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InvisiWear Gold Smart Necklace

invisaWear is attractive and smart jewelry which allows you to instantly alert friends, family, and police during an emergency. The charm containing the technology is small, stylish, and can be worn in a variety of ways (a necklace, bracelet, choker, or keychain). You can even clip it to your bag or purse, or wear it with any major brand of jewelry.

  • This necklace could save your life.
  • When you double press the back side of the charm, it instantly sends a text message with your GPS location to five people to let them know you need help.
  • It uses Bluetooth Low Energy and works with a free app that you install on your phone. The simple setup allows you to choose up-to five people that you’d like to notify. The app also allows you to enable a free and optional 9-1-1 feature which can share your location with 9-1-1 dispatchers during an emergency.
  • No charging necessary! The battery life is guaranteed to last up-to one year, but can last close to two years depending on the usage. When the battery dies, you can purchase a replacement charm discounted at $65.
  • The best part: no annoying monthly fees or subscriptions! Our 30 day satisfaction guarantee ensures you’ll love it, or your money back. Your invisaWear is also covered by a one year warranty!


invisawear Smart Jewelry - Personal Safety Device - Silver Leather Necklace
Store New Arrivals Add to Favorite View Feedback Contact invisawear Smart Jewelry - Personal Safety Device - Silver Leather Necklace Description This necklace could save your life.When you double press the back side of the charm, it instantly sends a text message with your GPS location to five...
invisawear Smart Jewelry - Personal Safety Device - Gold Necklace
invisawear Smart Jewelry - Personal Safety Device - Gold Necklace. Condition is "New with tags". Shipped with USPS Parcel Select Ground.


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Gold Necklace Personal Safety Device
released on May 28, 2018

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invisaWear creates stylish smart jewelry and wearable safety accessories designed to keep you and your loved ones safe. Their most popular product line is their stylish panic button jewelry. – View Profile


8 Reviews for Gold Necklace Personal Safety Device

  1. Mikaila Petrillo

    I got my Invisawear necklace yesterday and I am so excited! It’s even prettier in person than in the pictures. It’s so great to see a product that not only looks great, but makes you feel safe and secure day to day. My mom and sister love it so much, they’re going to order them too.

  2. Yoli from NJ

    Let me just start by saying that if you didn’t know this was a safety device, you’d say it’s a very pretty piece of jewelry. And THAT’S the point. No one is supposed to know that it can actually save your life. I ordered this for my daughter to wear around campus. We looked at many other safety devices (taser, pepper spray, etc) but they were too awkward and hard to get to in case of emergency. This is easy to set up and in case (God forbid!!) you need it, press it and 5 contacts as well as 911 are alerted and given your GPS location. It’s worth every penny we paid for it. My daughter has gotten many compliments by her friends saying how nice her necklace is and they are in shock when she tells them what it is and how it works. Like I said, it’s very discreet and could possibly get you out of an unwanted situation or save your life. I didn’t know something like this existed until I saw it on a parent’s FB page for my daughter’s college.

  3. Abagayle L

    Walking around the outside world with this thing makes me super confident; like I have invisible armor on. So much in our daily lives can make us feel threatened and this necklace gives me peace of mind that I’ll be able to alert help and my loved ones if I’m in trouble. This also makes having a medical condition that can require emergency services seem like a less dramatic eventuality. Hopefully I’ll never have to use it, but having it literally within reach makes facing whatever life throws my way less intimidating. I’ve got a golden lifeline that gets compliments as a piece of jewelry too!

  4. A Davis

    Just got mine today. I’m sure the product works for women who want to take this off and on every time they go out. For my lifestyle I want to leave this on and not have to deal with taking it off. I work in very humid conditions. It feels very plastic and I wonder how long it would actually stand structurally day to day.

  5. Danny Boone

    I bought two of these but the button presses rarely seem to register. Not helpful in an emergency.

  6. Kimberly

    The set up was easy and my grandmother the option to turn off the 911 feature. She felt more comfortable with just notifying 5 closest family members. All numbers received the TEST text message and I check her smartphone periodically to make sure the app is still running in the background. She doesn’t use the cellphone for anything except for the pendant. $35 a month for straight talk. A tremendous peace of mind for the family. And most importantly my senior family has control of their privacy and independence. The ONLY thing that I would improve is have the option for magnetic clasp on the chain.

  7. Beverly Shaffer

    Returned-not water proof

  8. susanspring

    Bought this for my mother who lives next door. Easily set up contacts, and testing went smoothly and easily. I tested it over the next several days and it worked. On my phone and my mothers the App was active,connected and working. Three weeks later, last night, my mother was not feeling well and I said lets test to ensure it is working AND IT WAS NOT! On my phone and my mothers it looked no different than when we ran the tests -the app was on and working. but when she presses the button, it did not work. We tried several times and nothing. I had kept the original packaging and instructions, and I coudl not solve. There is no phone number or chat to contact anyone to assist. I went to the site and the FAQ’s dont provide how to solve. Amazon did call me after I requested so via the refund process and they could not solve either. VERY DISAPPOINTED AND MORE IMPORTANTLY – IN MY OPINION DANGEROUS!

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Gold Necklace Personal Safety Device