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FITGAME Workout Training Mask with 24 Breathing Resistance Levels

This electronic mask can help you get that extra edge that outsmarts your competition and improves your performance. The Fitgame Mask is easy to add to your workout routine, and specifically engineered and refined to charge your respiratory muscles with multiple and customizable 24 resistance levels, so you can push your limits.

  • BOOST PERFORMANCE – This Mask maximizes the benefits you get from your workout results. Take your training to the NEXT LEVEL and BOOST your performance!
  • NOW 24 RESISTANCE LEVELS – Our mask has now 24 resistance levels. It is just like lifting weights but for your respiratory muscles. Its multiple resistance levels allow you to work on your breathing muscle strength and techniques.
  • HIGHEST-QUALITY USED – Our Mask is made from superior quality material and stitched with perfection. It does not rip off easily and you won’t face any holes or breakages. It is durable and lasts longer than some other masks available in the market.
  • FOR ALL FITNESS LEVLELS – Whether you are beginning to train your respiratory muscles or you are a professional, this high intensity mask is suitable for everyone. The resistance levels are customizable and, you can adjust them according to your level.



NEW! FITGAME FITNESS TRAINING MASK *24 RESISTANCE LEVELS w/free bracelet - Black. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. WARRANTY: We DO NOT offer any kind of warranty on any item we sell!! SHIPPING: We have a 1 -2 day handling period. However we generally ship daily...

Fitgame Fitness Training Mask - Increase Performance - Black - New, Open Box

Fitgame Fitness Training Mask - Increase Your Performance - Black - New, Open Box. The exterior of the box has the back ripped off (as can be seen in the picture), and the box has been taped to seal it from opening at one point. That has no impact to the product...

FITGAME Workout Mask | 24 Breathing Resistance Levels - Fitness Mask | Training

Product DescriptionImagine having an extra edge that outsmarts your competition and improves your performance.A piece of equipment that is easy to add to your workout routine to boost enduranceand strength.Something that world-wide famous athletes are already using...



FITGAME Workout Mask | 24 Breathing Resistance Levels - Fitness Mask | Training

✅ INCREASE PERFORMANCE – This Mask maximizes the benefits you get from your workout results. It increases resistance and multifold the benefits of your exercises. Be it some sports like badminton, football, boxing, and cycling or your usual fitness regime, this...


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8 Reviews for Fitgame Workout Mask

  1. Crystina Lopez

    I wanted to make my workouts more challenging by being able to control my air intake, so I found the FitGame ultimate training mask. I like how it has a nice comfortable silicone material that goes around my nose and mouth so it fits comfortably while I’m working out. On the back of the mask, the part that goes around the back of your head is a nice breathable material that can easily be strapped with the velcro. On the front, it has two levers that allowed me to make adjustments while using it since I am a beginner at using this I didn’t want the breathing resistance to be too strong. They include a quick little paper guide telling you what settings work best for the level of training you are at. They also include a cool little rubber bracelet with their brand name on it in the box so you can represent their brand as well. Overall it’s a great product at an affordable price.

  2. Elazar

    This product definitely works and 100% to my satisfaction. It comes with hard case, and its well made from very comfortable material. Both sides have settings on them for the resistance levels and they work really well! I couldn’t handle it at the highest resistance and i had to lower it! This will definitely help me achieve my breathing resistance goals!! And its so easy to use!! So simple! Don’t waste money on the expensive brands that dont even work right!!! comfortable and has a great price!! Would most definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone who trains in any!!! 100 stars!!

  3. Israel razla

    I just got my FitGame training mask and all I can say is WOW! This thing is definitely something amazing. Even tho I’m asthmatic, it helps me train like never before! My breathing was definitely better than without. I even bought another one from a different company beforehand and it was not as efficient as this one. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

  4. Jazzy Chi

    I bought this mask for my boyfriend and I. I was so so surprised about how effective it is. It fits me perfectly and this mask has been the best sport equipment that I ever bought and used so far. I already knew about this brand from a friend and it has been amazing! I gain motivation to run and train more and a funny fact is that so many people have told me that I look so cool wearing it!! IN LOVE.

  5. Sammy 6

    Omg i believe that the saying is true .this equipment is the one thing you need to push it fitness levels to the top.Honesty I never understood the whole science behind it but it makes sense how i feel so whipped after a 30 min workout that would normally take a while to break a sweat.The fit could be better but i guess it has to do with the size of your head figuratively.All in all it is,a great tool

  6. Dan B

    I mean, it works just fine. The fit is not exactly comfortable around the head unless you have a huge head but I’m a dude so it’s ok, could be tighter. The exhale levels are non-existent, they all are the same no matter what level you put them on. The inhale resistance however does work quite well. Only real bad thing about it is the location of the inhale hole. It’s off center so when you inhale you can tell exactly where it’s coming in. This is a problem when you start exerting yourself because the whole mask begins to shift towards that hole and then loses suction around the seal, especially when you begin to start sweating. For the price, it does the job. But there are better ones out there if you are willing to spend more.

  7. Anthony Lewis Ciaravino

    With first hand experience doing high altitude training (approx 8000ft ) I can tell you this is the next easiest way to achieve VO2 depletion and force your body to become stronger. It also forces you to focus on your breathing. Under heavy breathing you get some leak around the mask on exhale but it works and is actually pretty comfortable!

  8. Michaela

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I’m training for a trek into the Himalayas in 2 months and this Mask is a Game Changer! I live in Florida and at sea level, I wasn’t sure how to prepare for the nearly 2 mile high altitude, until I found this Mask. My trainer and I both think it’s excellent! Thank you!!!

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Fitgame Workout Mask

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