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5 reviews for Garmin Quatix 5

  1. Benjamin S.

    My Wife got this for me as a gift. The thought was that it would help me with fishing and general adventuring.The way I look at it – there are smart watches in the $200 range that do all the phone/messaging stuff/ and Heart Rate and GPS. So basically, I was paying $250 for added marine/boat/adventure functionality.The features I cared about:1. Tides – these require weekly updates – but where I boat I don’t have a cell signal so no value.2. Connectivity to Garmin GPS’s – this is a Feature – which is cool. However, I see in the reviews that people have a hard time getting connectivity. Also, when searching youtube for videos to help me set my watch up, I didn’t find any. Which, didn’t make me feel good about setting that up.3. Marine Charts and elevation maps for GPS: Here there was nothing installed. I might be able to install some, but the lack of support on how to install things on the watch dissuaded me from getting into this.Overall – the cost of these added features and their lack of fully meeting my requirements lead me to return the watch.

  2. DFP

    I received this watch as a gift. I installed a screen protector on the face the first day I wore it. Within six weeks my arm brushed against a closet wall while moving some boxes and the edge of the screen chipped. Within hours, cracks began radiating outward from the chip. I would guess by now the watch is no longer waterproof and if I continue to wear it, even under moderate normal use the end will be near. I called Garmin who believes this is tough luck and they are unwilling to back up their inferior product with a meaningful warranty and they refuse to repair it without me shelling out another $150. It seems to me that what is advertised as a piece of outdoor gear should be able to withstand more than just a casual brush against a wall. The key flaw with it is that the screen stands higher to than the metal outer ring, exposing the fragile glass to chipping. I would not recommend this watch to anyone that needs a robust outdoor wristwatch.


    I wanted to have the watch for a couple weeks so I could test it before writing a review. I haven’t explored all the functionality but for the marine side I’ve tested a couple of the apps. I’ll have to note that I had the Fenix 5 and then after some peer pressure traded to the Apple 3 then traded back to the Quatix 5. Several reasons for trading back 1) I hate the Apple 3 boring tank configuration. It’s an awful looking watch, even when you spruce it up with a new band. Apple has the smart functionality down and their graphics are top-notch but they’ve lost anyone who likes a little style and doesn’t t want to look like a drone. 2) The boating information was attractive 3) The watch has a sense of style. After owning a couple Rolex, Tag’s, Panerai it’s tough switching to something that doesn’t have some style, and the Garmin does have style.The watch itself if big, which I like. It feels like you have a watch on your wrist. Add a couple different Garmin watch faces and the display looks cool. I like the Data Lover watch face as you can customize the values and it looks good. The apps are great for working out, which I think is what Garmin has done an amazing job at. I pair this with my heart rate strap and I get all the data I need when either on the bike, elliptical, weight training, etc. And it pairs to my phone so I can monitor everything. The Boat Data app does work with my GPSMAP 7612xsv and now I think it pairs with the GNT 10 legacy systems. I like being on the front of the boat and being able to see the depth and sea temp while fishing. That way I don’t have to go back to the helm to get that information. The Fusion-Link does NOT work with my watch as my Fusion head unit is not compatible. I am not too disappointed with this as I control the head unit from my phone but I’m surprised since my head unit is only 1 year old(late 2017). I’d use it if it worked…Garmin stop plugging this as a big selling point if you only pair with 2 head units!The Quatix paired easily with my iPhone and I can see texts and emails. I never responded to these via my Apple Watch so it’s not a big deal to me not to with the Quatix. But I do like being able to read them.I’ll post more updates as I have them but overall I’m happy with the watch!

  4. billkarmis

    So far so good! Its easy to operate seems to be reporitng well

  5. crdlgp

    Very good! Just what I read about it and just what I expected.

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