Neurosky Mindwave Used to Create ‘Euonia’ by Lisa Park


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The Neurosky MindWave is a well-known EEG headset that can be used to turn the electrical impulses that run along the scalp into data, but until now no one has thought of using this particular headset for art. Lisa Park however used the Mindwave along with five 15 inch speakers and a computer program to move water using the rhythm of her brainwaves while meditating. The result, a zen-like art where the water in the bowls vibrates with her emotions and thoughts, that is almost unbelievably serene. Lisa says that while she spent more than a month practicing for the final result, she intends to build a larger design to be put on display. She also claims that her original intention was to end the display in stillness, but she was unable to still all of her emotions.

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To us, this experimental art is a breathtaking example of what can be done with the wearable technology that is on the market now.

What is EEG?

Mindwave EEG EEG or Electroencephalography is the process of measuring electronic impulses along the scalp. This technology was first used in 1875 when Richard Caton experimented on recording the brainwaves of animals. The Mindwave from Neurowave is a much more advanced headset that can be applied to a range of applications including schooling to gauge student interest and interaction. It can also be used to transpose to music as was displayed as far back as 1965, although the results then were more similar to rustling than the music we are familiar with today.

The MindWave from Neurosky costs just $79.99 for the basic headset, or $200 with a large kit of add-ons that can be used with the device. In addition, the MindWave is also compatible with a range of apsp and technology including Arduino, and more.

How She Did It

Anyone who watched the video of Lisa Park performing Euonia is sure to wonder how she pulled it off. The concept of moving water with nothing but brainwaves is quite simply marvelous, but she did have help. In fact, the water was actually moved using the vibrations of speakers placed under the bowls of water. Her recorded brainwaves were then translated into a deep, soothing audio that caused the bowl to vibrate with the speakers. The result is the dreamlike movement of the water as seen in the piece that is sometimes also called by the English translation ‘Beautiful Mind’.

Mindwave EEG

Lisa first recorded her brainwaves while meditating, and has said that she practiced for more than a month in order to get the results in her video. In the display, she sits surrounded by 5 23 inch bowls of water that are each placed on a 15 inch speaker. The MindWave headset plugs into a computer and then transforms her electrical impulses which are better known as emotions into musical vibrations. As each of the bowls stands for one of the five main emotions, Lisa was able to vibrate each one in tandem with a specific thought or focus during her mediation.

EEG technology is far from new, but we are just now beginning to explore the depths to which it can take us. The MindWave from Neurosky is an affordable option that anyone can purchase, experiment with, and create new technological applications. With plenty of open source app and hardware compatibilities, the MindWave is open for low cost experimentation for a range of purposes.

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