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Kimble Health FreeBand Hand Sanitizer Bracelet

Always have your sanitizer on hand with this Band. This stylish travel wrist band doubles as a hand sanitizer dispenser ensuring that you’ll never leave home without it. It’s simple, safe, and convenient. Put up to 0.3 Oz of liquid hand sanitizer gel into the included refill bottle and insert it into the valve to refill at any time. You’ll never have to touch your bag, phone, or pocket to access your hand sanitizer again!

  • ALWAYS HAVE YOUR SANITIZER ON HAND – FreeBand is an ultralight stylish and wearable bracelet, made from the highest quality silicone. With this dispenser, your travel sanitizer will be with you whenever you need it. Fill it up in the morning and use it all day long!
  • SIMPLE, SAFE AND CONVENIENT – With this travel-sized hand sanitizer you can keep your hands clean without having to carry a bulky bottle with you. The liquid dispenser bracelet means you don’t need to touch your bag, phone or pocket.
  • KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAN IN STYLE – The Freeband is more than just a wearable hand sanitizer dispenser, it is also a travel wrist band that looks great on your wrist.
  • USE YOUR OWN HAND SANITIZER – The bracelet comes with an easy refill bottle that you insert into the valve to refill any time with your hand sanitizer gel. The FreeBand does NOT include hand sanitizer in the packaging.
  • FITS ALL SIZES: The wristband is adjustable and can be worn by anyone from teens to adults.


Silicone Wristband with Liquid Dispenser, with refilling bottle- Holds 8ml
USA STOCK - SHIPPING SAME DAY - USPS FIRST CLASS - DELIVERY IN 4 BUSINESS DAYS FREE SHIPPING - Biosafetyband, Silicone Wristband, with refilling bottle Holds 8ml of Hand Sanitizer, sunscreen, moisturizing lotion, repellent and more. Biosafety wristband with the function of making people's lives...
2X Wristband Silicone Soap Bracelet Hand Dispenser Band Squeeze Spray Bottle
2X Wristband Silicone Soap Bracelet Hand Dispenser Band Squeeze Spray Bottle CONVENIENT - Strap it around your wrist or clip it to your backpack and dispense a small amount of hand sanitizer gel when you need it; A mini hand sanitizer bottle when you have to go.Silicone Refillable Sanitizer...
COOL Bracelet hands sanitizer dispenser Multiple colors to choice
This incredible bracelet serves as a hands sanitizer dispenser, is light, practical and fashionable. It fits the hand of children and adults, measures 9 inches and its closure ranges from 8 inches to 5 and a half inches. Comes with a practical plastic bottle to be able to fill the bracelet with...
Bracelet Wristband Portable Hand Disinfect Soap Dispenser Spray Travel Nurse
Keep your hands clean and sanitized while on the go with a hand sanitizing bracelet. Perfect for essential workers, students, the gym, traveling, or just running everyday errands. ➱ Reusable➱ Fits adults and teens➱ Adjustable band size➱ Over 50+ sprays each refill➱ Bracelet made of soft silicone...


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FreeBand Hand Sanitizer Bracelet
released on September 23, 2020

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8 Reviews for FreeBand Hand Sanitizer Bracelet

  1. Robin G

    Love this, just ordered 4 more. Super light and comfortable. So tired of juggling hand sanitizer 24/7. Tips: DON’T overfill. Put it on so that the dispensing hole is away from you (on the side closest to your little finger). And to dispense, really push it so it squirts out not dribbles out.

  2. Elise

    This item leaks constantly. It leaks while I’m carefully putting it on. It also leaked while I was filling it. After just a few minutes all of the sanitizer had leaked out and it was empty. Sadly this is useless

  3. Jenny C

    I like the FreeBand Hand Sanitizer Bracelet. It is a well made product and really handy when sanitizer is needed. I dislike the fact that if you accident bump your wrist the sanitizer will come out without your knowledge . Overall, it is a very good product.

  4. ginabeena1129

    Great tool to have with this pandemic. Most of the bracelets I saw online had a plug to close the opening that why I took off one star. This just has a slice in the rubber. Sanitizer doesn’t leak out so far. Wear it every time I go out. Must have!

  5. Crystal Pratt

    Product is exactly as pictured and described. I bought it for my 10yo to wear at school this fall. Not too crazy big looking on your wrist and the closure is tight and secure so no worries about it falling off and losing it. I will say that this is not for a younger child as the band doesn’t get small enough to fit a small child’s wrist properly w/o slipping off bc diameter is too large. Not as easy to fill first time but does get easier with practice. Must buy liquid sanitizer and not gel just like is stated in the directions.

  6. Memi

    Very lovely bracelet ! Bought this for my daughter and she thought it was super cool ( yay ! ) I scored one cool thing with her hehe. The material is very nice & smooth. It doesn’t hold that much sanity liquid but it’s to expect. It lasted her 2 days but we were all over the place so she used it a lot. Definitely would buy again. Thank you !

  7. CMS

    For starters, this is a very cool product that has proven its value. Certainly far more sanitary to use this than go digging around for your hand san in your pocket when your hands are dirty! But, it’s not quite person.This won’t fit well if you have slim wrists. Mine are about 5.5 inches, and the tightest hole is still too lose. It wiggles around quite a bit. Still mulling over whether to just live with it or try to punch another hole in it at my own risk.Secondly, it’s a bit hard to fill, because the air pressure inside the chamber kind of fights back as you try to squeeze the hand sanitizer into it. It takes a fair bit of fussing to fill. I think this could be solved by offering an applicator tip that is slightly smaller in diameter than the fill hole, allowing air to escape as you fill it.Overall, good product with nothing else like it. Just please make more sizes!

  8. Adam L.

    This is really a simple device, and when I’m going out I always wear it on my right wrist. It does come with a bottle to fill it, you’ll just need to supply the sanitizer. It does need to be liquid and not gel. I’ve had both, and the liquid works much better. To most people, it will just look like a fitness tracker of some sort, and it’s pretty subtle if you care about those kinds of things. It’s easy to put on, and easy to fill. Usually, one squirt will be all need sanitizer your hands, and if you opening doors or handling anything it’s nice to sanitize on the spot.

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FreeBand Hand Sanitizer Bracelet