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Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theater


Royole 3D Mobile Theater
Royole 3D Mobile Theater
Royole 3D Mobile Theater
Royole 3D Mobile Theater
Royole 3D Mobile Theater


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  • All prices mentioned above are in United States dollar.
  • This product is available at Newegg, Amazon.com.
  • At newegg.com you can purchase Royole Moon 3D Virtual Mobile Theater, Black #RYO102NANB2 for only $499.95, which is 17% less than the cost in Amazon.com ($599.99).
  • The lowest price of Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theater was obtained on April 3, 2020 10:45 pm.

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3 reviews for 3D Mobile Theater

  1. Tong Zou

      Comparison with other major headsets that I’ve owned (I collect these)Immersion: Vuzix with light shield > Sony HMZT3 = Royole Moon > Vuzix without light shield > Avegant GlyphPicture quality: Avegant Glyph > Sony HMZT3 = Royole Moon > Vuzix iWearAudio quality: Royole Moon > Vuzix iWear > Avegant Glyph > Sony HMZT3 (I always used the external headphones with them)Portability: Avegant Glyph > Royole Moon > Vuzix iWear > Sony HMZT3Price: Vuzix iWear > Avegant Glyph > Royole Moon = Sony HMZT3 (both $800 new)?

  2. M. Silva

    The product is out of this world!!!!Although I have used it 2 or 3 times only, it is the best gadget that I have seen in years……Beside the good news, I had a problem with Moon OS (looping), but contacted Support which answered me very, very quick, and they will replace my unit.I do recommend the product and the company, since we all know that there are companies which are only interested in sales………I can garantee that Royole is not one of those companies. They have commitment with post sales, they are honest and look forward toits customers!!!!Best media gadget ever…….No way to the competition….and I had a Avegant Glyph too, which I sold last month……I can’t even compare both…….Royole Moon better, far, far, far away …..

  3. seulater

    I had great hopes for this for how much it costs.First let me say that the screen is excellent!The audio is very good and loud if you need it.The user interface is HORRID!!!!Took me 5 minutes to enter in my Wi-Fi password, no joke. The touch pad is so goofy & twitchy I cannot believe they would even ship something like that. This is not as accurate and responsive as say a laptop touch pad like one would think. I wear glasses, and i realize that they cannot make one device fir everyone, but it was unusable without my glasses. When I was able to yam my glasses in there it was crystal clear, yet the outer mask let all the light in. Also, when I was trying without my glasses, the lenses would fog up. I was thinking of dealing with the light getting in, but just could not deal with the touchpad issues. Sometimes would track with my finger other times would not. The worst thing of it all, was trying to enter in a web address with this touch pad. Just insane to try to do.The nose area is a bit to shallow, pinching the nose somewhat closed.Having said all this, I bought the Oculus Go before this. Now that has the slickest user interface bar none! With it awesome handheld controller, its precise and fast to use. Entering in the Wifi password with that took 3 seconds. It has a far better user experience than the Royole Moon.Yet the downside of the Oculus Go is its crappy optics and no way to adjust for the eyes. It all fixed. Yet you can fit your glasses in there and it still keeps the light out, and does not fog up.In the end, if the Oculus Go had the same screen as the Moon, and eye adjustments it would be king of the VR mountain.

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