IFAI Expo 2007 and E-Textiles 1

IFAI Expo 2007 and E-Textiles


IFAI Expo 2007 and E-Textiles

Wearable Electronic takes center stage during the upcoming IFAI Expo 2007 from Oct. 3-5, 2007, in Las Vegas, USA.

IFAI stands for Industrial Fabrics Association International and is the most important textile industry event of 2007.

Especially interesting for us is the E-Textiles symposium which is part of IFAI. This symposium will have prominent speakers from the Wearable Electronic field and talk about topics like:

  • Integrating Glow Skin Active Illumination Systems into Apparel
  • Market Opportunities for Smart Fabrics
  • Flexible Batteries for Smart Fabrics
  • A Crash Course in Electronics for Textile Professionals
  • Lessons Learned from the Market

and concludes with a panel discussion on Market Timing for Smart Textiles.

Everyone interested and/or working in the field of Wearable Electronic, E-Textiles, Smart Fabrics should make sure this event is on his/her agenda.

For more info about this event, check out the Website of IFAI.

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