Concept condom wrapper can be torn open with just one hand 1

Concept condom wrapper can be torn open with just one hand


Ok we are going to try to do this while keeping the risque jokes to a minimum. This is a family site, after all! Still, it would be safe to say that the moment before you tear open the condom until the moment you use it could potentially be the most important series of moments in your, um, sex life. Could technology come to the rescue to even this most intimate objects in the lives of consenting adults? Well, thanks for asking, because yes it can.

Introducing a condom wrapper that can be opened with one hand. Designer Ben Pawle has created a new type of wrapper that lets you get the slippery rubber sheath out using just one hand. And all of the experts said it couldn’t be done. The appropriately named One-Handed Condom Wrapper has a perforated seam, which easily parts when you slide your thumb along the face of the packet. The condom then falls happily into your hand, ready for to be used in acts which cannot be named on this site.

Don’t worry. The designer says the idea wasn’t borne out of some humiliating encounter. He is just a designer and its in his nature to try to make every day objects better for us common folk. Mr. Pawle’s prototype will be exhibited during the London Design Festival at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Who wants to swipe a few and then go for a madcap night on the town? London is nice this time of year.

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