Swine Flu-resistant suit 1

Swine Flu-resistant suit


H1N1 swine flu fighting suit
Ready to fight H1N1 in style! Haruyama Trading Company has a titanium dioxide based suit that uses magic sun rays to eradicate swine flu. The suit, which looks totally normal, activates the titanium dioxide in sun light to kill the virus. This is also and ingredient found in tooth paste and sunblock. Now we do not suggest you create your own H1N1 fighting suit based on that tidbit. For $580 you too can have this claimed swine flu fighting suit!

Main Type: Clothing
SubType: Safety

// Haruyama Trading Company Company Profile

Haruyama Trading Company is a Japanese retail clothing company. They have recently made their introduction to the intelligent clothing scene with their Swine Flu-Resistant Suit. – View Profile

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