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  1. Claire

    Like a lot of people considering this player, I’ve been searching for something to replace a first gen 1GB Sansa Clip with a rapidly failing OLED display. One of my requirements is USB-C for charging/data, mostly because micro-USB is not well-engineered for longevity and reliability. I also wanted Bluetooth support, so I can use a pair of wireless sleep headphones at night.This player is mostly pretty great. Audio quality isn’t super awesome, but it’s also a $30 player, and headphones can make a pretty big difference. If you’re big into listening to EDM at top volume, this player will not satisfy your need for deep, thumpy bass, but for most users, it’s good enough.I haven’t had it long enough to judge the durability of the clip or the hardware in general. I like that the buttons are individual buttons with good, solid click on press. It’s a little noisy if you’re in a very quiet room (like a symphony, church, or classroom), but I like how solid the buttons feel.I have yet to figure out the right format for videos. It’s more a gimmick than anything – the display is too small to be useful for watching much of anything.My biggest complaints are firmware-related, and from what I can find on Amazon, pretty much every digital audio player sold at this point that ISN’T from a major OEM (Sony, Apple, etc.) runs this – or very similar – firmware.1. As others have noted, Bluetooth does not stay on. You have to re-enable it every time you turn the player on, which is super lame. This forces you to back out of whatever you’re already playing to the main menu, then into the Bluetooth menu, then back to what you were doing…it’s dumb.2. The volume buttons have to be double-clicked to make the button continue changing the volume while holding down either direction.3. Once the screen is off, at least two clicks are required to pause music or change the volume.. This is annoying and doesn’t make sense.4. Soft-touch rubber coatings don’t last. IBM seems to be the only manufacturer of soft-touch plastics with longevity, so I fully expect the coating on this to get sticky and rub off after a few years.Overall, I like it enough to keep it and continue using it, but I sure wish someone would make a quality non-touch, Bluetooth-capable music player without all the extra junk that comes with every Android-based device on the market (and iPods, for that matter).

  2. Stephen

    As an MP3 player, this is great; however, in order to access the SD card to upload files, you have to remove the card, and get an adapter and attach it to a PC via USB, then upload new files via File Explorer. It reputedly plays videos, but they get around to mentioning what the correct format and codec particulars that will be recognized. All I ever get is “format failure!”, and I’ve been trying for a couple of days to find out what format any video needs to be, so far, all I get is nada. This looks like somebody made a valiant effort, but quit about half way thru. But, as a music source with my Bluetooth headphones while I work out at the gym, this unit is great.

  3. Roscoe Sandstone

    The media could not be loaded.  This is a small device that you can load the internal memory and also insert an SD card.Blutooth device which can be transmitted your music directly to your headphone.When insert a SD card select “file” and reproduce from it.Long battery.I recommend it to people that want to hear music without using a smartphone.Also this device has FM 87.5 to 108.

  4. Natalya D.

    I love this little mp3 player. It is very small and light and the clip is very useful It is perfect for my needs and works very well with wireless earbuds during my workouts.

  5. Baila

    First of all I loved the price, the battery life and the memory. The thing that bothers me is that when I put the music on shuffle, instead of randomly going through the whole music list, it repeats a lot of songs constantly. Also, I wish the volume was higher. But for the money I can’t really complain too much

  6. Jazzbird

    The UI takes some getting used to. The folder navigation is chronological by date/time added vs. alphabetical, which is a bit annoying, but it’s fine if you don’t have a lot of media to manage. There’s also a music interface, but it also has its limitations. The sound quality isn’t amazing, but if you’re playing through a Bluetooth device with an equalizer (e.g. your car) you can get around it a little better than headphones. I was ready to send it back because it didn’t quite meet my needs, but my kid’s old mp3 player broke around the same time, so I let him keep it. He listens to a lot of audiobooks and podcasts, so the audio quality isn’t as important, but he also enjoys listening to music on it. It’s easy to transfer files via USB or directly to the SD card. It’s good for the price.

  7. Molly T

    This MP3 player has good sound quality. It is easy to use. It has a good battery life. The clip on the back is useful. It is a cool item.

  8. Ricardo Godinez

    This works perfectly for my son. Intuitive and easy to use (he’s 7). Recommend this!

  9. Austin D.

    I bought this for my two young kids to use on a road trip. User interface is basic and simple to use. Sound quality is good as well, but they’re likely going to get lost relatively quickly. That is your standard tube of chapstick in comparison to its size. Good thing they’re cheap!

  10. Rodrigo S.

    I got this for my kids to be able to listen to stories works great and even they know how to use it. It’s great!

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Clipable MP3 Player

Portable Clip MP3 player with Bluetooth 5.0, 32GB memory and multifunctional features. Enjoy high-quality audio on-the-go.

Bluetooth MP3 player w/ 32GB memory, clip design, and high-res sound.

- Wireless connectivity
- Compact size
- Affordable price


- Limited storage capacity
- No screen display



in stock


Looking for a portable MP3 player with Bluetooth capability, plenty of storage, and a range of features? Look no further than the Clip MP3 Player with Bluetooth 5.0 from our featured brand. This device is perfect for on-the-go use, with low power consumption, stable compatibility, and the ability to pair with Bluetooth headsets or speakers. It’s also incredibly versatile, with a built-in 32GB memory that can store over 8000 songs and the ability to act as a flash drive to save files.

The Clip MP3 player is lightweight and easy to use, with traditional keys that make it a great choice for anyone who wants a no-nonsense music player. It boasts a professional digital DAC audio decoding noise reduction chip, ensuring higher audio resolution and support for various audio formats. This means that every song you play will have sweet treble, accurate midrange, and deep bass.

But this MP3 player isn’t just about the music. It also has a 1.7 inch screen and multiple functions such as FM radio, voice recorder, pedometer, alarm clock, e-book, and pictures. This makes it a great gift for kids, seniors, wives, husbands, and friends. Whether you’re looking for a simple music player or a multifunctional device, the Clip MP3 player with Bluetooth 5.0 has you covered.

– Stable and compatible Bluetooth module version 5.0
– Low power consumption
– Can pair with Bluetooth headsets or speakers
– Built-in 32GB memory, expandable up to 128G TF card
– Stores over 8000 songs and saves files
– Lightweight and easy to use with traditional keys
– Professional Digital DAC Audio Decoding Noise Reduction Chip
– Supports most audio formats
– 1.7 inch screen and speed dial UI design
– FM radio, voice recorder, pedometer, alarm clock, e-book, and pictures
– Great gift for kids, seniors, wives, husbands, and friends



  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • 32GB memory, expandable to 128GB
  • Clip design, lightweight
  • Professional DAC chip for high-resolution sound
  • 1.7-inch screen with multiple functions
  • // SPECS

    Product Dimensions2.36 x 1.38 x 0.39 inches
    Item Weight1.76 ounces
    Country of OriginChina
    Item model numberM10
    Batteries1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
    Date First Available2022, December 13
    Origin Country: China
    Model #: M10
    Clipable MP3 Player
    released on December 13, 2022

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    This Bluetooth Clip MP3 player provides an easy way to listen to music wirelessly. With a compact design, it clips onto clothing for hands-free listening. It supports various audio formats and has a built-in rechargeable battery for convenience. The device also features easy-to-use buttons for playback control and a small LCD screen for track information. Perfect for active individuals who enjoy listening to music while on-the-go.

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