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Mini Wireless Finger Ring Mouse

EIGIIS finger ring mouse is a small ring style mouse you wear and makes it easy to use a mouse anywhere. Simply move the mouse attached to your finger across any surface and the ring mouse will track your movement and move the mouse cursor across your screen. Makes any surface into a giant touchpad!

  • ERGONOMICAL DESIGN – Ergonomic design to fit the curve of a hand, prevents elbow and wrist pain.
  • BLUETOOTH WIRELESS MOUSE –  Reliable Bluetooth wireless technology that provides wireless connectivity within a 10 meter range. Special finger ring design, sensitive photoelectric mouse, smart exterior design. Powered by 1 x AAA battery. Automatic sleep mode for standby.
  • OPTICAL HANDHELD MOUSE – You can type while you are using the mouse. Tips: It might be not so convenient for users who get used to type by 2 hands.
  • WIDELY COMPATIBILITY – EIGIIS bluetooth wireless finger mouse is suitable for Android smart phones over 4.0, Android tablet with Bluetooth, Bluetooth TV, desktop with Bluetooth adapter, laptop, etc.


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Image Wireless USB Handheld Finger Trackball Mouse with Laser Pointer
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Wireless Finger Mouse
released on September 12, 2017

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8 Reviews for Wireless Finger Mouse

  1. RJD

    I have had this mouse for a couple weeks and it is an amazing little device!! Unlike the usual optical mouse, this one works on absolutely any surface. I use it for my laptop and it is perfect because it is small, compact and since it rests on my finger, I am able to use it easily on the go without having to have it on a table or worry about losing it. This also allows you to type while having it still on your finger, which is cool. I thought it would take awhile to get used to the different style and placement of the buttons, but I found the design to be intuitive and fun and easy to use. I would definitely recommend this, especially to anyone who is looking for a device to use with their laptop. Also, as a side note, I have a few products from Emmako and they have fantastic customer service, so buy with confidence. If you have any issues they will do their best to take care of you.

  2. Amy Despres

    You can use it on pretty much any surface, which works great when I am simply researching stuff for work and don’t need to type. I always sit indian-style and I do that with my arm and the ‘mouse’ on my knee and have no problems at all with it moving around the screen.I did only give it three stars for ‘easy to use’ b/c there is a serious learning curve and my natural response was to grab my old mouse and use that to quickly accomplish whatever.*The product is actually great and surprisingly good quality. My STRONG recommendation would be to start to use it when you’re not pressed for time, like when you’re at home writing a review on Amazon, lol. I would grab my old mouse becuase I would bring customer’s in my office and wanted to be timely and trying to do that without having the hang of the new one was impossible! BUT after you learn to use it, specifically if you’re in sales/customer service like me, it makes a great conversation point – maybe even something that makes you stand out from your competitors!So don’t be discouraged, it’s actually really cool and solves all kinds of problems once you learn to use it!

  3. Saagar

    This thing looks cool but trust me just get a regular mouse. This is a waste of money in my opinion. I can see how you can get used to using the mouse after a while but its just not worth it. My wrist started hurting about half an hour after I started using this mouse. And the way it sits on your finger isn’t comfortable either.

  4. Joe DePergola

    I received this product in the mail very quickly. I have been really trying to use this product as I want to be able to accurately review the product. It fits on your finger very easily. The strap adjusts nicely and it is actually elastic so it stays on really well. The buttons and scroll are very easy to get to. I would say my hands are average size for a man. Like any optical mouse you need to use the correct surface but it moves very easily. After having it in your finger for a while you do start to forget it is there. It is not heavy at all. Would be great to just drop this in your pocket and once you get to where you need to be just pull it out. If you are just carrying your laptop and maybe a pad of paper this is great. Back pack, I would probably prefer a mouse. But this thing works well and feels like quality. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a finger mouse.

  5. smooshy_mooshy

    I really wanted to love this. The idea is great. I tried using this for a couple days but just couldn’t get the hang of it. I kept accidentally hitting the little buttons whenever moving my thumb since the buttons are so easy to click. Also when I tried to click on something, my middle finger moves the cursor a little so it was difficult to click exactly in the right spot. My finger started feeling cramped after using it for a couple hours.

  6. Kristin K

    This is great for me when I can’t bear to use a mouse because it hurts too much. I usually only use it then. So one day every now and then. But it is a little heavy for my fingers and can get tiring to use for a long period of time. The movement of the mouse is smooth. I can place it on my desk or my lap on my jeans and it’ll still move smoothly. It is not good at all for left-hand use due to the button placement.

  7. Dave

    Q+A said suitable for left-hand use, which is incorrect. Buttons were on the opposite side from my thumb!Pointer would only move if I used a matte surface and held it so close my finger was dragging on the surface! Needed such wide finger movements my atm and wrist ached within a few minutes of use.Awkwardness had everything to do with design and nothing to do with getting used to how it works.

  8. Straight Dave

    How this thing works is you strap it to your middle finger and use it to trace/move around the screen. There is a mouse button and a scroll wheel that you can push with your thumb. This item is well made. It’s good for gaming and drafting. Takes about 30 mins to get the hang of it but once you do, you can be fast! Also excellent fast shipping and packaged well.

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