Aculief Wearable Acupressure

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Aculief Wearable Acupressure
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Aculief Wearable Acupressure

Natural Migraine & Tension Headache Relief with Aculief Wearable Acupressure

Aculief Wearable Acupressure helps to naturally alleviate headaches and stress. It provides a simple, easy, and effective, yet med-free solution.

  • AWARD WINNING, DOCTOR APPROVED, NATURAL HEADACHE AND TENSION RELIEF – Provides pressure to the LI4 acupressure point. The LI4 acupressure point is one of the most powerful points on your body and has been used for thousands of years to provide natural relief of headaches, tension and promote your bodies natural energy!
  • NATURAL ENERGY FOR MEN AND WOMEN! – Naturally promotes the flow of your body’s natural energy with constant compression. Finally, a stress and tension relief product that will last a lifetime. If you are experiencing lack of energy, constant stress, energy imbalance, then Aculief may be able to help with patented technology that promotes your body’s Qi.
  • 60-DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Love the results or your money back! We are truly confident that our Aculief Tension Relief Wearable Acupressure device will help you that we will refund your money if you don’t like it! Simply contact Aculief for a full refund.
  • DRUG-FREE, COMFORT AND EASE OF USE – Drug-free, comfortable, and stylish natural pain management acupressure tool. Works fast with no side effects! Designed to support healthy brain function and promote relief from migraine headaches before the pain ever begins. Aculief targets the LI4 in your hand to promote natural headache and tension relief; an all-natural solution to be used anytime, anywhere.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST – Wearable acupressure for an active lifestyle. One size fits most. Good for travel, at work, play or any other everyday activities. Stylish, easy to use and carry. If your Aculief is too tight, simply stretch it out to make it less compressed and more comfortable for your hand. If Aculief is too lose, push down on the device to clamp the Aculief together and regain its compression. Aculief is not to be used while pregnant.


Aculief - Natural Headache Tension Relief - Wearable Acupressure 1 Pack (Green)
Aculief - Award Winning Natural Headache, Migraine, Tension Relief Wearable – Supporting Acupressure Relaxation, Stress Alleviation, Soothing Muscle Pain - Simple, Easy, Effective 1 Pack - (Green) REGULAR SIZE ✅ AWARD WINNING, DOCTOR APPROVED, NATURAL HEADACHE AND TENSION RELIEF. Aculief provides...
Aculief - Natural Headache Tension Relief - Wearable Acupressure 1 Pack (Green)
1Pcs Hand Massage Acupuncture Health Care Body Aculief Massager – Green NEW Aculief Natural Wearable Acupressure 1 Pack Green Headache and Tension Relief. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS First Class Package. Doctor approved Aculief provides pressure to the acupressure point located on your...
Aculief Natural Headache Tension Stress Relief- Wearable Acupressure x1 Teal
BIG SALE!AculiefAculief Natural Headache Tension Stress Relief- Wearable Acupressure Blue100% GenuineHigh QualityFast Shipping Doctor approved Aculief provides pressure to the acupressure point located on your hand between your thumb and forefinger. This self treatment technique has been used for...
2 pack(Black) Aculief Tension and Headache Reliever Hand Acupressure -
Aculief Tension and Headache Reliever Hand Acupressure - 2 pack (Black). Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS First Class.Item will relax and adjust to a better fit after few uses.


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Aculie - BLACK
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Aculief - TEAL
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Product Dimensions1.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches
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UPC850748004002 772195004407
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Aculief Wearable Acupressure
released on October 17, 2012

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9 Reviews for Aculief Wearable Acupressure

  1. Carlo M

    The Aculief appears to be working just as described. It is relaxing and seems to keep headaches away. But I have small hands so it falls off easily when I move around. I found gel-type corn pads wrapped around the two ends makes it stay on and stay comfortable too.

  2. Matt Besley

    I found this product after my doctor told me I should stop taking so much Advil for my headaches. I have used several Advil a day for years and found out Advil could damage my liver. I was skeptical that this product would work for my level of pain but gave it a try to see what would happen. I was very impressed with how much relief it provided for my pain and headaches?. I have used it several times now and have been very happy with the results each time. If you are like me and suffer from chronic pain and headaches, you should give this product a try.

