Motorola slaps branding on Kopin Golden-i wearable computer 1

Motorola slaps branding on Kopin Golden-i wearable computer


Motorola slaps branding on Kopin Golden-i wearable computer 2

The fully-wearable computer is the ultimate goal, to many techies. Companies have tried, and failed, to create a comfortable prototype time and time again. Now Motorola is entering the fray. It seems the behemoth has snatched up the previously indie Kopin Golden-i wearable computer

The whole thing is based on a head mounted, magnified SVGA LCD that purportedly allows for the user to still take in their surroundings. It uses Windows CE and is powered by an OMAP3530 processor. The entire experience is voice controlled, which is an added bonus. As expected, the usual bells and whistles are included, meaning wifi, Bluetooth, USB etc.

Of course, it’s only a concept for now. As such, there is no real software for it. Also, it makes you look pretty weird. Not sure if that matters in the final design but it needed to be mentioned.

Features: Bluetooth

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