WearGPT brings ChatGPT to the wrists of Wear OS users 1

WearGPT brings ChatGPT to the wrists of Wear OS users


A brand-new ChatGPT app has arrived on the Google Play Store, offering Wear OS users the opportunity to experience the AI service on their smartwatches. WearGPT is now accessible for download on Google-powered devices like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, Pixel Watch, or Fossil Gen 6. To get started, simply visit the Google Play Store and search for WearGPT.

After installing the app on your smartwatch, navigate to the app and launch it. The most convenient way to use WearGPT is through voice control, though text input is also available. Simply ask a question and await the comprehensive written response. You can easily scroll through the longer replies with your finger.

While ChatGPT shares similarities with the Apple Watch version, it does not have the capability to interact with other apps on your watch or complete tasks like Google Assistant. The app primarily focuses on providing in-depth answers to both simple and complex questions, unlike Google Assistant, which often directs users to random online resources.

Although ChatGPT may not excel at real-time queries such as weather updates or sports scores, it still offers a unique and enjoyable way to explore cutting-edge technology on your wrist. Eventually, voice assistants and ChatGPT may merge to create the ultimate resource for wearable users, but for now, WearGPT serves as an intriguing and entertaining addition to your smartwatch experience.

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