Garmin Quatix 5

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Garmin Quatix 5 is a Marine Watch

Building on the popular Fenix 5 platform, this next generation multisport marine smartwatch from Garmin provides comprehensive boat connectivity. It connects with compatible Garmin chart plotters and other devices to provide autopilot control, remote waypoint marking, data streaming including speed, depth, temperature and wind. Compact and stylish with quick-change bands, it also sports advanced fitness features and a wrist-based heart rate monitor. With built-in activity profiles and performance metrics for paddle boarding, kayaking and canoeing — whatever sport you want to track, Garmin Quatix 5 has you covered.

  • Provides connectivity with compatible Garmin chart plotters and other devices to provide autopilot control, remote waypoint marking, data streaming including speed, depth, temperature and wind
  • Sail Racing assistance includes virtual starting line, distance to start line, race countdown timer, and tack assist
  • Built-in Fusion-Link Lite App controls connected Stereo Active products, as well as other ANT enabled stereo models (RA70/BB100)
  • Includes Elevate wrist-based heart rate, built-in GPS and features Quick Fit band system, steel bezel, buttons and rear case
  • Preloaded activity profiles for all of your sports and adventures, including for paddle boarding, kayaking and canoeing

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Garmin Quatix 5 Stainless Steel Case Multisport Marine Smartwatch - Good Cond.
Garmin Quatix 5 Stainless Steel Case Multisport Marine Smartwatch -...


The Garmin Quatix 5 Marine Watch is the ultimate companion for water sports enthusiasts. With its sleek and stylish design and advanced features, this watch offers a range of benefits that will enhance your performance on the water. The watch offers advanced GPS mapping and navigation tools, so you can track your speed, distance, and location with precision. It also comes equipped with a range of sensors that monitor your heart rate, oxygen levels, and stress levels, so you can keep a close eye on your health and fitness. In addition, the watch offers smart notifications, music controls, and compatibility with a wide range of apps, so you can stay connected and entertained while you're out on the water. Whether you're a sailor, fisherman, or water sports enthusiast, the Garmin Quatix 5 Marine Watch is the perfect tool for taking your performance to the next level.



The Garmin Quatix 5 Marine Watch is the ultimate accessory for avid boaters and fishermen. With its water-resistant design and durable construction, this watch is perfect for use in any marine environment. One of the standout features of this watch is its ability to connect with a range of Garmin marine devices, including chartplotters, fishfinders, and radar. This allows you to easily monitor important data such as speed, depth, and temperature, all from your wrist. The watch also includes advanced navigation features, such as waypoint marking and course plotting, making it a valuable tool for any sailor or angler. The Quatix 5 also features activity tracking and multisport functions, making it a great option for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking, running, and other active pursuits. Additionally, the watch includes a variety of smartwatch features such as automatic uploads to the Garmin Connect online community, music control, and smart notifications. Whether you’re tracking your fitness goals or navigating the open seas, the Garmin Quatix 5 Marine Watch has got you covered.


Custom BundleNo
Country/Region of ManufactureTaiwan
ActivityNautical watch
ModelQuatix 5
SizeOne Size
Garmin Quatix 5
released on May 9, 2017
Can you use Spotify with this ?

You will have to get the app "G-Playlist for Spotify" in Garmin Connect. Mike, Garmin

Does this have the anchor alarm function?

Yes it does. It works nicely. But the trick is to decide on the radius of alarm - which you can set on the watch.

Can i get sog and cog without antenna (with internal gps) in the boat data app?

Yes. It's a great boating watch, especially if you do sailboat racing.

Is this watch sized for a man or is it unisex?

The outside bezel of the watch measures 48mm, and it stands approx 13mm off your wrist (thickness). The watch ships with 2 straps, one stainless steel and one silicone in a cool colour. The stainless strap is perfect for everyday and dress wear, and the silicone strap for sports/gym. I would say it is a unisex watch, BUT as cool as it looks, if you're a small lady it will look HUGE on your arm.

Will this work with other brands of nmea2000 boat electronics, or does it actually require garmin-branded electronics?

I have paired mine to B&G chart plotter on a charter Dufour mono hull in Croatia. I use the race feature quite regularly as well as tack assist on offshore races.