  3. Mark

    I placed an order for my daughter who is doing her masters program. She suffers from frequent migraines following a car accident where she had whiplash. She loved it so much that I placed a second order for my daughter that suffered a severe traumatic brain injury in a wreck and also has migraines. We totally love this product! In her words… “These are FLIPPIN’ AWESOME!!!! They really help take the migraine pain away!” I’ve had migraines since my severe traumatic brain injury and I think that this is the best invention ever!!! Nothing comes close to helping like the aculief! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  4. M. Decker

    As a patient who has tried and successfully used acupuncture, I can tell you that the theory and practice does work. However, this product was too large for my small hands and I could not adjust to correct the location of the pressure. I will probably give it to a friend.

  5. Wendy in Florida

    I waited a bit to give this review, to check a few things.1. Was it going to stretch out (because I have thick webbing in my hand) and not bounce back? Nope! It does stretch out while keeping good pressure on, then when you take it off, it eases back to it’s original state. CHECK!2. Would it work? I have no idea if it’s the placebo effect or not, but works FANTASTIC on headaches and pretty good on anxiety and stress as well. It’s not a cure all. It does help. A LOT. If it’s a placebo effect, I don’t really care, because it works!3. Doesn’t feel cheap. Yes, it’s a small piece of simple technology, but I never feel like it’s about to break. It feels solid and built for years of use.Overall, happy with it!

  6. NurseKristen

    When it stays in place, this works fantastic! However, I have a hard time keeping it from popping off, which is disappointing. I’ve tried adjusting to multiple spots as well as using both hands, and it’s still difficult to stay on.UPDATE: The customer service this company has is amazing. After posting my initial review, they sent me two new aculiefs to try to see if they would stay in place, along with a hand-written note from the CEO! One is a more snug fit, and the other stays in place, even while working all night long! Living with chronic headaches and migraines is not easy, and finding products that work that are not drug-related are even harder, and this is one company dedicated to helping its customers!!

  7. Renaissance

    Note that I would give this 3.5 stars instead of 4 if possible.I’ve been using the pressure point trick to reduce headache pain for many years now, but usually I just pinched it with the index finger and thumb of the opposite hand for 5-10 minutes, which as you can imagine is not super fun. I got the Aculief in an attempt to do the same job without tying up a hand. Bottom line is that it *kind of* works, but not particularly well in comparison to the “old school” method. There are two issues: one is that there’s not enough pressure to really activate the point well (or confuse your brain or whatever it does), and the second is that the pads on the inside that touch your hand are a hard plastic, so they get annoying fast and leave nice fat marks on your hand where they press.I’d like to see an updated version of this that comes in a few different pressure level options and has more rubbery pads.

  8. Anon

    I suffer from migraines and don’t have much luck with medications so when i saw this I HAD to try it. Arrived on time, no damage and a note from the seller. I was surprised when I first took it out of that package since it was hard plastic. After watching the short video I was hoping it was more of a rubber. I had trouble putting it on and believe the plastic is the reason since it’s very hard and stiff. Seller mentioned ability to “stretch” it to fit hand but I’m afraid if I “stretch” too much it will snap in half since the middle is where the seam is. Once I got it on, I DID notice relief, but either due to the plastic or my “fat hands” it either slips off or squeezes so hard it literally makes my vein pop up. Although I love the relief it gave my headache, I don’t know if I can handle the pain in my hand 🙁 This is the only reason I gave it 3 stars. If they were able to supply sizes or maybe a more flexible rubber than plastic this would be an amazing product and I would certainly have spares available for work, vehicle, etc.

  9. Ray D’Lessio

    This is amazing tbh. I’m quite big on complementary/alternative health however am also very skeptical aso several things have not worked for me and am a big believer in integrative healthcare. Anyway.. I have terrible migraines with pms and if I eat a lot of cheese that it takes days of extra strength paracetamol to attempt to clear it and it doesn’t always work. I used this in combination with extra strength paracetamol and my migraine was relieved after 5 minutes of using this.. I keep it on for as long as possible because when I take it off the symptoms cone back so I combine this with extra strength paracetamol first established results for me. My dizziness faded after 5 minutes and pain reduced. Would highly recommend to anyone who suffers headaches or migraines to use alone or with a pain relieving medication. It also helps to relieve some of my stress aso I feel more relaxed with it. So of anyone has PTSD like me, you could also give it a go for them really awful times.

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Aculief Wearable Acupressure