bulk than expected. This tiny backback is nearly as heavy as a more full-size hiking/running backpack I have from REI which uses a much lighter fabric.I’ve returned this backpack and will look for something else. I wanted something light, breathable, and to reflect light at night.

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