Garmin quatix® 5 | Marine Watches

The quatix® 5 is a marine watch that connects with compatible Garmin chartplotters and other marine devices to provide autopilot control.

Garmin quatix® 5 Sapphire | Marine Watches

Since quatix 5 Sapphire is Wi-Fi enabled, your activity stats can automatically upload directly to Garmin Connect when connected to wireless networks. Comprehensive Smart Connectivity Smart notifications² through quatix 5 Sapphire let you receive emails, texts and alerts right on your watch — whether you're on the water, trail, golf course or simply away from your desk.

quatix 5 - Introduction - Garmin

Garmin Support Center. quatix 5; quatix 5 Sapphire; Contents. Expand | Collapse. Introduction. Device Overview. Viewing the Controls Menu; Viewing Widgets; Charging the Device; Pairing Your Smartphone with Your Device; Product Updates. Setting Up Garmin Express; Activities and Apps.


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Garmin aims to provide superior products for essential areas of our lives. They strive to be the leader in every market that they enter. Garmin is most well known in wearable technology for their fitness and sports watches, of which they make a large variety. – View Profile

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10 Reviews for Garmin Quatix 5

  1. Fabrizio

    Acquisto lungamente meditato e riflettuto. È sostanzialmente come avere al polso un fenix 5 con alcune funzioni marine aggiunte.Non c’è il profondimetro, scelta molto opinabile per un prodotto vocato al mare e così costoso.L’orologio (non si può definirlo così riduttivamente) si dimostra estremamente valido quanto a tutte le funzioni descritte. L’intercambiabilità del cinturino consente di passare da un loook sportivo ad uno elegante in un attimo. il prodotto come detto mantiene le sue promesse SALVO purtroppo (e qui il motivo delle tre stelle) la funzione altimetro – barometro. Qui Garmin non ha fatto un buon lavoro tanto che sono tuttora tentato di rimandarlo indietro e annullare l’acquisto..Lo strumento infatti, già testato in varie situazioni montane e non, non ne vuole affatto sapere di registrare, neppure lontanamente, i dati corretti.Speravo che con il recente aggiornamento del software andasse meglio..e invece peggio che mai. Sono a circa 300 metri slm e l’altimetro segna 5.000 o anche 7.000 per poi discendere sotto i 2000 metri e via così discorrendo. Il barometro gli va dietro lanciando allarmi temporali e sfarfallando come meglio può.Il supporto tecnico garmin tace sul punto anche se i vari forum riportano il problema come assai comune.Considerato che sono contemporaneamente possessore anche di un Suunto Spartan Wrist hr Baro, il quale invece spacca il metro nellle medesime condizioni, direi che l’ago della bilancia per la scelta di un prodotto vocato per la vera avventura e soprattutto su cui fare affidamento in situazioni particolari, pende decisamente verso quest’ultimo anche se, contrariamente al Quatix 5, ha una durata della batteria decisamente inferiore.Non consigliato almeno fino a quando non garantiranno il corretto funzionamento dell’altimetro.

  2. U. Gobbato

    A little heavy but fantastic. Completely compatible with Quatix 3 and much better. Nautical units are now simpler to add in the custom applications. If it had a cell phone chip + an auxiliary solar battery, it would be the watch of all dreams.

  3. Benjamin S.

    My Wife got this for me as a gift. The thought was that it would help me with fishing and general adventuring.The way I look at it – there are smart watches in the $200 range that do all the phone/messaging stuff/ and Heart Rate and GPS. So basically, I was paying $250 for added marine/boat/adventure functionality.The features I cared about:1. Tides – these require weekly updates – but where I boat I don’t have a cell signal so no value.2. Connectivity to Garmin GPS’s – this is a Feature – which is cool. However, I see in the reviews that people have a hard time getting connectivity. Also, when searching youtube for videos to help me set my watch up, I didn’t find any. Which, didn’t make me feel good about setting that up.3. Marine Charts and elevation maps for GPS: Here there was nothing installed. I might be able to install some, but the lack of support on how to install things on the watch dissuaded me from getting into this.Overall – the cost of these added features and their lack of fully meeting my requirements lead me to return the watch.

