VOYCE Dog Collar Tracks Everything Your Pooch Does 1

VOYCE Dog Collar Tracks Everything Your Pooch Does


Contrary to popular belief, man’s best friend is not pizza. Nope. It’s those prized pooches that follow everywhere and give us the sort of unconditional love that humans could never give. It’s the mutts that help blind people get around better, detect seizures before they start and even find the loathsome bed bug. That’s right. You guessed it. It’s the dog. Because dog and men are so intertwined, there has been much stirring as of late regarding wearable pet tech. After all, should we not adorn our best friends with cool gadgets as well? The answer, simply, is yes. On that note, here is something that is cool.

Introducing quite a doozy of a dog collar. It’s called VOYCE and is being prepped by a startup called i4C Innovations. Created by a team of bio-medical engineers, veterinarians and dog behaviorists, the collar essentially tracks everything you dog gets up to throughout the day. This includes all pertinent health data and, of course, info as to what that mutt put in its gaping hole of a mouth. This could be the coolest thing for animals since Yogi Bear invented the ole “distract the park-goers to steal the picnic basket” routine.

It’s not out yet though. It hasn’t even been officially unveiled. VOYCE will be demoed for the first time next week at the annual CES convention in beautiful Las Vegas. Word on the street is that a cute golden retriever is gonna be involved. We’ll have more on this as it develops.

Check out a movie of VOYCE in action here. 

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