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Remote Control Athletic Heated Socks

Stay warm with flexible, comfortable and discreet heated socks.

Heated socks for athletes: warm, comfortable, discreet. Easy to use and versatile.

- Warmth on demand
- Easy to use
- Comfortable fit


- Limited battery life
- Expensive
- Bulky design Logo
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Pristall Remote Control Athletic Heated Socks

Designed with quality and comfort in mind these rechargeable battery powered socks target your toes to keep you warm. You’re in Control using the wireless remote- turn socks on and off or control the temperature easily with the included remote. The remote works well in cold areas and functions through many layers of clothing!

  • No More Cold Feet: Your feet will instantly feel warmer with reliable and consistent heat output. The heat socks strategically placed heating panels keep feet and toes warm in cold conditions.
  • Quality & Comfort: These warm socks have quality stitching and reinforced high-density fibers collide to create a flexible and breathable sock that fits comfortably in nearly every boot and shoe.
  • Discreet Design: The remote control heated socks have a low-profile battery pouch which connects a battery port to the recessed heating element underneath – instantly you’ll notice the warmth, not the cords.
  • Easy to Use: Our easy-sync feature allows you to reliably control the temperature, while the battery pack can simply be charged or changed! The battery powered socks include a detailed user manual.
  • The Perfect Gift for You and Others: Give the gift of comfort! These remote control socks are perfect to use for most winter sports including camping, fishing, hunting, skiing, and even just keeping feet warm at home.


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Pristall Remote Control Heated Socks | Rechargeable Battery Heating Socks for...
Pristall Remote Control Heated Socks | Rechargeable Battery Heating...


Stay cozy and comfortable during all your outdoor activities with Pristall Remote Control Athletic Heated Socks. No more numb toes while you hike, ski or fish in harsh wintery conditions. Our heated socks are designed with a wireless remote control that lets you adjust the heat level according to your preference, up to 55°C/131°F, so you can always stay warm without discomfort. The socks are also made from breathable and moisture-wicking materials that keep your feet dry and odor-free all day long, while the reinforced heel and toes provide extra durability for long wear. Designed for men and women, these heated socks are perfect for anyone who loves outdoor activities during the winter months, as well as those with poor circulation or Raynaud's Syndrome. Don't let the cold weather limit your adventures, invest in Pristall Remote Control Athletic Heated Socks today!

  • No More Cold Feet: Reliable and consistent heat output
  • Quality & Comfort: Flexible and breathable with quality stitching
  • Discreet Design: Low-profile battery pouch and recessed heating element
  • Easy to Use: Simple temperature control and easy charging
  • The Perfect Gift for You and Others: Ideal for winter sports and everyday wear


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    Remote Control Athletic Heated Socks
    released on February 25, 2018



    The Pristall Remote Control Athletic Heated Socks are the perfect solution for anyone who needs to keep their feet warm and comfortable during the winter months. These socks are designed with a high tech heating system that provides instant warmth to your feet by generating heat throughout the entire sock. This means that you can enjoy warm feet even when you are outside in the freezing cold temperatures. The heating system is controlled by a compact remote control that allows you to adjust the heat settings to your desired temperature level. The Pristall Remote Control Athletic Heated Socks are made from soft, breathable materials that are designed to keep your feet comfortable all day long. They are also antibacterial, which means that they prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, keeping your feet safe and healthy. These socks are easy to use and can be recharged quickly with the included USB cable. Whether you are going for a winter run, engaging in outdoor sports or simply going about your daily routine, the Pristall Remote Control Athletic Heated Socks are the perfect solution for keeping your feet warm and comfortable in even the most frigid weather conditions.


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    10 Reviews for Remote Control Athletic Heated Socks

    1. Scott

      We are skiers and active people in the Northeast, these socks are gamechangers. My wife has circulation problems and I ski in weather from -15 to 32 degrees. I have to say I wish I had these years ago. Totally change my skiing experience in any weather. The remote is awesome, they are easy to use and charge.

    2. Shannon

      I have been looking for ski socks, and these are awesome because they aren’t bulky, they have a remote, and the battery packs are light weight and can be charged at the same time. (And you could even charge a phone off of them if you have a cord for it!) However, I had to return because being a woman, the socks were too big. On them, they say 41-46 (which I assume is euro sizes) and I’m a 38. Bummer because they’re nice quality and a decent price, instead of $280 at the ski shop!

    3. John

      They work, that’s all I can say. The images imply that there is heat in the shin, heal and toe area. The heat is only in the toe area. The description doesn’t clarify that. Just seems like the seller is purposely being misleading. This is a lot of money just for toe warmers!

    4. Frankthewolf

      While the seem like a good product. I had defective issues right out of the box. One of the batteries would not acknowledge it was connected to the sock, thus not heating one sock at all. After carefully reading the instructions I could not get the batteries to completely turn off. And after feeling the wiring out on the sock, i felt like a hard days work would easily put ruin to these. So I packed them up and returned them immediately. Conceptually i loved the idea of remote activated heated socks so i can get warmth in my feet on demand without having to wrestle multiple layers of pants and coveralls while on the job. I feel this is a product for a more casual user. Perhaps an office employee who takes their out door cigarette break or some sort of unexpected run in with outdoor exposure. But I dont think they are best for heavy use.