  4. DFP

    I received this watch as a gift. I installed a screen protector on the face the first day I wore it. Within six weeks my arm brushed against a closet wall while moving some boxes and the edge of the screen chipped. Within hours, cracks began radiating outward from the chip. I would guess by now the watch is no longer waterproof and if I continue to wear it, even under moderate normal use the end will be near. I called Garmin who believes this is tough luck and they are unwilling to back up their inferior product with a meaningful warranty and they refuse to repair it without me shelling out another $150. It seems to me that what is advertised as a piece of outdoor gear should be able to withstand more than just a casual brush against a wall. The key flaw with it is that the screen stands higher to than the metal outer ring, exposing the fragile glass to chipping. I would not recommend this watch to anyone that needs a robust outdoor wristwatch.


    I wanted to have the watch for a couple weeks so I could test it before writing a review. I haven’t explored all the functionality but for the marine side I’ve tested a couple of the apps. I’ll have to note that I had the Fenix 5 and then after some peer pressure traded to the Apple 3 then traded back to the Quatix 5. Several reasons for trading back 1) I hate the Apple 3 boring tank configuration. It’s an awful looking watch, even when you spruce it up with a new band. Apple has the smart functionality down and their graphics are top-notch but they’ve lost anyone who likes a little style and doesn’t t want to look like a drone. 2) The boating information was attractive 3) The watch has a sense of style. After owning a couple Rolex, Tag’s, Panerai it’s tough switching to something that doesn’t have some style, and the Garmin does have style.The watch itself if big, which I like. It feels like you have a watch on your wrist. Add a couple different Garmin watch faces and the display looks cool. I like the Data Lover watch face as you can customize the values and it looks good. The apps are great for working out, which I think is what Garmin has done an amazing job at. I pair this with my heart rate strap and I get all the data I need when either on the bike, elliptical, weight training, etc. And it pairs to my phone so I can monitor everything. The Boat Data app does work with my GPSMAP 7612xsv and now I think it pairs with the GNT 10 legacy systems. I like being on the front of the boat and being able to see the depth and sea temp while fishing. That way I don’t have to go back to the helm to get that information. The Fusion-Link does NOT work with my watch as my Fusion head unit is not compatible. I am not too disappointed with this as I control the head unit from my phone but I’m surprised since my head unit is only 1 year old(late 2017). I’d use it if it worked…Garmin stop plugging this as a big selling point if you only pair with 2 head units!The Quatix paired easily with my iPhone and I can see texts and emails. I never responded to these via my Apple Watch so it’s not a big deal to me not to with the Quatix. But I do like being able to read them.I’ll post more updates as I have them but overall I’m happy with the watch!

  6. billkarmis

    So far so good! Its easy to operate seems to be reporitng well

  7. crdlgp

    Very good! Just what I read about it and just what I expected.

  8. ilker Yenice

    See pictures. This is a aquatic product that corrodes. It stains especially in the charging area so it is not stainless steel. For a brand like Garmin, this is a shame product! And by the way after each use i wash it with regular water, so i dont leave any salt

  9. Plamen Gonkov

    Useful device much easier to use than my old Fenix 3 but build quality appears to be poor. Unfortunately 8 months after I bought the device the charging port rusted from the water and I have started having difficulties charging it. This happened despite the fact that I was taking care of rinsing it with fresh water and drying it with cloth after each use. As the device is still under warrantee I got it replaced from Garmin but what will happen when it gets rust again in 8 months when the warrantee will have expired? This is supposed to be a marine device which means it should be possible to wear it at sea without any problems. I did not have such problems with the Fenix 3 despite the fact that it was not a dedicated marine equipment.

  10. RLS

    The solid thing: works great with all my Garmin 8600 gear and fushion radio. Autopilot works well and I dont appear to have any connectivity issues on a 56 foot Cruiser from bow or stern. The boat data it can display is great and works well. You can respond to text messages with canned responses and the fitness tracking also works well.What I simply cant believe: there are no maps, marine or land. If the Fenix can display street maps why cant the Quatix use them and marine gps charts. That’s a huge let down. They make you spend 1800 for the Marq Caption to get maps. That’s just wrong…

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