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VectraSense Verb for Shoe


VectraSense Verb for ShoeVectraSense Technologies, Inc., an MIT spin-off company, announced today that its new computerized shoe product “Verb for Shoe” is available to be ordered on-line at

A synthesis of high fashion style and cutting-edge technology, Verb for Shoe provides a completely different way of looking at shoes for style-conscious trend-setters. In an exclusive Hollywood preview, VectraSense took the town by storm with many celebrities calling Verb for Shoe the “next big thing.”

The fashion-forward shoe not only provides computerized shoe adjustments according to the wearer’s movements, but also provides a number of new VectraSense innovations including:

  • A wireless link that allow the shoes to link with your PC. Through a new computer peripheral, called a Thinkpod, the shoes can interface with your computer;
  • ThinkShare, a new feature that creates an exclusive community of Verb for Shoe users, who can exchange business cards and other information through wireless communication between their shoes;
  • ThinkAdjust, a feature that allows the air bladders in the shoe to be independently adjusted by the wearer;
  • ShoeDoctor, a software application which continuously monitors the shoe’s health and alerts when problems occur. It actively monitors power usage, air bladder system performance, and motion analysis. When a problem does occur, Customer Support at VectraSense can connect to your shoes across the internet to assist in resolving issues;
  • Introduction of optional features for building your shoes — a Sports package, a Rich-Media package, and an Exotic materials package.

Verb for Shoe is a third generation computerized shoe product for VectraSense Technologies. Its first product, the Raven, was the world’s first computerized adjustable shoe. The cost of the basic shoe is $499.99, and fully loaded with all the options, the cost would be $1000.

Demon noted that Verb for Shoe will not only impact the footwear industry, but also the emerging wearable computing industry, the mobile and wireless computing industries and to some extent the internet.

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VectraSense Technologies is a spin-off company from MIT and recently launched the smartest shoe on the market, the Verb for Shoe. – View Profile

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