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POC Communication Neckroll
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Introducing the POC Communication Neckroll Headphones

The Communication Neckroll by POC is a comfortable, soft padded neck roll with powerful Beats by Dr. Drew headphones and microphone. No more fumbling with gloves to find your cell phone or music players. Switch easily between songs and incoming calls and adjust volume right from the cord of your neck roll, compatible with most smart phones. Compatible with Receptor BUG, Receptor +, Receptor Backcountry and all Receptor Pro models.

  • POC Communication Neckroll with Headphones with Remote & Mike from Beats by Dr. Drew
  • Smartphone compatible cord control
  • Compatible with Receptor BUG, Receptor +, Receptor Backcountry and all Receptor Pro models

At ebay.com you can purchase a $110 POC Skullcandy Communication Neckroll Helmet Size M Ski Snowboard NWT for only $44.99. The cheapest price was found on September 18, 2021 1:09 pm. – View Buying Options



$110 POC Skullcandy Communication Neckroll Helmet Size M Ski Snowboard NWT
POC brandSkullcandyCommunication padded soft neckrollItem is new in boxHas wire and instructionsSize LargeRetail price $109.95Fits POC brand helmets Free Shipping to lower 48 states only and local pickup available Our warehouse is full...
POC Communication Neck Roll Audio For POC Helmets
POC Communication Neck Roll Audio For POC Helmets. Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS First Class.
POC Communication Neckroll - Skullcandy - Size Small Ski Helmet #568529
Receptor Communication The comfortable Receptor neckroll, upgraded with powerful drivers from Skullcandy. Solves communication and audio needs. Fits a size "Small" POC brand helmet. Item is new and has never been used, the packaging is...



Target GroupUnisex
Item Dimensions LxWxH11.81 x 9.84 x 9.84 inches
POC Communication Neckroll Headphones
released on October 23, 2013


POC Communication Neck Roll - All Sport Protection

POC Communication Neck Roll. The POC Communication Neck Roll fits all POC Receptor model helmets; Receptor, Receptor+, Receptor Bug, Receptor Backcountry, and all Receptor Pro models. POC joined with Beats Audio to give you the most powerful sound available for the Communication Neck Roll.

POC Communication Neckroll Helmet Audio Kit - Skis.com

The POC Communication Neckroll is a comfortable and soft padded neck roll designed to give you the ultimate music experience when you're on the mountain. The Beats by Dr. Dre headphones and mic provide crystal clear audio whether you're listening to your music player or smartphone or if you're taking a call.

POC Sports Fornix Backcountry MIPS Helmet - Moosejaw

The POC Communication Neck Roll is only compatible with POC Receptor model helmets, however, there is a Communication Neckroll specifically designed for this helmet (and all of the Fornix model helmets). It is available on the POC website. Hope this helps!


// Company Profile – POC

POC is a Swedish company that aims to do everything in their power to help save peoples lives and reduce the consequences of accidents. POC is best known for their products for athletes. POC has developed a strong reputation for gravity sports protection and is today established in 25 countries…. – View Profile


8 Reviews for POC Communication Neckroll Headphones

  1. novice

    I just got these headphones for my helmet, they appear to be well built with a nice durable wire to connect your device, which is usually a weak spot in these helmet speaker systems. The sound is really nice with rich full bass. Honestly I have never heard headphones with so much bass (thanks dre). However there is one significant flaw with these headphones, they are so thick! My helmet is a POC Receptor + and it fits my head perfectly when the original ear pads are in place. With the beats headphones the helmet is tight on my head and does not fit nearly as well. The pads are so thick that when i put the helmet on my ears fold forward and I have to tuck them back in with my hands. I hope these headphones pack out and get thinner with age because they really do sound amazing but the fit issue is kind of a bummer, especially at over $100.

  2. Woodcock

    I didn’t fit the hemet perfectly even though it was the correct size. otherwise seems nice.

  3. cbennett

    The XL ones did not match my XL POC recepter bug Hall Tanner helmet buttons on the side, I can use one button on each side and that will work but would have liked it to fit better.

  4. J. Thadeus Toad

    Fantastic sounding and easy to install. The only drawback is the loss of the RECCO system in the original neck roll in my Backcountry MIPS. I have seen a few reviews that mention difficulty in lining up the snaps when installing the headphones. If the ear pads are not inserted firmly back into the helmet the snaps do not align properly. Get the ear pads in properly and everything else lines up properly. The audio cable synced immediately with my iPod and offered full functionality. It is a proprietary cable so I recommend buying a couple of extra because you know what always happens with cables, they have a bad habit of evaporating into thin air. They are only $8. Overall, highly recommended.

  5. suzanne greene

    Great sound. I did have to return one because the sound would go in and out.The second works perfectly.The padding is VERY VERY thick and my ears fold over when putting it on.

  6. Joel

    Sound is good but the over the ear design doesn’t quiet align comfortably for me. Also, the 90 degree phone side connection does not allow the plug to be used when the phone is inside a protective case.

  7. DGT

    Worked nicely with my POC Receptor helmet. Sometimes uncomfortable on my ear as you could feel the speakers pressing against my right ear. Sound works nicely and cool to be able to take phone calls on the hill too. I’d buy it again.

  8. Jorge

    They sound amazing but I just can’t understand how they didn’t make them the right way in order to snap both ears correctly. The snaps are it aligned and you can only snap one ear and half the other (with patience). Forget about not having to accommodate them at least on e per day. Annoying in a way but they sound great.

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$110 POC Skullcandy Communication...
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$110 POC Skullcandy Communication Neckroll...
$110 POC Skullcandy Communication...
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POC Communication Neck Roll Audio For POC Helmets
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POC Communication Neckroll - Skullcandy - Size...
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