Techno Textiles 2 Book Review 1

Techno Textiles 2 Book Review


Techno Textiles 2 Book Review

Summer time is a great reading time. Lying on the beach, the pool or siting in the park (always with the Juice Bag next to me) is the best way to relax and reflect.

Although Techno Textiles 2: Revolutionary Fabrics for Fashion and DesignTechno Textiles 2 Book Review 2is not a new book, I like to re-read it and get inspired by the wealth of information that Sarah E. Braddock Clarke and Marie O’Mahony compiled in this book.

Techno Textiles 2 explores the exciting area of art, design and technology that defines our 21st-century way of life with textiles. We are constantly surrounded from textiles, we are wrapped in them, we sleep on them we walk on them and many (inside) walls are covered and dressed up with textiles. This book introduces new textiles for fabrics that shrink or expand to fit; textiles developed from carbon, steel, glass and ceramics; materials that protect the wearer from every environmental extreme, anywhere on earth or in space.

The book is divided into three sections:
Innovations which explores how the newest textiles are dreamt up and made
Applications – from fashion and design, to architecture and art
Reference which includes a glossary, biographies, directories of addresses and public collections, and an extensive bibliography

Although Wearable Electronic is not the main topic in this book, reading it inspires by showing with many photos the possibilities that can open up in combining cutting edge textile technologies with electronic elements.

I can only recommend reading Techno Textiles 2: Revolutionary Fabrics for Fashion and DesignTechno Textiles 2 Book Review 2for both professionals and anyone prepared to be stimulated and informed about the new environment in which we live.

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