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Foldable / Roll Up Keyboard from Desk Sushi

Desk Sushi is the first of its kind, it’s a Bluetooth speaker and blue tooth keyboard combined into one really cool portable device. Desk Sushi is a roll-able completely new in design great for iOS, Android and windows system smart phones, tablets, desk top computers.Just charge and go. Now you’re ready to write anywhere and listen up to 8 hours of sound. The only thing you can’t do with Desk Sushi is eat it. Don’t forget about your fortune cookie!

  • BLUETOOTH SPEAKER, MICROPHONE AND KEYBOARD: Can be paired separately or all together for your convenience. That’s right Desk Sushi is versatile and important for any business professional, student or tech savvy aficionado ( that’s right I’m looking at you!)
  • PORTABLE: Ready to go anywhere you are. Just roll Desk Sushi up and its ready to fit into any bag. When rolled up Desk Sushi is approximately 11.5 X 1.4 X 1.4 inches. Perfect for bookbags, messenger bags, diaper bags and mailbags. Really anything that is slightly larger then the dimension we just gave you.
  • ROLL-ABLE KEYBOARD DESIGN is a new feature that makes this keyboard truly unique. We know what you’re thinking “Is roll-able a word?” and “Who invented bananas?” – okay maybe it was just the first one but I’ll answer both. Roll-able: to be capable of rolling; and Bananas were more a discovery then an invention but I’m sure you knew that. Bananas were discovered in 1836 by Jamaican Jean Francois Poujot (now you can impress your friends with Desk Sushi and your amazing knowledge of Bananas!)
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY Desk Sushi speakers can be paired with any BLUETOOTH device! Use the Bluetooth speaker to stream music from any compatible device and then use the keyboard separately to type. You can also use Desk Sushi to take important calls and write notes at the same time with the same device. This way you can order a pizza both online and on the phone from competing restaurants and have them race!
  • 8 HOURS of quality Sound from the speakers. That’s like half the only season of firefly! (too soon?) A lot of great Bluetooth listening can happen in 8 hours. Not sure how much will be productive but it will be a lot!


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8 Reviews for Desk Sushi Keyboard

  1. jay downes

    First thing you notice when you receive your item is the packaging, Desk Sushi’s packaging says it all. It’s well packed in a sturdy box. I loved the design which is definitely unique. Inside the box a keyboard/speaker combo.which is built to last, not cheap at all. It doesn’t take up space definitely easy to use and convenient for on the go. Would highly recommend and would buy again. Don’t be fooled by the imitations there is only one Desk Sushi.

  2. butterfly

     Purchased the desk sushi a few weeks ago for my wife to use with her iPad. It was so easy to link to the iPad, the only thing you have to remember is that “crush out” means to hold down the button until you see lights flash (for those of you who have never heard that phrase.). Seriously, it took me all of a minute to do it, including linking the speakers. This thing is awesome! So much easier to use than the pop up keyboard! It’s responsive, with no noticeable lag, the keys felt good under my fingers (they’re not mechanical, so you won’t get that noisy clack clack clack every time you hit a letter,) and the speakers are detachable. The power buttons are in the spot where the keyboard & speakers meet (remember to shut them both off to save battery life when not using it.) The speakers are quite powerful for their size, too! I was pretty shocked when I cranked up the sound as I had expected a much weaker set. The volume is controlled through the device it’s connected to (so our iPad.) The whole set rolls up and looks like a sushi roll before it’s cut up (my wife thinks it’s super cute.) I love how portable it is! The box is heavy duty, which was a nice surprise as most boxes are thin and flimsy, so I don’t have to worry about it breaking in my wife’s suitcase when she travels. And what does my wife think? She loves it! It’s lightweight, small enough to fit in her bag, has Bluetooth (so no tangle of wires,) and looks really stylish, so it’s her new favorite toy 🙂

  3. Michael J. Pirak, D.C.

    First off, awesome idea, and great packaging (you’ll understand when you see it). The keyboard works great with very responsive keys and modern look. The speakers are the real surprise, boasting a sound to reckoned with in such a small form factor! Really, its good! The only drawbacks are that the stand included with the speaker can’t handle much size or weight at all. I have a 2018 iPad Pro 12.9″ and this poor little guy just crumbles underneath it. So, that function is completely useless to me. Also, I really wish there was some kind of way to stiffen the keyboard once you’ve unrolled it. It only works on a hard flat surface and I would like to be able to use it on my lap, or as I often do, my chest…when I’m using my iPad while lying in bed. That being said, pretty cool machine. Heck, I didn’t even realize it had speaker when I bought, what a pleasant surprise.

  4. Sulé

    Love the size and quality of this unique keyboard /speaker system. It fits neatly in my tote along with my tablet, mouse and other stuff. Everything easily connected. Very impressive system.

  5. Kaden MacKay

    I must say, this item was even more impressive than I had anticipated. The slick design, the ease of use, and the high functionality really made me want to use it more and more. This is a worthwhile purchase.

  6. GW

    Absolute piece of garbage

  7. Joe W

    Has a bit of a wiggle at the keyboard connection point. Need to get use to the functionality.

  8. SB

    I expected LG Electronics’ rollable keyboard, but I was completely deceived.It was just one of a copycat made by imitating it in China,and I knew finally I wasted my money.It looked so similar in the picture so it was confusing enough,but I think it was my mistake not looking at the detailed information.

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