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Ripple Safety 24/7 Personal Safety Bracelet Wearable

Never panic with the Ripple Safety, a personal safety bracelet / Charm and unlock 24/7 nationwide personal safety at the press of a button.  When engaged with Pro monitoring just click the Ripple Bluetooth button 3+ times and it will alert your Ripple team that you need your pre-selected emergency response unit, ambulance or police. The Ripple’s Bluetooth button triggers your own human monitoring team of highly skilled security experts ready to get you help when you need it.

  • Ripple Safety professional monitoring is only available in the United States.
  • By purchasing, you’ll receive a ripple Bluetooth button (shown here) and 1 month of Ripple’s 24/7 nationwide professional monitoring (optional charge of only $10/month thereafter).
  • To better respond to medical alerts, your professional monitoring team also receives any pre-set health information and other custom information you provide in the Ripple app.
  • For no monthly charges, Ripple can also send alerts to friends and Family with your location, so paid professional monitoring is 100% Optional.
  • Ripple is water proof (up to 1 meter for 30 minutes) and wearable on clothes or keys. Ripple’s battery life lasts up to 6 months, and for monthly subscribers, we’ll send you a free new Device when the battery is running low.

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Ripple Personal 24-7 Safety Monitor 1 Month Very Good
Ripple Personal 24-7 Safety Monitor 1 Month Very Good


Looking for a way to stay safe in any situation? Introducing the Ripple Safety Personal Safety Bracelet. This innovative device is designed to provide peace of mind by connecting you with emergency services at the touch of a button. With GPS tracking capabilities, the Ripple Safety Bracelet can instantly share your location with authorities, ensuring quick and reliable access to help when you need it most. Whether you're walking home at night, taking public transit, or exploring new neighborhoods, this bracelet is a must-have for anyone concerned about their personal safety. The Ripple Safety Bracelet also allows you to add trusted contacts who can be notified in the event of an emergency, giving you added support and protection. So why wait? Invest in the Ripple Safety Personal Safety Bracelet today and enjoy the benefits of added peace of mind and enhanced personal safety.



The Ripple Safety Personal Safety Bracelet is an innovative device specifically designed to enhance personal safety and security. This bracelet comes with a plethora of features that make it an ideal personal safety tool. The Ripple Safety Personal Safety Bracelet features a panic button to alert your pre-designated loved ones when you are in an emergency situation. Additionally, it utilizes cutting-edge GPS technology to track location when the panic button is activated. This ensures quick response from the people who care about you in case of an emergency. Another amazing feature is the ability to record audio during the emergency, giving you evidence that could be helpful during investigations. The Ripple Safety Personal Safety Bracelet is also water-resistant, lightweight and has a durable battery life that lasts for weeks on standby. With its sleek, stylish design, the bracelet blends in with everyday wear, making it an effortlessly stylish and discreet accessory that doubles as a powerful safety guardian. This bracelet is perfect for individuals who often work late, commute through unfamiliar neighborhoods or those who want the reassurance of having an extra layer of safety.


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Ripple Safety Personal Safety Bracelet
released on February 1, 2018
Is there any security precautions if someone else picks up the phone for you without your consent? Like if you are being robbed.

We are in the process of releasing a ‘security pin’ feature that will allow you to be the only person who can disarm your alerts. Users will have the option, if they choose, to create a 4-digit security pin. If a user utilizes this feature, they will be required to enter the 4-digit pin to clear any alerts that have been triggered. Users will also have the ability to enter a fake 4-digit pin in the event somebody threatening is with them demanding for the alert to be canceled. Users may enter this fake 4-digit pin, the Ripple Safety monitoring team will recognize this as your fake pin, respond that they have canceled the alert to make it appear as though the pin has been properly disarmed, and still dispatch your desired emergency response to you. As with all of our features, everything is optional and the choice is always yours!

Is ripples alert secure and security software updated regularly? In case, if we don’t use it anymore, what will happen to our datas stored?

If you cancel your account and delete the app, your information will be deleted, too

My mom tried to use this during a fall this weekend and it didnt work? Trying to call number now and no answer; can someone provide another phone #

I am sorry but no. The same happened to me when i needed an ambulance. Keep trying to call but find another company if you want to protect your loved one.

