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The MoonSash is a Safety Reflective Sash to keep you safe at night

Get out and enjoy a walk or run at night. Stay sane, be safe, be seen with the MoonSash reflective over the shoulder sash. Distracted and unaware drivers can’t avoid what they can’t see. Moonsash provides the needed visibility to help motorist avoid an accident – 700+ feet of added stopping time! Premium fluorescent retro-reflective webbing and a cross-body design (like a warning or caution sign) allows you to get noticed.

  • BEST HOLIDAY GIFT EVER! // The Moonsash stuffs perfectly into stockings – a gift that shows you care and will help them (and you) stay safe. Small, lightweight, packable, fashionable and convenient. Folds flat and stowable for quick access in your pocket, bag, backpack, purse, briefcase, glove box, etc. – carry it wherever you go. Essential year-round safety gear for home, school, work and auto.
  • GOES ON IN A FLASH WITH ONE HAND // Even the best reflective gear is worthless if it’s never worn. Simple, easy, stylish + quick on-and-off with no buckles, snaps or adjusting. Patented, REVERSIBLE design fits just about any night walker. Throw it on and you’ll be the most stylish and safe person under the moon… get ready for the compliments!
  • FUNCTIONAL, PRACTICAL and UNIQUE // Provided multi-functional keyring and carabiner allow you to attach keys, pepper spray, etc. for fast and easy hands-free access. DOG WALKERS! Add a waste bag dispenser and flashlight and you’ve got the perfect night-walking kit!
  • PROVIDES DRIVERS TIME TO REACT // Distracted and unaware drivers can’t avoid what they can’t see. Moonsash provides the needed visibility to help motorist avoid an accident – 700+ feet of added stopping time! Premium fluorescent retro-reflective webbing and a cross-body design (like a warning or caution sign) allows you to get noticed.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY – MADE IN USA // The patented, REVERSIBLE Moonsash is the easiest, most DURABLE and convenient night-time clothing accessory. > The ONLY American-made reflective sash. BEWARE OF FLIMSY CHINESE JUNK IMPOSTERS. DO NOT skimp on safety when it comes to protecting you, friends and family. Support American business. Thank you!

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MOONSASH Made small mini medium regular X-Large, Silver yellow green black
MOONSASH Made small mini medium regular X-Large, Silver yellow...
MOONSASH Original - Made in USA Reflective Gear for Walkers Reversible,...
MOONSASH Original - Made in USA Reflective Gear for Walkers...


The MoonSash Safety Reflective Sash is the perfect accessory for outdoor enthusiasts who value their safety. This bright and easy-to-spot sash reflects light, ensuring maximum visibility in low-light and nighttime settings. Whether you're out for a jog or walking your furry friend, the MoonSash will give you the peace of mind you deserve. The lightweight and adjustable design allows for a comfortable fit to accommodate any body type, without weighing you down. Made from durable materials, this sash is built to last and can withstand any weather conditions. Protect yourself and stay visible with the MoonSash Safety Reflective Sash, because your safety isn't an option - it's a necessity.



The MoonSash Safety Reflective Sash is a versatile and effective safety accessory that can help keep you visible and safe in low-light or high-traffic environments. Ideal for runners, walkers, cyclists, and anyone else who needs a reliable and easily adjustable safety sash, the MoonSash is made of high-quality reflective material that shines brightly and consistently in the dark. It features a comfortable and adjustable design that can be worn around your waist or over your shoulder, and the two large reflective panels provide maximum visibility from all angles. Additionally, the MoonSash is lightweight and compact, making it easy to pack and transport, and it's fully adjustable to fit a wide range of body types and sizes. So whether you're out for a jog in the early morning, commuting home from work in the evening, or just need an extra layer of safety on your next outdoor adventure, the MoonSash Safety Reflective Sash has you-and your safety-covered.


MoonSash Safety Reflective Sash
released on July 4, 2019
Any update on XL neon? It's been 6 weeks since you said "hopefully soon"! thanks

Hello Malinda! A big batch arrived at Amazon in early January but sold out within a few weeks. This run I'm making about 3x more than the previous run... still in production, but should ship out... hopefully soon. I'm so sorry to have to keep on saying "hopefully soon" but that's the best I can tell you right now. Thank you for your patience. When they ship out, I'll be sure to contact you to let you know they're on their way.

Do they sell A mini XL?

Hello! Again! I think this is the same customer inquiring about a petite XL size question. So you could go through all the measuring hassle to determine the best size, but I suggest simply getting a few options. Maybe one works best with a winter coat and the other with a t-shirt in the summer. Or keep one and gift the other? One thing to note is the large size is easier to put on > the smaller the loop the more snug it will fit, but more difficult to get your arm and head through. I hope this helps!

I am 5'7" and 140 lbs, but i want to wear this over a heavy winter coat. will the original size work? or do i need xl?

Hello MHollaBack – I think in your case, I'd go with the Original size. Unless your heavy winter coat is a caray-giant puffy jacket or fur-covered Alaskan parka, I think you'll be fine with the Original. I'm 5'10" 160lbs and the Original is all I ever wear. I could use the XL with a big coat, but then the carabiner and attached items hang down too far on my hip. I hope that helps!

When will the neon XL be back in stock?

They're back in stock now!!

I'm 5'1" and about 129 lbs. I want to be able to wear this over a down coat. Should I get the mini or regular size?

If I were you I would get the regular size. I’m 5’6” and almost 200# and the extra large fits over my puffy winter coat with room to spare because it goes over your head to put it on. Just my opinion but I hope it works out for you.


