Fitbit Black Friday deals guide: How to save cash on Fitbit devices


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If you’re looking for a top deal on a Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker this Black Friday you’re going to be spoiled for choice.

There are now deals to be had on every Fitbit device, and these are set to go right through until Cyber Monday on 30 November.

However, we’d be surprised if we don’t see one or two aggressive lightning deals. And if we do, we’ll be updating them here.

Read on for a list of devices, the discounts you can expect, and a little easy guidance on the main features, pros and cons.

Fitbit Charge 4 deals

The best Fitbit fitness tracker (and best activity tracker full stop) the Charge 4 brings GPS, SpO2 and Active Zone Minutes to the wrist, in a sleep band form.

It’s not as small as the Inspire 2, but it’s seriously powerful for those that want the features of a smartwatch, but without the form factor.

The Charge 4 has been immovably at $149.99 since launch, but it’s come down to $99.95 across the web since then. We’d be surprised to see it go any lower.

Fitbit Versa 3 deals

Fitbit Versa 3 deals

The company’s flagship smartwatch has been usurped by the Fitbit Sense health watch, but the Versa 3 really stands up.

The addition of GPS makes it a much more rounded fitness companion, and it has SpO2 and will still churn out loads of health data on HRV, resting heart rate and blood oxygen during sleep.

And the new Fitbit OS 5.1 has added Google Assistant and on-watch Bluetooth calling, ad fast charging means you can juice the watch up for an extra day’s use in just 12 minutes. That’s on top of the existing six days of battery life.

The Fitbit Versa 3 launched in October at $229.99, and it’s already got a discount to $199.99 – a solid $30 off.

Could it go lower? Doubtful, but with this Black Friday looking like an absolute deal bonanza in the world of wearables, we feel the Versa 3 could feel the pressure and cause Fitbit to take it even lower.

Fitbit Sense deals

Fitbit Sense deals

Fitbit’s new health watch is one of the best out there – we named it health device of the year at the Wareable Tech Awards 2020.

With ECG, skin temperature, a stress detecting electrodermal activity sensor and SpO2, it’s pretty advanced as a personal health device.

It launched at $329, making it Fitbit’s most expensive device, but it’s seen an unexpected price drop to $299. We’d guess this won’t go lower – but while it’s still more expensive than an Apple Watch SE, if you’re looking for health metrics, we’d grab the deal.

Fitbit Inspire 2 deals

Fitbit Inspire 2

This is Fitbit’s entry-level device, that packs tracking of steps, sleep and basic heart rate metrics into a slim package.

But its price of $99.95 is now inhabited by the Charge 4, so Fitbit and Amazon have slashed the Inspire 2 to $69.95. And you get a year of Fitbit Premium too, so that’s worth $70 itself.

If you’re not into the more advanced metrics or GPS found on the Charge 4, this is absolutely the device to get.

Likewise, if you’re shopping for someone who’s not particularly fitness mad, or has slender wrists, the Inspire 2 is absolutely the right choice.

Versa 2 deals

Versa 2 deals

Now replaced by the Versa 3, you’ll see the Versa 2 going really cheap this Black Friday.

Deals have started at $129.99. That’s a saving of $70 on the Versa 3 sale price.

The Versa 3 changed shape for the latest edition, but we actually like the old Versa 2 design and the button is much better.

You still get SpO2 tracking of blood oxygen, although there isn’t dedicated GPS making it less appealing to runners and cyclists.

The Versa 3 added a Google Assistant option, on-wrist calling and fast charging. But if you forgo those, then there’s a lot to like at this price.

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