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  1. Frank

    The Soundbrenner Core is a really cool product. If it was ‘just’ the metronome and a watch I would still give this product a five star review because it works exactly as advertised. And it has greatly improved my ability as a guitar player to follow the beat and ensures that the tunes in which I start the song were in the right tempo from the get go. And we can even sync up our Soundbrenner units.But the two other tools are really cool two. Especially the magnetic headstock tuner. I bought a couple of extra magnets so that on my three main guitars I can just quickly snap the watch face off my wrist (it’s magnetic) and snap it on the headstock. Works like a charm!

  2. Brotherbart

    Cost $327.00 When it arrived, I unboxed and proceeded to begin setting up per directions only the device was “frozen”. I plugged it in to give full charge. Device was “green” but no matter what I did it only read “Setup” on LCD and was frozen in that position. I followed directions for soft restart & hard restart but always ended up at the frozen setup screen. I submitted 3 inquiries to support on the soundbrenner site along with a picture and never received any correspondence back from them. Very disappointing. I was looking forward to this product but I am completely turned off by their lack of tech support. I sent the product back. I am curious if this review will make it to the site.Edit/Update- I exchanged for another and had the same problem with it. After further research I have found that there are others out there experiencing the same thing. I have yet to hear from Soundbrenner. If I received 2 in a row that are faulty then I’m calling it quits and giving up. P

  3. Rebecca

    I recently started learning how to play guitar (shout out to the Fender Play app). I heard of the Soundbrenner Core from my husband who is a musician and tech fan. I got this to help ensure that I learn rhythm basics from the early days of my guitar journey. So far, the Core is really fun, very very helpful and encouraging and super easy to set up.I would recommend the Core for any beginner that wants the best device to learn rhythm. And their customer support rocks when you have questions or need any help too!

  4. Brotherbart

    I bought this product for my niece who has grown up playing piano and is now getting into playing the drums. She has a natural talent for music, but she wants to take it a step further and I thought the Soundbrenner Core would be a perfect way for her to do that. I never knew something like this existed, but it seems like something I wish I could have bought her many years ago.

  5. sandra c. mclaughlin

    I always order a second power cable when the device has proprietary design. Went to Soundbrenner site and placed order for the exact cable only to get an email from them saying they were not sure what cable I needed. I took a picture of the cable and sent it in the reply… only to receive repeated emails talking about a ‘service request’. The best device in the world means nothing if it has no power. Being unable to get a replacement cable in effect makes this purchase worthless. I can’t recommend buying based on the lack of customer service and support.

  6. KMG

    I’ve been back and forth about getting a smart watch for a couple years since I feel like I get enough notifications on my phone and didn’t also want my wrist buzzing all day too. I also didn’t want to get a samsung or an apple and feel stuck in one of the ecosystems. I started seeing the Core advertised and the reason I liked it so much was it was geared towards musicians but is still a smart watch. Even after all the years I’ve been a musician, I find it difficult to have to listen to a click and also what I’m trying to play. Inevitably, I end up paying more attention to one or the other. I don’t have a problem feeling the vibrations while playing and feel like it’s much more natural to play to than a traditional metronome. I’ve seen some say they can’t feel the vibrations, but I haven’t had a problem with that. I didn’t find it difficult to transition to feeling the rhythm and it feels really natural. The tuner has worked well for me too. I haven’t used the other features yet, but I plan to and am glad to have the options. The Core Steel is a little more expensive, but it looks really nice and it was worth it to me. I’ve only had this for a few weeks but use it every time I play and have already noticed an improvement in how I play along to a metronome.

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Soundbrenner Core Steel

Empowers musicians to improve performance with multiple functions.

Wearable device for musicians. 3-in-1 tool: tuner, metronome, decibel meter. Stainless steel casing.

- Vibrating metronome
- Multi-instrument tuner
- Fitness tracker


- Expensive
- Limited battery life
- Small display


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Introducing the Soundbrenner Core Steel, a 4-in-1 music tool that combines a vibrating metronome, chromatic contact tuner, decibel meter, and smartwatch in one compact package. This device is perfect for musicians of all levels who want to improve their pitch, timing, and rhythm.

The Core Steel offers 7x stronger vibrations than a typical phone, so you can feel the beat instead of relying on an audible click. You can customize time signature and subdivisions, and create accents directly on the device. Additionally, the Chromatic Contact Tuner lets you achieve perfect pitch for most instruments.

The Soundbrenner Core Steel also features a smartwatch, displaying time, date, and notifications, and allows you to accept or reject calls with one button. The Premium Version offers a stylish stainless steel finish, Italian leather strap, and carrying pouch.



  • Unique wearable device for musicians
  • 3-in-1 functionality: tuner, metronome, and decibel meter
  • Durable stainless steel casing
  • Water-resistant
  • High-resolution display with intuitive touch controls
  • 7-day battery life
  • Integrates physical motion into metronome function
  • Empowers musicians to improve performance and practice efficiently
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    Part NumberSBCS-01
    Size21.3 x 13.7 x 8.4 cm
    Model #: SBCS01
    Discontinued: No
    Soundbrenner Core Steel
    released on January 16, 2020

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    Soundbrenner Core Steel | 4-in-1 music tool for musicians | Vibrating metronome, Chromatic...
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    Soundbrenner Core Steel | 4-in-1 music tool for musicians | Vibrating metronome, Chromatic...
    Soundbrenner Core Steel | 4-in-1 music...
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    The Soundbrenner Core Steel is a unique wearable device designed to provide musicians with a wide range of functions to enhance their practice and performance experience. As the first wearable to integrate a fully functional tuner, metronome, and decibel meter, the device combines practicality and efficient functionality for musicians of all skill levels. The Soundbrenner Core Steel features a sleek, modern design coupled with a durable stainless steel casing that is water-resistant and can withstand everyday use. The vibrant high-resolution display offers an easy-to-navigate user interface, with intuitive touch controls and a simple three-button configuration. Built with a powerful 7-day battery life, the device also has an intuitive multi-sensor system that enables musicians to integrate their own physical motion into the metronome function. Ultimately, Soundbrenner Core Steel is an impeccable device that empowers musicians to improve their performance and streamline their daily practice sessions, enabling them to harness their true musical potential.

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