CPD Trade Fair 1

CPD Trade Fair


CPD Trade Fair

Wearable Electronic and Smart Textiles will be again on stage between July 22 and 24 during the CPD, a International Trade Fair for Womenswear and Accessories in Düsseldorf / Germany.

With 1,050 exhibitors representing a total of more than 1,430 brands from 38 countries, CPD Womenswear and Accessories is one of the biggest events in this category in the fashion industry.

Based on the success of the Wearable Electronic showcase during Avantex in June, the smart textile community presents again the growing variety of Wearable Electronic products.

CPD Trade Fair

A special section of 300 square meters have been set aside for the SmartTextil Village where Wearable Electronic, technical yarns and smart fabrics will be presented.

The latest creations from companies like Pierre Cardin, O’Neill, Picard, Daniel Hechter, Bäumler and Lodenfrey can be seen in the SmartTextil Village.

Wearable Electronic fashion is becoming a fix part of various shows and trade fairs in the fashion industry. With this latest initiative, Wearable Electronic products from those companies highlight once again the importance and value that the technological developments will have for the future of fashion.

If you are around Düsseldorf at the begin of next week drop by and have a look around the SmartTextil Village located in hall 11 booth F21.

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