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Savior Heated Gloves for Men and Women



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// Company Profile – Savior Heat

Savior Heat is a brand of Eigday Heating Limited and based out of China. They produce a variety of heated clothing such as heated hats, heated socks, heated vests, heated gloves, and heat therapy products. – View Profile

3 reviews for Savior Heated Gloves

  1. Bob Van Valzah

    I cycle around Chicago. I like to go about 50 miles and I’m not particularly fast so I may be out 3-4 hours, often below freezing. Chemical hand warmers gave me uneven results: too hot or too cold in some places. These gloves are the first way I’ve found to be comfortable. And I think there’s an emotional component too. If my hands aren’t warm, it’s hard to enjoy being outside.The three settings seem to change the target temperature rather than directly changing the amount of heat generated. That’s good! If your hands are already warm or it’s not that cold outside, then the heaters don’t have to work as hard. I’ve started using these gloves for everyday things like walking from the commuter train to my office building downtown Chicago. It’s great to arrive at your desk each morning with warm hands.Aside from the heating, the construction quality of the gloves seems to be very good. I’ve been using them heavily for a few months and I see no signs of wear. I’d advise using some care when removing the battery packs for charging. The wiring and connector that stays in the glove does have a strain relief, but it looks to be a stress point that could wear over years of use. It’ll likely outlast the rest of the gloves if I’m careful when changing the battery packs.I found that Roger Cheung at the manufacturer was very helpful by E-Mail when I wanted to order extra battery packs for long rides.

  2. green freak

    These gloves work really well, even to your fingers and thumbs. I bought them for my cycling commute (about 50 minutes each way) central Ohio. So far I have had four days that warranted these gloves 29F, 33F, 27F and one at 22F (some days with 15mph wind) and they worked great! I am a female with frequently cold hands and I used to use mittens with chemical warmers for cold days, especially mornings. The combination kept my hands warm, but were awkward for shifting and braking. These gloves are a game changer with excellent dexterity and grip, more even heat and rechargeable. These are perfect for cycling. For my rides, I set the level on the highest setting and my fingers were toasty. For temps in the 30s, I am pretty sure a lower setting would provide plenty of heat, and I am also thinking that high heat will work into the teens. Off bike, it would probably work well into single digit temps. I will update my review if anything changes, but so far I am really impressed and am getting a pair for my spouse for when we ride our fat bikes in the snow.On sizing (I don’t know why Amazon populated this review with XL, I bought a medium), I wear a medium or large in women’s gloves and no more than a small in men’s gloves. The circumference around my palm is 7″ and the length of my hand “bird finger” to where palm meets wrist is also 7 inches. The medium fits like a glove. (perfectly)

  3. entropophile

    I’ve used these gloves now for 6 weeks nearly every day biking to and from work (15 minutes each way), and walking for an hour or so each night in temperatures from -26°C to 0°C (-15°F to 32°F). My hands are about a men’s surgical glove size 8.5 and the XXL glove fits just right. The fabric and materials are good. The quality of the heating is good, I didn’t time how long the batteries last, but enough for the one hour walk and 30 mins of biking. To remove the batteries, you unzip the waterproof zipper on the back cuff side of each glove, and disconnect the battery from its plug in the pocket, and move it to the charger. The charger light turns green after the batteries are charged. One issue I ran into with these gloves is that on three occasions, I put the gloves in my coat pocket to store them after they had been turned off, but the pressure of compressing them in the coat pockets inadvertently turned on the gloves. I caught this twice before the batteries were completely drained, but the third time both batteries were dead. I think this could be fixed by using a different type of switch, perhaps one that can be locked in the off position. Another mildly annoying thing is that the red led light that turns on on the back of the glove when you turn the gloves on is pretty bright and distracting when you are out in the dark, if you don’t want lights to be on your hands. It might also be good to make it possible to disable this red light, but then you woudn’t know when the gloves are on.

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