Brando Workshop WiFi Detecting Hat 1

Brando Workshop WiFi Detecting Hat


Brando Workshop has released another interesting product. WiFi Detection Cap finds 802.11 b/g/n signals. Using LEDs, one to show network availability and the other to show strength. The hat come is two varieties, a laptop design or a XM like design, and three colors: red, white, black). The two CR2032 batteries are included.
Brando Workshop WiFi Detecting Hat
Funny thing about this hat is that the wearer cannot actually see the activity while wearing it. Maybe this is an accessory to the Firebox WiFi shirt, or the ThinkGeek Wi-Fi shirt. Well for $14.00 it is a fun toy.

Main Type: Smart Clothes
Features: WiFi Detection
Technologies: Display, LED

// Brando Workshop Company Profile

Brando Workshop develops consumer electronic products. They have recently entered the wearable technology industry with their Wi-Fi detecting baseball cap. – View Profile

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