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HMSPACES Heated Shoes

Electronic warmth, traction, and protection from the elements make this boot the ultimate in comfort in the worst winter conditions. The heated boots feature carbon fiber heating elements designed to keep your toes warm. Medium weight boots is designed for maximum balance between warmth and comfort. With a waterproof, breathable outer layer and Fur lining designed to pull moisture away from feet.

  • Electric heated work boots for your cold feet in winter or cold weather. 1 Year Warranty and 2 Year Maintenance service.
  • Rechargeable circuit and batteries built-in sole, solid design, light weight and easy to charge.
  • Safety – Through the car rolling and prolonged soaking in water test to ensure that the shoes will not be deformed or the battery leaks. Shoes can be washed.
  • Remote temperature control – Remotely dial in the temperature with a remote control, Switch temperature from 113°F to 140°F or turn off in the pocket.
  • Self-drying and Flexible and Comfort. Electrical heating dries boots inside while external power adapter is plugged.

Additional Info:

  • Imported
  • Leather and Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 7 from arch
  • Platform measures approximately 1.00″

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FeaturesSlip Resistant, Waterproof, Electric Heating
StyleHiking, Trail
FasteningLace Up
WidthMedium (D, M)
Euro SizeEUR 41
US Shoe Size (Men's)8
UPCDoes Not Apply
Men’s Electric Rechargeable Heated Shoes
released on January 26, 2018


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8 Reviews for Men’s Electric Rechargeable Heated Shoes

  1. Mark

    Great looking boots that warm your feet what’s not to like..After sales is awesome remote had a faulty button switch, which they replaced immediately

  2. Melissa

    Very comfortable… But my heels started to hurt after a hour wearing… Not meant for walking… needs more cushion on the heel … Rather than just a bump of gel…

  3. Abelardo Letrero

    Broken remote control switch, just replace the switch. The heater is working great. I have to use a small screw driver to turned it on. Good support, They sent the replacement control.

  4. Jean S.

    I got these for my husband who gets cold feet while doing chores. So far he likes them – and they have been working fine for him- though he did mention he wished they had an even hotter setting. The part that was a little “iffy” was the remote- which is the only way to turn the heat on in the boots. When the remote didn’t work right out of the box, we did replace the battery – but the remote then also fell apart when we opened it. It is very flimsily made for such a crucial part of operation. He was able to put it all back together – and it has worked fine- but it was a little touch and go. I hope they improve the remote and possibly even add a manual on/off button on the actual boot.

  5. axel anaya

    My feet always freeze in cold weather, and working in a shop that’s open air, winters have always been horrible, keep in mind I have a circulation problem so the winters here are 50 high 30 low F . I have 20 dollar pairs of socks, I had cold weather winter work boots. While looking for a new pair of boots I found this. I bought them right away. First thing I notice, they are comfortable enough for me to wear on my 8 hour work days. Second, they are warm without being on. I actually didn’t turn them on until two weeks after I bought them. The battery last as advertised, I haven’t had them died at work but then again I stick to the low setting.The best part was when mine broke during the holidays. I was shocked at how fast they responded to my email, and how fast the issue was resolved. Complained Thursday and by Monday the 24th of December I had received a replacement.TLTR: They work, if you think you need this in your life, Don’t hesitate and buy them already.

  6. Jerremie Smith

    I read all the reviews saying the remote didn’t work and figured maybe they were just shipped with bad batteries. Nope. Mine arrived, remote doesn’t work, took apart and replaced battery. Still doesn’t work. The electronics are garbage and there is a piece literally held in place on the remote circuit board by a small piece of scotch tape. Now I’ve got an outdoor 4 day weekend in the snow and no way to turn on these damn boots. Why is there no power button on the actual boots? And failing that, why can’t they include a well built, functional remote? These boots are way too expensive to have a remote this cheap and useless. Even if they replace it with a functioning remote… it’s not going to last, it’s just soooo poorly made. Don’t bother with these. Save yourself the hassle.UPDATE:Was sent replacement remotes which did indeed work. Wore boots only about a dozen times in the Spring, but now after 8 months of owning them one boot now fails to take a charge or heat. It’s a shame, they’re otherwise comfortable boots, but I can find a lot of comfortable boots for less than $140. I bought these for the heating capabilities which didn’t last a year.

  7. ray

    Awesome customer service the best you’ll ever encounter Can’t wait to try the boots out I will best boots ever buy them for yourself trust me takes a long time for them to charge but it’s worth it always warm

  8. Roger G. Tiernan

    I purchased these heated electric boots in the fall of 2018 and worked AWESOME the whole winter and exceeded my expectations how well they work. I didnt use them again until the winter of 2019 and noticed one of the boots would not charge normally and could not use it. I tried many things to get the battery to charge but still would not work. I removed the battery and thought I could find a replacement one, I contacted the company and they were going to send me a battery, but instead sent me a brand new pair of boots. I know the warranty is only one year but the company stepped up and sent me a new pair. That is completely awesome and would definitely buy these boots again.They kept my feet warm and was very impressed with how well they work!!Definitely purchase these boots not only because the company backs the boots but that they work awesome!!

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