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PUMA Sport SmartWatch

Fossil and PUMA have teamed up to create the 44mm PUMA Sport Smart Watch. Lace Up, Connect, and Go towards reaching all your fitness goals with the PUMA smartwatch. The watch is ultra-lightweight, swim-proof, tracks your activity, shows your notifications, plays music, tons of fitness training apps, and works with iPhone and Android. The watch is powered by Google’s Wear OS and has access to the full library of Wear OS based apps.

  • Smartwatches powered with wear OS by Google work with iPhone¹ and Android phones
  • This is one smart watch: monitor heart rate and activity tracking, built-in GPS for Distance tracking, swimproof design
  • Receive smartphone notifications and alerts, manage your calendar, control your music, Download third party apps, and customize your watch face
    Speed through checkout with your watch using Google pay
  • Estimated 24 hour Battery Life, Based on usage. Charging cable, warranty booklet and quick start guide included


PUMA Sport Smartwatch Lightweight Touchscreen with Heart Rate
PUMA Sport Smartwatch Lightweight Touchscreen with Heart Rate. Condition is "Used". Shipped with USPS First Class. Watch is in perfect working condition and comes with a new third party charger. Watch will be factory reset. Please feel free to ask any questions.
PUMA Sport Smartwatch Lightweight Touchscreen with Heart Rate PT9102
PUMA Sport Smartwatch Lightweight Touchscreen with Heart Rate, GPS, NFC, and Smartphone NotificationsPT9102 Excellent Condition! Ships within 24 hours. PUMA's Sport 44mm smartwatch features a full color display dial, white silicone strap and is powered with Wear OS by Google™. Wear OS by Google...
PUMA PT9102 Unisex Sport Silicone Touchscreen Smart Watch w White Silicone Band
Functions as intended. Light wear: General scuffs and scratches. Item appears Somewhat dirty: Dust and fingerprints. (1) Smart Watch (1) Charger (1) User Documentation. Opened manufacturer Packaging. Color: White. PLEASE SEE PHOTOS FOR WHAT IS INCLUDED. Please do NOT ASSUME an item is included if...
PUMA Sport Lightweight Touchscreen with Heart Rate, GPS, NFC Smartwatch
PUMA Sport Lightweight Touchscreen with Heart Rate, GPS, NFC SmartwatchBrand: Puma Band: Silicone Color: White & Rose GoldWear Os By GoogleSmart watches powered with wear OS by Google work with iPhone¹ and Android phonesThis is one smart watch: monitor heart rate and activity tracking,...


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// Specifications

PUMA Sport 44mm Heart Rate Smartwatch
released on September 6, 2019

// Company Profile – Fossil

Fossil has been in operation for over 25 years, and during that time has been dedicated to providing innovative and stylish products. Their speciality is in watches, of which they make some very high-class products, but they also create other accessories such as bags and jewelry. Fossil is adament about… – View Profile


11 Reviews for PUMA Sport 44mm Heart Rate Smartwatch

  1. Honest Reviewer

    Pros:__________• A minimalistic design. One knob and that’s it.• Big fan of the design setup. I tested the neon style and it just looks beautiful. If you have the full set of Puma clothing, you’re showing style while working out.• Not bulky. I found that the entire design of this watch is light and slim compared to watches like Samsung.• The silicone strap breaths and does grip well on my wrist when running. When you sweat more the grip gets better.• The screen is an AMOLED display that didn’t provide any issues when looking at it when the sun was facing it. It’s dimer but you can see everything.• Always-on display. It does dim down to save battery life.• I notice very deep blacks on this watch. Puma is always revolving around the dark coloring, and the screen provides that style.• Simple controls. I didn’t need to look for help and you won’t as well. It’s a very generic structure.• The motivational system is pretty unique on this watch. Puma keeps a record of your daily goal (example: miles run) and gives you a visual graphic of how close you are in reaching it. This feature is under the “Pumatrac” app and I advise those who buy this to use the app. It’s something new and I like it.• The Puma watch displays give you’re a visual look at completing your daily goals. It’s similar to and Apple Watch heath app system. You don’t need to look around the watch as it shows your progress within the time display.• For beginners, you have the option to view simple video exercises in the app.• Connect this with your phone and the app will track the workouts. I found no issue using this as all you do is go on the app and give it a check to state that you’ve finished the task on hand.• This whole fitness service is Google Fit. This means that you can connect your Gmail account and have all your data with your google profile. Very convenient as the majority of us have a Gmail account.• You do have the option to customize the power life of the watch. Reducing the setting increases the power of life. A nice touch in letting the user decided what he/she thinks is not important to keep on running.• HR is pretty accurate. 1 mile run and it was around 10 HB off. I just tested this the old fashion way (Figure to pulse). But of course, it keeps tracking my HR throughout the run. My only advice is to do an extra tightening of the brand before running.Cons and Oks:__________• No built-in speakers.• The microphone to use Google Assistant comes and goes. Sometimes it’s right on point when I wanted to ask for the weather, and other times it’s unable to understand what I’m saying.• This is a running watch. There aren’t enough additional apps that are built for those for swimmers, weight lifters, and any other sports that don’t require much running.• I have the Apple watch and if I compare them side by side, the graphics are not the best. Behind the curtains, this watch is a low lever smartwatch (Lag).• You can’t apply long term goals to be integrated with the watch. Only short term, in the moment.• You have to bring your phone if you want to use this watch correctly. It’s almost dependent on the phone. Sometimes I found more time on the app, looking at my stats, then using the watch.• Spotify must need a phone.• A big issue is GPS. Take away your phone and the Puma Smartwatch will look helplessly for an accurate GPS location, with no luck. I would wait for 2-3 minutes in hopes the watch will get back on track but just forget it and run without a signal. Right in my run I get the notification (A buzz) from the watch stating it can track me. GPS is inconsistent.• You need to be in an area with great reception because if not, then the watch won’t sync your workout results to your profile on Google Fit.• Bezels aren’t the best in screen ratio.• iPhone users beware. I can’t answer calls (if you’re using Bluetooth headphones) and can’t send messages with this watch. The only thing I can do is get a notification that someone is calling but that’s it.• You get on average a full day of battery life. The GPS (if it works) kills a lot of it and syncing your training to your phone does do a lot. My advice, do all your training with just the watch and at the end of the day sync it to your phone so you won’t drain the watch faster.Bottom Line:__________You’re getting this mainly for the Puma design. If you have the clothing, then this watch is a must. It’s very sleek, minimalist, breathable, and very light. I don’t have the Puma clothing but the smartwatch display is very intriguing. The main point of this watch is to make sure you complete your daily goals by the end of the day, and it does a great job of presenting that to you. With Google fit integrated into, it makes this a very useful fitness watch.The main purpose of a smartwatch to me is a quick form of communication. Sadly this watch doesn’t do that as it’s really for those who are runners. One main issue was GPS connectivity. For a watch built for running, GPS should be one of the few tools that need to work accurately. Limited apps for more advanced exercises, the consistent reliance of having to use the app in your phone, and the restrictions with the iPhone, In the end I felt the watch has a beautiful design, but the software is not 100% there to be a full “smartwatch”. A lot of these issues can be resolved with software updates but time will tell if they’ll be fixed.Overall: A beautiful watch design, but a limited smartwatch built mainly for runners.Hope I was a help to you.Love,Honest Reviewer

