nalini biker shorts

Nalini Biker Shorts


nalini biker shortsWell into the spring season we all could probably use a little more exercise.

While browsing for new wearable electronic workout gear we came across these very interesting Polar compatible biker shorts from Nalini, an Italian company which specializes in high performance biker outfits.

The Rododendro bib shorts upper part is made of breathable mesh. Reflecting materials on the back and rubberized bottom leg bands are great additional features on the Rododendro bib shorts.

Nalini Rododendro bib shorts are part of the top line in the Nalini product range.  Nalini has developed these products based off the experiences from professional bikers. The use of innovative materials, a unique style and high tech heart-rate sensing technology makes these shorts an excellent example of ‘made in Italy’ sports fashion.

Nalini polar hear rate monitoring biker shorts

// Nalini Company Profile

Nalini is a biking gear company that was started in 1970, and is dedicated to providing the best clothing for cyclists on the market. – View Profile

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