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Liquid Image 369 W Torque Series Off-Road Goggle Action Cam

The Torque HD+ is the World’s first Full HD Off-road MX Video Goggle with Wi-Fi and GPS which allows for live streaming, playback, and remote control capabilities as well as Map Overlay functionality. The Video Goggle can work with Wi-Fi devices as well as iPhone (Ios) and Android based Smartphones through various Apps. This new model features a rotating camera lens to dial in the best angle for your stance whether you Motocross, ATV, UTV, Jetski, BMX, or Downhill Bike. The Torque HD+ records video in 1080P at 30fps and features a HIGH ACTION mode of 720P at 60fps for smooth motion.

  • HD 1080P Video at 30 fps and HD 720P Video at 60 fps
  • 1.5-2 hours in the HD Video Mode,Use only Class 6 and higher Micro SDHC card.
  • Lens Tilt- adjust camera angle within 30 degrees
  • XSC – Wearable Extreme Sport Cam-135 degree wide angle camera lens
  • Features-Continuous Photo Mode, 12MP Photos


Liquid Image Torque Series HD Video Goggles White/Clear Lens

Liquid Image Torque Series HD Video Goggles White/Clear Lens. With the Torque 1080p HD Video Goggles, you can now record video and take pictures of your ride with the push of a button. All video and camera action is taken right from the goggle providing a true point...


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11 Reviews for Liquid Image Torque Goggle

  1. Lauren

    **Update – July 18, 2016**This company seems to have completely fallen off the face of the earth. E-mails get no response and their phone number is disconnected. Their Facebook page hasn’t been updated since May. If you buy these, you are taking a big risk because they will probably have issues and you will NOT be able to get them resolved. Save your money and your time and buy a different product.**Earlier comments…**After several months of ownership and trying different SD cards I decided it was time to contact customer support. My husband tried first and received no response. Next, I tried and with my e-mail and got a response (Apr 11). The person was initially helpful and got me a firmware upgrade. After figuring out how to apply it on my own (since the directions were not correct), I tried the goggles again and there was no improvement – they still cut off after about 15 minutes. Eventually, Liquid Image agreed to RMA the goggles (Apr 19), but due to a goof on my part, I shipped the goggles to the wrong place (swapped labels on the two boxes). It took a bit, but I eventually got them back after several weeks and tried to contact Liquid Image again to resume the RMA (May 31). No response to that e-mail, so I sent another. I got a response to that saying they were “moving offices” and it would be best if I wait until after the move was complete (June 1). A couple of weeks go by and I hear nothing so I sent more e-mails (June 21 and 28) both to the original person and to the only e-mail I could find on the site (the support contact form is no longer available). Still no response, so I called during their business hours (July 6) and got only voicemail. So unless I hear from them, and I’m starting to think I won’t, this was obviously money wasted. If you’re looking at these or any other Liquid Image goggles, I would move on and buy a more reliable product like a GoPro.Earlier review…These goggles are a great idea, but we’ve had some problems with them. The biggest problem is that the goggles will shut off partway through recording. We haven’t exactly figured out why. We have tried multiple micro SD cards and the problems persist. It could be isolated to this set, though, and we have not yet had a chance to contact tech support with the issue. The second issue is of image quality – they are definitely a step down from the quality of a newer GoPro. BUT the price is quite a bit lower so it was about on par with my expectation. Image stabilization isn’t nearly as good as with a GoPro and sometimes the video is downright hard to watch. I really like the perspective from the goggles – it feels very natural. Also, the goggle is not prone to getting caught by trees or other trail debris.

  2. Mack Chambers

    Works as expected

  3. Megan

    These things are look crazy

  4. Charles

    Used for the first time today…the quality of the video was impressing. Very happy with my purchase

  5. Tomi

    The images recorded on these goggles is super clear, they work great and are simple to operate. Along with all of that they have a lot of air vents to prevent you from getting too warm, the band has a nice antislip coating on it that holds the goggles in to place well. After using them a few times I will be buying an additional pair for my son! I don’t think I will ever buy any other kind of goggles.

  6. David Hansen

    this is a 2012 model , the largest sd chip it will take is 32gig . That’s ok , I haven’t used it yet on my motorcycle or adv.’s yet but I’m concerned about the 1.5 hr. battery life . and the still photos were blurry. but I need to work with it more . the video was great , and the price is great.

  7. kep

    Faulty product, nonexistent costumer service, useless warranty. The first day we used the goggles they made about 15 minutes of great movies but after that the battery would not charge properly. Unfortunately, we did not use them for the second time until a few weeks later, so I missed the 30 days to return them. When charging, the green light comes up as if the battery was full but it is still almost empty. Even a whole day of repeated charging gets the battery nowhere near to a full charge. I sent an email to Liquid Image and got an auto reply that they would respond as soon as possible but I never heard from them again. A week later I contacted the seller (Willoughby’s) through to ask for help and they replied immediately that they passed my message to Liquid Image and notified their representative but another week later I still did not hear from Liquid Image. I read the warranty information to see whether it would be worthwhile to file a warranty claim but it sets conditions that appear to be designed to make sure nobody ever files a warranty claim, so I am probably going to write the goggles off as a loss and stay away from Liquid Image products in the future.

  8. jodiewright

    This item does not work at all

  9. J Jams

    Our son loves it! He is off and running taking video.

  10. Chris Smith

    I upgraded to these Liquid Image Torque goggles to replace a pair of the cheaper Impact model that my daughter had bought me.I absolutely love the quality of the 1080p videos and the still pictures. I have made a number of great BluRay videos of my rides and the clarity is amazing. You can see the detail of the tire tracks in the sand and read the trail signs at 65 MPH. I ordered them with the San Disk 32GB card and I strongly recommend this. These goggles are picky about the memory card. The Impact goggles only work with a type 4 Micro SD card and the Torque goggles work with a type 10. I found this out the hard way when I switched the cards and lost my footage.Like others have complained about, the battery shuts off after about an hour into the ride. This is a big disappointment, because I could record for hours on the cheaper Impact goggles. I didn’t charge the goggles to full the first time I used them, so it may be my fault. I’m going to try to get another battery and charge it properly. Also, as others have said, Liquid Image seems to be out of business and almost everything on their website is “Currently Not Available”. I’m very thankful I bought the ionized lens last year, when they were still available. I wish I had of bought a spare battery.

  11. Travis L.

    you’ll never get better quality and POV images than this right here. I’ve used mine for desert racing, snowboarding, and many other things and the quality is great!

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Liquid Image Torque Goggle

$299.99 $248.99