  2. Ndija Dumas

    Very nicec watch met expectations

  3. P. Heald

    A lot of smart watches I looked at were very chunky indeed. I don’t want a big thick lump hanging off my wrist. I hoped the puma would fit the bill, and it does. Pretty much the size of a largish ‘normal’ watch, but more sleek and organic. It runs Wear OS, the watch version of Android. The watch is actually a joint venture with Fossil, so it’s very well put together and uses the same two-pin magnetic charging base. The fitness features were not a big deal to me, but I’ve found I do use the tracking – heart rate, exercise, and so on. But I love how it works together with my Android phone. I often don’t hear the ringer, so the vibration alert on my wrist is so useful, and it shows text and FB messages. You can even send or respond to messages. It can act as media controller for your phone music playback, so you change tracks and volume from your watch. Basically, the biggest plus in having the watch is that I rarely have to pull out my phone now, whereas before I would be doing that every few minutes for one reason or another. Oh, and it tells the time 🙂 There’s a decent selection of faces, analog or digital, or you can do what I did and download more. I use a stylish classic analog face, and have it set so it only shows when I lift my wrist to look at it. This helps save battery time, which is limited to one day, much like other watches. So it’s important to place it on it’s magnetic charger at night. The app that you can download to your phone is fairly useful for setup, but I haven’t needed to use it much since. All in all, I’m happy with my choice, especially the slimmer look. (BTW Amazon treats smartwatches as Wardrobe items, so you can order several, decide which you like, return the others, and only pay for what you keep. Very cool indeed.)

  4. Lance

    Love this watch! So glad it’s compatible with Google. I hope they have replaceable bands soon. Just wish the battery lasted longer.

  5. Venom

    Now I LOVE Puma products and I LOVE technology so when they came out with this Puma smartwatch I had to have it but once I got it first impression was positive, nice sporty but stylish look, very light weight however where I got to the bones (operation) of it I am highly disappointed. The software is very laggy, battery life is terrible and the overall operation leaves a lot to be desired. I have lots of other smartwatches, mainly Samsung, and I must say this Puma smartwatch is my least favorite.


    Absolute garbage!!!

  7. Muhammadfirdaus Jamaludin

    Finally bought the most anticipated watch looking forward to purchased..🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟- watch very light and comfortable- Great silicon strap- In build puma trac app- touch screen is great- Battery can last to a day

  8. Sabrina

    It took me a while to choose the smartwatch I wanted because I wanted one that did several different things that was not going to cost an arm and a leg, this one blew me out of the water! I love that you can reply to messages on the watch as well as messages from other installed apps you may have on your phone. It went above and beyond I love it, would order it again if I had it all to do over again.

  9. DAH

    Good smartwatchFunctionalityGood and functional for routines.However, the battery is absurd bad… At the beginning works perfect but 1 months after started to fail, battery life no more than 4 max 5 hours.I’ve reconsidered the starts because this issue was unexpected and I had to return the watch.

  10. M D K

    Super disappointed! Such a cool looking watch. Battery life fluctuated and the screen kept flickering. I updated and still the screen would freeze and google assistant would respond to me when pressing the mic or when I said “ok Google”. After it charge 💯 the battery fell down to ninety something after not even give minutes. Returned it the same day.

  11. Robert Bly

    So disappointed! Don’t know if I should blame Wear OS, Puma or myself! I try not to give in to online reviews, but the folks who did online reviews on YouTube must of been paid endorsement sponsors. The battery life is gawd awful as soon as you take it off the charger it goes from 100 to 93 %! That is with the brightness on 1, and little to no notifications. I can honestly say I wasted my hard earned money.

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PUMA Sport 44mm Heart Rate Smartwatch

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