ISPO 2007 - Where Fashion Meets Technology 1

ISPO 2007 – Where Fashion Meets Technology


ISPO 2007Wearable Electronics takes again center stage for the third consecutive month. In May was the Smart Fabrics, this month the Avantex and coming month the ISPO Sport & Style in Munich / Germany.Between July 8-10, the 1st Wearable Technologies congress “Where fashion meets technology” will be held in parallel with the sports equipment and fashion trade fair ISPO Sport & Style in the International Congress Centre Munich.

The cutting-edge congress builds a bridge between the high-tech and the fashion industry focusing on decision makers and experts from commerce, production, and science, in particular from the fields of sports, fashion, electronics and consumer electronics.

Wearable Electronic demonstrates how the combination of sports, fashion and lifestyle combined with the latest trends from the electronics industry creates authentic added value for customers and generates additional revenue potential.

The Innovations Hall will host the Wearable Electronic Technology exhibitors on 250 square meters, presenting all facets of this special market. iPod euphoria is as much part of this phenomenon as the analysis of the body’s functions and reactions during sports.

This event shows yet again that Wearable Electronic is becoming a trend that has the potential to shape the electronic as well as the fashion industry of the future.

We will keep you updated on the latest news about Wearable Electronic out of the ISPO Sports & Style and the Wearable Technology Congress in Munich.

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