The Amazon product description says the monthly monitoring charge is $14.95 but the answers here all say $10. Which is it?

Buy from Ripple 10

Can the GPS find you anywhere?

The Ripple Safety button uses Bluetooth low energy (BLE) to connect to your smartphone and the GPS data is based off of the location of your smartphone. It is able to locate your location anywhere in the United States so long as you have adequate cellular service or are connected to a wifi network.


Ripple Safety | The Revolutionary Safety Button

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Ripple is a lightweight and small personal safety device you can clip or wear wherever you like. It connects you 24/7 to the Ripple Monitoring Team for uncomfortable or …

Ripple Wearable Personal Safety Device | Ripple Safety

About Ripple Ripple Network Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2015 by Rees Gillespie, who was inspired to create Ripple Safety after his mother, a real estate agent …



8 Reviews for Ripple Safety Personal Safety Bracelet

  1. Aileen

    I was considering another device like this without professional motoring, but I opted for the monthly service in case I’m not at my phone when my mom presses her button. $10/month is low compare to other products at $30/month, and it works well with her Android (went through a few tests with her and her safety “team” called immediately each time). She likes that it’s super small and not very apparent, and even thinks it’s a little cute. I set it up in her app so an ambulance will come if she presses it three times (vs the police, which is the other option). Definitely happy with this buy, especially at the price.

  2. Jon

    I was pretty skeptical going into this but for just 19 bucks I figured I’d give it a shot because it’s cheaper than all the others and ordered it anyways to see if it was as good as they make it sound. It really is. After I set it up with my iPhone I just clicked the button and they actually called my phone in about 10 seconds. I wondered if they were always that quick so I clicked it a few more times and told them I was just testing but every call was within 15 seconds. Highly recommend.

  3. Brooke

    I’m in PA school and leave the classroom and hospital at all hours of the night/morning. My walk across the parking lot, although you’d think is a safe place, really doesn’t give me that safe feeling. I use this to walk to my car EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. I click the button as I’m walking out the door, they call and stay on the phone with me until I get to my car. Just knowing that I am in contact with someone at all times makes me feel at ease. The team is really nice and I think we’re evening starting to become friends they call so often and know who I am lol.

  4. Nick B

    This company and their product are fantastic!!!The people answering the phones in their call center go up and above the Call of Duty in order to ensure safety. Additionally, you cannot beat their tech support. I have used other security companies in the past and believe me they are no match for Ripple Safety. Cudos2u Ripple Safety for keeping senior women out of Harm’s Way for the low price of $10 per month.

  5. Ashley

    I just graduated college and work in sales and I often have to meet first time clients alone at locations I’ve never been to before.  I’ve been creeped out soooo many times that I wished I had a panic button but I always thought they would look like that big necklace button my grandma wears, so I figured I was out of luck. That was until my boyfriend found Ripple for me and I am IN LOVE WITH IT. It’s so small I keep it as a charm on my bracelet like the pictures they have and nobody has ever noticed me wearing it. I never go on a meeting without this and I really do feel safe when I wear it. I even bought one for my mom her since she’s usually alone with my little brother.  If you’re a younger woman and want to feel safe, stop what you are doing right now and buy this! AMAZING!!!

  6. dscale

    This product simply does not work correctly. We were so hopeful that it would be a great safety device. We on numerous occasions pushed the safety button and it did not work. We tried calling support and even had a second one sent out. It too, failed. It is a fabulous idea, but needs much improvement to work as a safety device.

  7. DotIowa

    Don’t bother: the button/charm comes unclasped too easily. Mine repeatedly detached. I lost mine after wearing it for about three days. I was simply walking. If you can’t rely on it to stay attached you can’t rely on it for safety.

  8. Masha A

    I hate to score this so poorly but it’s not practical for everyone. I am a home health nurse and go into some very rough neighborhoods on a daily basis. I bought this button for a sense of security while walking to my car from visits, however, it’s a pain to actually use. The button isn’t automatically connected so you have to go into the app and re-pair it before each use, and in an emergent situation that wouldn’t work. It also automatically disconnects after a short amount of time. It wasn’t worth it for my needs.

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