    5. Thomas Hinley

      Updated 11/2019: Used 5th time for hunting in the fall (socks are 9 months old and used 5 times). One sock worked, one didn’t. Switched batteries to see if that was the cause….it wasn’t. Sock is defective. For $100, a 30 day warranty tells you the quality of these socks. Do not buy.Prior recommendation:I’m a Ski Patroller in Northeast and was willing to give these a try given the number of days/nights 25 degrees or colder. I’ve worn them now for 4 shifts and I like them…they take the edge off of the cold. I find level I and II the most useful, level III is warmest, but your feet sweat. The socks are thin and no Ill feelings in ski boots. The batteries are well above the boot edge and you never notice them. My only complaint would be the difficulty in knowing that the socks are powered on…the only validation is to look at the battery but that’s buried in layers of clothes. The other oddity not in the manual is the red blinking light when the batteries are off…apparently that’s normal. Battery length is a solid 4-8 hours in my limited experience.

    6. Monica H

      First, I wanted to use these socks more than one time to give an honest and hopefully helpful review for new buyers. So when they came I tried wearing them without reading the instructions. I could manually turn them on but with skinny jeans, I didn’t wanna roll them up to see if they were on or not. So upon coming home I read instructions and paired the remote. Best thing I ever did. These socks work great. I can’t think of a time in the last month when I’ve run out of battery life, and today was -30°. The batteries are slim and the pocket that holds batteries is big enough and keeps the cells in firm place during wear. I’m thrilled that the heat on these socks are underneath the toes… that what’s stays the coldest. My only complaint… it minor……is that the socks are very very long. I can’t roll them down or battery pockets are upside down. So I had to improvise and fold them down in the middle of my calf.

    7. Ellen Lucas

      I think the socks are very cozy and fit right even though when I ordered I was not quite sure that I ordered any particular side. The most important thing to me was to have warm feet while skiing and I’ve just used the socks for the last three days skiing at Park City, Utah. There are a couple of concerns that a buyer may appreciate. One; you can feel the heating wires under your feet, and the first time I wore them, I had to stop, take off my boot and adjust the sock on one side because it had twisted and the wire was poking the outside of my foot. Once adjusted, they felt fine and while the wires can be felt, they are not uncomfortable. Secondly, you really have to study the instructions to figure out how to use the batteries and remote, which takes a little time, so you can’t just put them on and run out the door. So, they work great and I would recommend unless you don’t like studying directions or have very sensitive feet. They also don’t stink after 3 days of skiing (though I will wash them now, being careful not to wash the heating element, which I’ll have to study about before hand washing).

    8. Jenny

      I love these socks! The material is good quality. They are thick and soft, and come up to the knees. I got a size large, but they didn’t feel oversized. Instructions are really easy to set up the remote. It lets you change the heat setting or turn the heat off with the remote. I used the socks when there was a chill in the house. Three different heat settings allow you to adjust for indoor/outdoor. The battery packs don’t feel heavy at all when in the sock pocket. I plan on using these when I go skiing next month!

    9. Michael H

      These socks are thick, comfortable and very warm. The wires are very noticeable when holding the socks, but didn’t bother me a bit when wearing them in my boots. There are two batteries and settings on a remote to adjust the level of warmth. The batteries are easy to install and work for a long time.I love the cushion. They make my feel a lot more comfortable on days I am on my feet for long hours.These are great for people who spend a lot of time outdoors in the winter.

    10. Shawn Kilian

      I’m a long distance runner and I purchased these because I have poor circulation in my toes and I wanted to be able to run outside in the cold. The lowest I’ve tested this is in 27 degree weather and it held up nicely and kept my toes warm during a long run. They will last about 5 hours on a full charge if you keep the setting on low. Keep it on medium and you’ll get about 3 hours. I haven’t tested it for a long duration on high because I haven’t needed it yet. They keep your feet and toes toasty warm.The battery is inserted into a slot on the back/side of your calf and they don’t fall down, even when I’m running, which surprised me. The only downside is that you can feel the wires a little bit, which takes a few days to get used to, but it’s not so bad. I love these socks and hope they last at least 1 year, since I’m using them everyday.Let’s not forget they come with a little remote, which is pretty cool since you don’t have to take your pants off to adjust the temperature setting or shut them off.**UPDATE**1 of the batteries doesn’t stay on (randomly shuts off between 30 seconds to 1 hour after turned on). Had to order another set of batteries for $30. The seller then refunded me an additional $30. Unfortunately it wasn’t the batteries, it was one of the socks that is defective. So now I have 4 batteries (1 of which is dead) and 2 socks (1 of which is dead) and the seller will not respond to any of my emails. They have no website and no phone number, so you cannot call. I’m hoping they read this and respond to me at [email protected]. Thank you.

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