Alexander Reeder Interactive Butterfly Dress 1

Alexander Reeder Interactive Butterfly Dress


NYU Interactive Telecommunications student Alexander Reeder, has created a true one-off interactive textile. This stunning design features an automated butterfly laden dress with interactive behavior.

Alexander Reeder Butterfly dress

The butterflies are activated by motion and are controlled but the wearers heart rate. The motion activation is triggered by proximity to the dress by other people. Motion consists of fluttering and as the person gets closer, the butterflies move upward.

Alexander Reeder Butterfly dress details

The butterflies are attached with magnetic snaps, which also supplies power. As the butterflies are removable, the dress can be worn with no butterflies or just one or all at once. A small gear motor is used to drive the flapping mechanism. Based on the Lilypad module, collecting data and controlling the butterfly’s wing motors. A heart rate monitor belt powered by a Polar board wraps around the body to listen to the pulse. All components are hidden in the inner lining of the dress connecting the different components via conductive treads. Power comes from a 740mAH battery and can last up to a steady 4 hours. The dress is dry cleanable, due to the detachment of mechanical and electrical parts. This is truly a cool deign.

Main Type: Smart Clothes
SubType: Concept
Technologies: e-Textiles
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