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Radacat Team Messenger
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Radacat Team Messenger

Radacat Team Messenger C1 is an off-grid GPS Tracker and communication device that pairs with your smartphone over Bluetooth. This device uses latest radio technology that allows your phone to send and receive texts, voice messages and GPS location information, similar to a walkie-talkie, but offers much more.

  • Radacat off-line Messager – Radacat Messenger is No Monthly Fee, No SIM Card, No Network Required outdoor GPS tracker and allows users to communicate directly without cell service or Wi-Fi
  • Radacat Messager Functions – Real-time Tracking, Share locations, Off-line Map, Off-Grid Messager, Emergency Readiness, SOS, Anti-lost, Unique Convenient Shake-to-talk.
  • Radacat Messager Applications – Radacat GPS tracker is suitable for Backcountry, Outdoor, Hiking, Hunting, Wading, Boating, Fishing, Exploration, Camping, Skiing, Cycling, International Travel, Elders and Pet Safety. You can go anywhere & connect to anyone with Radacat Messenger.
  • Radacat Messager Features – The Connection Distance is 1-3miles in downtown; 3-6miles in suburb. And the battery life can be up to 36 hours of continuous working time in normal conditions.It may be affected/disturbed by mountain terrain/weather/building/forest/electric equipment.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE – Radacat Messenger pairs with smartphone iOS Apple or Android devices over Bluetooth. Similar to a walkie-talkie, two or more Radacat devices are needed in order to create your own network.

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Radacat Team Messenger C1 Off-Grid SMS & GPS Communication Devices *sealed~!
Radacat Team Messenger C1 Off-Grid SMS & GPS Communication Devices...
Radacat Team Messenger C1 Off-Grid SMS & GPS Communication Devices *sealed~!.



Radacat Team Messenger C1
released on September 11, 2019


Radacat Technology

It is a built-in GPS tracking device that can be used as a messenger and a tracker by connecting to the user’s mobile phone. This device allows users to send and receive text messages, real-time locations, and SOS to other Radacat C2 users even when cellular service is unavailable. Off-grid Messages; Location Tracking; SOS; Coverage range up to 6 miles

Getting Started - C1 - Radacat Technology

What is Radacat Team Messenger C1? Radacat C1 is a radio communication device that pairs with your smart phone over Bluetooth. Radacat C1 allows you to send text messages, voice messages, and real-time location data to other Radacat users when cellular service is unavailable. The radio transmission range depends on the environment.

GPS Tracking and Chat Off-grid - Radacat Messenger C1 1 ...

Install the Radacat app on your smartphones and you can create your own private network for texting and GPS tracking. You can share real-time location with team members using this device. Team Messengers C1 provides free use and download of HD off-line maps which can be serviced in off-grid area.


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5 Reviews for Radacat Team Messenger C1

  1. L Blood

    This GPS tracker, off grid chat is awesome. It is very light and has great instructions. The setup was easy to follow . The app is easy to navigate . You can see location and message within about 3.5 miles. We go hunting and hiking where there is no reception so this will be a great addition to our packs . I look forward to using this more .

  2. Sheri Phillips Lane

    My son bought these for my husband and I for our cruise trip and they are wonderful. At first I was concerned there might be hidden fees and problems but after using it on our trip, I can definitely recommend this gadget. It works just as advertised. It lets you message each other without needing any cell signal or wifi and also helps you find each other. It helped us save so much time when we were trying to find each other on the cruise and resort. My only nitpick for the Radacat has been that you need to take the rubber case off the device every time you want to charge it but honestly for how great it works, it’s not a big deal at all.

  3. Eric Davenport

    After using four C1’s on our trip to Montreal, I just had to write this review. It has been awesome on our trip as it let us stay in touch and keep track of each other all the time. We did notice that the range for the range varies depending on how many buildings are around but for the most part it was far enough that we could all talk to each other when we were all spread around places like the old port, Mount Royal and much further when got out of the city to stay in the Laurentians. Until roaming prices go way down or cell coverage increases, I think a lot of people, especially families, are going to find this product very useful. Would recommend to anyone going out of the country.

  4. Joshua Ashmore

    This item does everything as described. A few of my friends have purchased them as well and we set up out own mesh network. It is very easy to use and setup. Highly recommend this product.

  5. Roberto

    Great product to have when you are out of range of cell towers! I am able to communicate and keep track of my family when we are out on hikes. I am also planning on using this when we travel to other countries. No need to get local SIM cards or pay international roaming fees as long as we stay within range of the devices.

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RADACAT Releases the World's Most Advanced, Off-Grid, Long-Range GPS Tracker and Communication Device - PRNewswire

January 6, 2020 - PRNewswire

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Radacat Team Messenger C1 Off-Grid SMS & GPS Communication Devices *sealed~!
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