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3 reviews for Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights

  1. Dammitt Emmitt

    Me and a few girlfriends run often in the predawn hours of the morning. Because side walks in our area aren’t in the best of shape, we opt to run in the road/streets because there isn’t a whole lot of traffic at this hour, and the surface is more consistent than the sidewalks. These lights are EXCELLENT at making us visible to the little bit of traffic we encounter. In just 1 weeks use, I’ve noticed that drivers are noticing us MUCH sooner and giving us a very respectable space along side the road with them. As for enhanced visibility of the surface ahead of me (pothole’s and general debris) they have been a great help in this matter as well. One of the most difficult thing about seeing where you are going in the dark is that when on coming traffic’s headlights hit you, it’s impossible to see the road surface in front of you. These lights do an amazing job at allowing me to see the pavement directly in front of me even during this situation. They are not noticeable to what I feel when I run. They are steady, and do not flop around. If you run in the dark… these are a must have! Safety is the number one benefit of these lights. I feel safer with them on, and I’m sure drivers appreciate the heads up that something/someone is a head.

  2. Cara Ricci

    Get Some.Seriously, these things keep you safe.Pros:Obvious safety for both yourself and others. These allow you to see where you’re going to avoid uneven terrain, those inevitable pot holes. They also clearly announce you to any car, biker, etc.These are bright! They really do shine enough light to illuminate your way whether that be at dusk / dawn or midnight.Three light settings provided – solid bright shine, solid even brighter shine, and blink.Three position settings provided – snap them to point low, medium, or high – all facing your path forward.Rechargeable – no dealing with batteries. And hey, split charging cable is provided.These are easy to slip on / take off of your shoes (pro tip – harder if your laces are too loose) and they are sturdy. You never notice they’re even there unless you turn them on.The fact that these lights go on your shoes and point forward. You already put your shoes on and so these being attached just make it easier to get up and go. There is no adjusting needed, no straps to mess with that get tangled or cause your forehead to breakout.Cons:Battery life. While the product quotes 4 hours, I charge mine after every run else they die on the next (my normal runs are 45min – 1hr). I do always use mine on the solid brightest setting. Side note, when the batteries are running out, the lights do not start to dim (imo a good thing) but instead the red light on the side will blink… something you cannot easily (if at all) observe while running with them on.Charging ports are on the underside. Makes it a bit awkward to get them plugged in if you want to leave them on your shoes. However, I believe this helps with the water resistant design – which I’d take over a smoother charge plugin. Probably makes it look ‘slicker’ too if you care.A bit pricey in my opinion (though considering pro list and other options out there, worth it. Enough that I also purchased a second pair for the spouse).

  3. Mary Harris

    I originally got a set of these for Christmas a couple years ago and LOVED them, I recommended them to all my friends. However after about a year & 1/2 they no longer held the charge so I decided to get another pair. Well obviously the quality has went down considerably. I wear them when I am walking my dogs early in the morning and would be able to get at least 3 days before having to charge them. The new pair I got would die 1/2 through my walk on the second day – not helpful when you are walking in the dark. However, now after 2 months they won’t even hold a charge through my first walk, after about 45minutes to an hour they die. Too bad they have chosen to cheapen them as they USED to be a great product. Would not recommend them to anyone now, save your money!

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