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Pedestrian Reflective Safety Sash It’s the most simple, convenient, storable, lightweight, stylish and comfortable night-time safety wear. Oh, and no batteries. Constructed with a double layer of thick, u0003durable webbing and contoured to stay flat and comfortable

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2021 Newest Plus Safety Reflective Sash Adjustable/Out door Play/Lightweig ht. Sign in to check out Check out as guest . Adding to your cart. The item you've selected was not added to your cart. Add to cart . Add to Watchlist Unwatch. Free shipping and returns. Ships from United States.

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16 Reviews for MoonSash Safety Reflective Sash

  1. JT

    This moonsash band is comfortable, lays flat because of the design, and has a clip to hold keys or whatever you want. I live in Costa Rica for part of the year and it is a requirement to wear a reflective band while riding a motorcycle or scooter. This is the best band I have found. Highly recommend this band for anyone looking for a safety band.

  2. M. Orona

    These “sash” style safety guards are great. Easy to slip on, doesn’t get in the way and the clip is a big plus for carrying keys in my case. I’ve purchased full vests in the past but never really cared for the look or fit. This one is my “go to” for dog walking now.

  3. TLC

    I love this sash. It is big and loose so it is not hot or binding. There is a hook on the end of it that you can latch onto your phone in a case and most importantly it’s extremely vibrant and visible at night. I highly recommend it.

  4. Old Bones

    I bought one for each of my kids who walk about a half mile to school. I worry about winter days or foggy days, but this is even great for sunny days too! It is very bright, and you can see the reflection strip from afar. They wear it over their clothes, and it fits over their jacket or whatever they are wearing comfortably. You can see the strip from the front and the back, since it is a sash type. It’s not so embarrassing to wear for the kids so they do wear it, which makes me feel much better!

  5. LeeAnna Guyett

    At this time of the year hubby and I leave the house at dusk and we don’t get home until well after dark. I was looking for something to make us more visible to passing cars on our country roads. I picked up this sash because I liked it’s ease of use, you just throw it on and go.After a few days of using the sash I can say that it was a great buy. I throw it on as we head out the door and it’s no hassle. It’s clear that the vehicles can see us as we walk and they move to the other side of the road to avoid hitting us. My neighbor pulled up as we were returning from our walk at night and we asked her if she could see us from a distance, and she said she could see the sash very well reflecting her headlights. Very happy with this purchase and I will probably buy another one for my husband to wear as well.

  6. Greg A.

    This is cool because it’s simple. I don’t want to look like a contractor with a vest or shirt. You don’t even know it’s on and I really love the carabeaner to hold my keys, phone or even a water bottle. For some reason, I think the Moonsash looks like it came from Star Trek which is cool.

  7. eview99

    I wanted something easy to throw on that would fit everyone no matter what coats we were wearing to take Fido for his walks. I live in an area wear everyone is in a rush and people roll through stop signs without paying attention. They’re so intent on getting to work early that they forget there are real people on the streets. This moon sash keeps me visible to them and so far people are MUCH more polite about stopping and letting me have the crosswalk. Now I want a reflective leash and collar for the pooch too.Oh yeah, plus, I love the name! Moon Sash!

  8. iEllie

    I’ve been walking in the evenings during COVID. I wear the sash for visibility. It’s comfy and lightweight. Does the job!

  9. Michelle Pisauro

    This product was perfect for my dad who likes to go for a walk or run in the evening. The reflectors are bright which is especially good for our poorly lit neighborhood. A better proce gets the 5th star.

  10. Maggie

    Just placed my order last night and received it the next day! Works well, will fit my daughter for evening walks or even my husband if needed!

  11. Starlet Blanchette

    I purchase product as a gift for somebody who walk their dog at night. Product is a very high-quality. Packaging itself is great. It will definitely help to protect my friend from being run over. Thanks a lot. Amazing product.

  12. Carolyn A.

    We use this to walk our dog at night. There are no streetlights so it is very dark. It slips on easy and you can hang a flashlight on the carrabena hook that comes with it.

  13. s.taylor

    Really needed something for whoever walks our dog in the evening. I wanted something easy to put on, that fit both me and my husband- this sash is perfect. it fits. it does its reflective job. we’re definitely seen. and that feels safer for us all.

  14. msmass

    We use it while walking our dog- it’s been very useful since it gets dark around 4:30 here In the Northeast. The strap is very reflective and provides peace of mind that we can be seen by drivers who aren’t expecting night time walkers in our suburban neighborhood. I also wanted a reflective strap because I tend to wear black coats which makes me even less visible in the dark. We hang a small flash light on the handy carabiner at the end of the strap in case it’s needed. The strap itself is lightweight and adjustable. Because the material is thin, time will tell if it is a product that will hold up for a long time. For now, it’s perfect and the price is right.

  15. FBO

    This was a gift for my husband who walks our dog and runs while it’s still pretty dark outside. He said this was comfortable and easy to secure when running. I like that it’s a reflector and is good alternative for him not wanting to wear a headlight.


    I wear the strap over a plastic hoodie jacket to increase my visibility to cars while jogging at night. Perhaps it’s not quite as reflective as I’d like, but I haven’t tried shining my own car headlights on it at night — but I feel oncoming traffic can see me fine as motorists tend to slow down while I’m wearing it the last few weeks. I like that it has an adjustable strap, it helps keep it from flapping around in the wind. I never put anything on the keychain holder so i can’t comment if it’s flimsy or not.

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MOONSASH Made small mini medium regular X-Large, Silver yellow green black
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MOONSASH Original - Made in USA Reflective Gear for Walkers Reversible,...
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MOONSASH XL – Patented Reflective Night Safety Gear
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