CoronaVirus Protection Wearable Tech 1

CoronaVirus Protection Wearable Tech


Protect yourself from the CoronaVirus with wearable tech smart clothes. Grab this high tech air filtering clothing before its too late.

1. BioGaiter N95 Face Mask

The BioGaiter is a cold weather face shield neck gaiter with a built-in N95 Air filter to filter away germs, dust, smoke, and pollution. It is an extremely popular option if you live in a colder climate and are looking to protect yourself from the coronavirus but want to do it in a stylish way.

2. Scough BioScarf

The Scough BioScarf is a stylish scarf that can protect you from breathing in bad air. This scarf can filter out pollution such as dust toxins, ash, allergens, and even germs! This is a perfect way to try to protect yourself from the CoronaVirus and other airborne illnesses such as the Flu.

3. Air Filter Scarf

The Air Filter Scarf is great for avoiding germs on airplanes, your daily public transportation commute, during flu season, etc. A great everyday scarf to keep you cozy and breathing filtered air.

4. Cotton Anti-Dust Pollution Mask

Protect yourself and others from COVID-19 with a cotton face mask. Disposable masks are hard to come by so if you’re looking for mouth and nose protection during the coronavirus pandemic we recommend getting a cotton face mask.

5. ATV Tek Bandana Mask

The Bandana Mask by ATV Tek was developed for ATV and dirt bike riders to protect themselves from harmful dust while on the trail. The bandana mask sports a sewn in filter which the company claims will filter out 99.5% of dust particulates. As a secondary use the bandana makes a great alternative to disposable face masks during this outbreak season.

6. Ski Masks with Air Filter

Last on our list are some Ski Masks with built-in Air Filters.

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