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Motiv Ring is an Activity Tracking Ring

The Motiv Ring is the perfect combination of form, fit and function. Motiv Ring is thinner than two nickels and weighs less than a penny. It is one of the smallest fitness trackers available and it packs a ton of features in a small package. Motiv Ring tracks steps, heart rate, calories burned, sleep, and resting heart rate. It uses your movement and heart rate data to focus on the metrics that matter most and determines how much your activity contributes to your overall health. Unlike wrist-based trackers, Motiv Ring is so comfortable and stylish that you won’t want to take it off!

  • You 1st get a sizing set to find your size; ring sent once you select size/color, shipping included. Valid in USA only. (Not for export)
  • 24/7 smart Ring: steps and distance tracking, heart rate, activity, calories burned, sleep monitoring
  • Waterproof Ultralight titanium; 3-day battery life; charges in 90 minutes
  • Online security for your accounts using 2-step verification
  • 1-Year. Battery: Lithium ion

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Motiv USB Charger For 24/7 Smart Fitness Ring
***Buyer must be registered in the U.S. No International Shipping*** This is the USB charger for a Motiv 24/7 Smart Ring. This does NOT include the ring itself......just the USB charger.Great for if you have lost/damaged the original USB...
Motiv Key ring Charger For Smart Fitness Ring USB
Motiv Key ring Charger For Smart Fitness Ring USB.
motiv ring, fitness and sleep tracking, very accurate. Bluetooth 
motiv ring. Size 10, gentle used for everyday heart rate tracking among other things. No scratches



ActivityFitness, Gym & Training, Walking, Running & Jogging
CompatibilityiOS and Android
FeaturesBluetooth, Calorie Monitor, Average Heart Rate, Distance, Distance Traveled, Exercise Log, Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer, Set Goals, Sleep Tracker, Smart phone compatibility, Water Resistance
Motiv Ring Activity Tracker
released on November 1, 2017


Motiv Ring Review (UPDATE: 2021) | 11 Things You Need to Know

The Motiv ring tracker is a super fashionable ring that can be worn with athletic wear and business-professional dress alike. It has a sleek design, which makes it comfortable to wear throughout the day and night. A lot of people remove the jewelry at night, but the Motiv ring stays on.

Motiv Ring | 24/7 Smart Ring | Fitness + Sleep Tracking ...

Motiv Ring brings all the functionality you want in a surprisingly slim, ultralight design. Discreet, comfortable and waterproof, so you’ll never want to take it off. Now in three colors with new jewelry style finishes, Motiv Ring has never looked better.

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The Ring for all your daily activities - life seems a lot easier with this world's smartest wearable. Built with 12+ Features. Merging 6 Accessories. Rose Gold. Classic White. Matte Black. Space Grey. Gesture Control Special Moments with your favourite Rhythm.


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9 Reviews for Motiv Ring Activity Tracker

  1. Marc

    I bought a Motiv Ring to replace a Fitbit that unfortunately broke after it went through the washing machine. I wanted something that was unobtrusive but fully functional in terms of fitness tracking for my elliptical exercises, didn’t need to be recharged everyday like most smartwatches, and could hopefully do things like sleep tracking. Motiv checked all the boxes, and you don’t look like a fitness buff or tech geek when you wear it. The app answers all your main questions with cards that summarize what your activity has been, and battery life lasted about 4 days. So far, it has totally replaced my Fitbit for fitness tracking and can do things that my old clip-on Fitbit could not, like real sleep tracking. Plus it feels very cool and futuristic!

  2. walktothewater

    Ordered the ring and downloaded the android app (in beta, but works fine). I received the ring sizing kit in the mail and then finished my order with my selected ring size. The ring is surprisingly lightweight which is great cause I really didn’t want a heavy or bulky bit of “jewerly” (reason I didn’t want a watch or bracelet). Once you take the ring out of the package you have to pair it with the app – this was really simple and easy. I just plugged the USB adapter (I used my cell phone charger but you can plug into a laptop) and attached the ring (magnetic), and then opened the app. It finished pairing in about a minute. Charging the ring is pretty quick as well (charge is lasting about 3 days). I’ve slept, showered, sweated, and washed dishes with the ring on and haven’t had any problems. Also, I don’t have to keep the app running since the ring stores my data until I sync it, which is great because then my phone battery won’t be drained by having another app running. I’m really enjoying this tracker, it’s simple to use, pretty, and comfortable.

  3. Fetty

    Product performs as described. Wear it in the shower with no issues. Only improvement would be ability to set upper heart rate range to get alarm when heart rate is over a specified range.I have lowered my review as the Ring has lost color on underside within 4 weeks. This was noted by other reviewers. I reached out to support 4 days ago and have received no response. I will update if there is a response from customer service.Customer service is shipping me return label to exchange for slate grey ring which hopefully will hold up better.Sent back Ring 10 days ago for exchange. Have not anything. No response to my emails.

  4. Karen Anderson

    I ordered a rose gold ring. When I received it; it was a bronze orangey color. I contacted the company and exchanged it for a slate gray one. 2 weeks later I got the slate grey and it was black. I contacted the company again (Customer Service was awesome) and was informed that they were going to be changing the available colors to the rings I had already gotten. I decided to keep the black ring.The wear and tear on this ring is pretty bad. I have had my ring for less than a month and its all scratched up. Especially on the bottom from using hand rails. The top is also scratched, but not as badly. It has been waterproof at this point.I recently started to paint the ring with nail polish to make it a little more feminine and prettier.The app is pretty lacking. You can’t really customize it. It wants you to have “active minutes” and highlights that. Active minutes are not my priority at this point and would choose to have my steps or heart rate as the main focus on the page.The battery does last about 3 days before it needs a charge, and the app sends you a notification that its getting low, so that is nice.

  5. Gabriele Howard

    The ring does not always charge consistently. Also, after 2 months of use, it no longer holds a charge. I would not recommend buying it.

  6. Jeffrey T.

    Great product please produce a REAL gold or rose gold color or change pictures of product. What you call rose gold is clearly bronze and the picture is gold.**Update 10/14/18 Ring stopped charging after 2 more weeks, then dead as a door nail. No charge no nothing. Maybe if it was made in America the quality might improve. Disappointed doesn’t say enough. Easily scratches also. Returned.

  7. Kayla Mitchell

    They do not have a phone number to call if there is a problem, only an email address. They have an automated response saying they will respond to the email in 2 business days. The ring is a hard, cheap plastic looking band that looks horrible on your finger. For $200, one would think it would be of better quality. After a week of trying to get the actual ring, I finally got it and it was hard to charge, it kept saying it was fully charged, then minutes later would say it was 82% charged, then the LED light on the ring would start blinking. It is just a disaster. I have sent for a refund, within days of receiving it. The warranty/guarantee says it’s a 45 full refund/no questions asked policy, we shall see how long it actually takes to get my $200 back.

  8. Ben G.

    I have ordered this product and the sizing pack came quickly. Fantastic. Then the instructions for the redemption code are wrong for everyone outside the US (I’m UK). My redemption code is invalid and no service support. Not a good start.Update: I have my ring. Brilliant technology. Works well. Love it.

  9. d.b

    Das Probierset kam schnell, aber dann, der Motivring kann nur nach Amerika oder Kanada bestellt werden was mir nichts nützt da ich in Deutschland wohne.Bei dem Link für die Deutsche Seite funktionier dann der Code nicht. Ich habe den Lieferanten angeschrieben – keine Reaktion. Habe das Probierset wieder zurückgeschickt.Ergebniss = Zeit, Geduld und ca.30 EUR drauf gelegt. Nicht nochmal, kann nur Abraten.

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