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Woolala Wearable Air Purifier

This personal air freshener emits more than 3 millions negative ions that push pollutants away from your personal space.

  • BREATHE CLEANER AIR – Scientifically proven to away most of smoke, cooking smells and even PM2.5 air pollutants, improve mood and sleep
  • TAKE IT ON THE GO – You can wear it around your neck since this mini air purifier comes with a strap. Wear this to create a cleaner zone of good air while traveling, in public places or in other poor air quality locations.
  • PROTECT YOU QUIETLY – Using advanced fan, the sound is very quiet during operation without bother you when you working or taking a rest. Easy to operate, just press the button for two seconds to enjoy the fresh air.
  • LONG-LASTING – Low battery usage and rechargeable. Charge half hour can be used for about 10 hours ensuring your protection against airborne pollutants; The perfect accessory to protect you during flu season.
  • BEST CHOICE – Say goodbye to ordinary big size air purifier! This portable ionic air fresher is great for people with allergies, asthma, stuffy nose, and other breathing sensitivities. Avoid Nasty Artificial Scent.

At you can purchase a WOOLALA Personal Wearable Air Purifier Necklace - PINK for only $26.99., which is 38% less than the cost in eBay ($43.49). The cheapest price was found on January 29, 2023 5:11 pm. – View Buying Options



Woolala Wearable Air Necklace Personal Air Necklace Around Neck Ion Generator...
Woolala Wearable Air Necklace Personal Air Necklace Around Neck Ion...



Personal Wearable Air Purifier Necklace
released on November 20, 2018


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20 Reviews for Personal Wearable Air Purifier Necklace

  1. Jose Solis

    I can’t stand the cigarette smoke. My husband smokes. outside, but he smells and stops up my nose. Not now!!!I highly recommend this air purifier necklace to anyone who has difficulty with air quality. I stopped wearing it for about 1 months to make sure it was doing the job I believed it was doing and I once again began to have severe issues with sick smokes. So now I wear it most of the time.I would buy another one for my friend who is high sensitivity to mold and mildews. Thanks!

  2. Antonia K. Green

    It has helped me a lot! I am not coughing when I go outside from all of the particulates in the air from the recent fires. It is also helping with my allergies.

  3. Holliwood

    I love it! Its light weight and actually works, everyone in my house has one now.Reasons to love it.1. Great for allergies2. Great for industrial areas and major cities3. Great for anxiety & depression (yes negative ions help combat mental illnesses)Reasons to hate it?1. The chain is not hypoallerginic2. Produces a strange smell after 5 hours (i describe it moth balls smell)

  4. dawn

    I love this. Works great. Just as pictured. Looks great on and love that it’s a magnet charge.

  5. Brandon

    The product was bigger then expected but it works as it should. I’m very happy with it

  6. Kathy

    This was very easy to use. No issue with it being on plane.

  7. bruce armitage

    Really works. Stops sinus congestion and cough.

  8. Amy

    Looks like a to, but does its job as expected

  9. Eddie

    Very love

  10. Pamela Dawson

    The first one I ordered was faulty and had to be returned., haven’t been using this second one for long yet so difficult to comment on how good it is!

  11. pam winch

    At the moment seems really good. Had it 3 weeks . If it keeps colds away. I be happy. I have copd . So cant afford to get colds

  12. Pamela Gibbs

    WOW!!! THIS THING IS THE BEST!!!! This thing is amazing and powerful. I have severe allergies and asthma and I mean severe. I have 2 (ENT) Ear, Nose and Throat doctors, allergist and gastrologist and primary doctor working to help me… All I get are tons of medications because of the severe allergic reactions. I’m allergic to almost everything. It’s crazy. I’ve been having the worst allergic reactions to many things and the doctors can pin point exactly what it is. My throat, nose, head and lungs are always congested with lots of mucus. I can’t hardly breathe at times. I had enough of the meds and reactions. I’ve researched and found this little guy. I’ve purchased 3 different brands and this is the BEST AND SMALLEST ONE.. I ordered 2 so I can have backup when one of the batteries run down then put the other charged one on. I wear them 24/7 and sleep with it as well. All I can say is WOW!!! I’m still in disbelief. OMG!!! My allergies have left and the mucus disappear. I’m breathing clearly and feel amazing. THIS AIR PURIFIER WORKS! ITS MY LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD! IT REALLY PROTECTS YOU FROM BREATHING IN THE IN THE BAD STUFF! WHICH WAS KEEPING ME SICK!… ASTHMA/ALLERGIES STUFFERS PLEASE TRY THIS!! ITS AWESOME!!!!! You charge it, put it around you neck and go….. the charge last about 10 plus hours. It has done well on my road trips and home with my 5 dogs. Also I’m traveling out of country soon and can’t wait to see how well it does on flights. It’s so cute and looks like a necklace perfect for guys or girls!!! THANKS FOR SUCH A AMAZING PRODUCT!!! A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!!!

  13. Metro Custom

    I bought the product like 3 weeks ago and now it doesnt hold a charge for more than an hour. Even when it is on, i dont notice any difference at all. The video that was on their with the smoke inside the glass was misleading. I thought it was supposed to be an air filter were it sucks in air and all the contaminents and shoot out purified air which has a high concentration of anions or whatever b.s. that it made claims to do. I bought a air purifier on ebay for $10 and it has done a lot more for me than this bogus piece of junk. I dissapointed in Amazon, the prices here are way too high. I mean its nice that its two day shipping if your a prime member but other than that its way overrated and you can find much better deals on ebay or even walmart. Do yourselves a favor and shop around. Also, for some reason amazon wont deliver 90% of the air purifiers to my address, maybe it has something to do with california passing a proposition regarding air purifiers that emit ozone (also they wouldnt let me buy the blue colored one or the silver one but the rose colored one was ok….i didnt understand that one)but i didnt have that problem with ebay thats something to keep in mind. But i ve had with Amazon.

  14. Antonia K. Green

    This little thing works very well. My mom coughs less when she wears hers. She is very sensitive to pollen and dust.

  15. Kristina B.

    Easy to useHeld a charge for days!I used on a 9 hour flight to Europe to help filter air on plane and hopefully avoid getting sick.Unfortunately, I did catch something from being in that inclosed space.Not sure product really worked for me. I’ll have to try in other settings.

  16. Christina Esau

    Great necklace can’t really tell if it works…

  17. Heather M.

    Use this while at work. Very convenient

  18. Kris L

    I do not like this item because of the warnings on the instructions. I do not trust this item to be a safe enough gift item.

  19. Eve

    Not sure it works … returned since I didn’t feel it made difference enough.

  20. Sara

    This is a very handy gadget, which possibly helped me breathe during hay fever season. I also wore it while travelling to a notoriously polluted destination, more as a talisman to ward off PM than anything else really. Not a scientist, so I’m not sure it actually worked, but it remains a handy gadget, and one that is reasonably unobtrusive too. Customer service was efficient, as my faulty purifier was promptly replaced as soon as I raised the issue. Overall satisfied, but blissfully ignorant about the science behind these little things.

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