The Best Family Safety Wearable Tech 1

The Best Family Safety Wearable Tech


It’s important to keep your kids save. Get some peace of mind and always know your child is safe with a non-intrusive GPS tracker for your loved one.

1. Real-Time Location Tracker for Kids

he Jiobit is a small real-time location tracker for kids. It utilizes various radios to update your child’s location. The jiobit requires a cellular data connection to provide full tracking coverage. You pick a monthly plan upon activation then download the android or IOs app. It’s very simple to setup and get peace of mind always knowing where your children are at a few taps of your phone.

2. Relay Kids Phone Alternative

The Relay is a cute and easy to carry and use walkie talkie like device that’s easy for children to use. It’s a simple communication device that uses the cell network to communicate. Easily reach your child and let them easily contact your with this easy to use device.

3. Kids Fitness Tracker

Reward your kids for being active with this kids fitness tracker. Set rewards for hitting goals, track sleep, waterproof, and much more. Comes in multiple band colors.

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