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FocusHD Camera Ski Goggles are Skiing Goggles that feature a built-in Action Cam

With FocusHD’s upgraded unique Video Goggle Camcorder, you can easily combine relaxing and joyful of your winter activities, enabling you to get a highly-perform HD action camera in your eyewear, you won’t miss a moment moment of footage with the ONE-TOUCH ACTIVATED recording system on the FocusHD Ski Camera Goggles.

  • UNIQUE Eyewear With its upgraded video this skiing goggle combines a new design and new materials to ensure it brings you a great experience.
  • FULL-HD Camcorder: 16GB memory and rechargeable battery support continual loop 1080P real time video recording up to 120 minutes per fully charge
  • EASY Use: Simple one touch operation with quick response for instant-access to recordings. Special DUAL indicator lights and vibration alert for easy recording start-stop status identification. Connect easily to a WiFi hotspot and cellphone via our free App for video view or download
  • STABLE System: Using composite soft material on the main frame, the UV protection, anti-fog, anti-glare, anti-impact DAUL-lens ensure both compatibility and comfortability. Equipped with the most upgraded IC solution available in a stable action camera system.
  • 100% QC & PROMPT Service: All products sold by FocusHD pass strict QC measures and include a 1-year warranty and 24/7 customer service

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Sunglasses Camera 1080P Video Glasses 32GB Memory Integrated for Outdoor Sports
Sunglasses Camera 1080P Video Glasses 32GB Memory Integrated for...


The FocusHD Camera Ski Goggles are the ultimate accessory for thrill-seekers who want to capture their adventures in stunning high-definition quality. These innovative goggles feature an integrated 1080p camera that can easily be activated with the push of a button, allowing you to record every moment of your ski runs or snowboarding jumps without the need for additional equipment. And with a rugged, weather-resistant design, these goggles can withstand even the toughest conditions, making them perfect for use in any snowy environment. But what really sets the FocusHD Camera Ski Goggles apart is their exceptional image quality, which allows you to relive your outdoor escapades with crystal-clear clarity. Thanks to their advanced lens technology, these goggles offer unparalleled visual clarity and sharpness, making them an essential companion for any skiing or snowboarding enthusiast.



The FocusHD Camera Ski Goggles are a game-changing innovation in the world of skiing and snowboarding. These goggles come equipped with a built-in high-definition camera that allows skiers and snowboarders to capture stunning 1080p video footage and 12MP photos of their adventures on the slopes, all with the simple push of a button. The camera is strategically placed in the center of the goggles, providing a perfect view of everything the wearer sees. This eliminates the need for the use of additional cameras or mounts, making it an ultra-convenient solution for those who love to capture their experiences on the slopes. Additionally, the goggles are designed with interchangeable lenses, ensuring optimal visibility in all lighting conditions. They also feature a polarized lens option, which helps reduce glare and improve visibility on bright, sunny days. With an impressively long battery life and a weather-resistant construction, the FocusHD Camera Ski Goggles are the perfect companion for any skiing or snowboarding adventure.


Item Weight12.8 ounces
Package Dimensions9 x 5 x 3.5 inches
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Color NameMirror Blue
FocusHD Camera Ski Goggles
released on August 20, 2020


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The ski goggles with camera and GPS are considered as the best ones and are preferred by many these days. You also have the option of buying goggles of a different color if you wish to buy different colors. Take Memorable Photos with It.

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These goggles capture 1080 and 720HD video and 12-megapixel HD photos and use a 170-degree wide-angle lens. The goggles are anti-fog infused and provide 100% UV protection. The high-density lens and impact resistant frame technology protects the goggles even during the toughest wipeouts.


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3 Reviews for FocusHD Camera Ski Goggles

  1. pwolf

    This unit has poor video quality, no video stabilization makes for VERY jerky video. A few times the video flashed magenta blocks at bottom of frame. Then color changed to blue, green. The goggles have quirky controls locking up sometimes. I had to do a hard reset twice the first day. I will be returning.

  2. Geetha

    I was looking for just regular ski goggles for an upcoming ski trip when a friend told me they come with a built in camera these days. Naturally I was super stoked to get these and I don’t regret it. It’s easy enough to operate and comes in a hard shell carry case to keep the goggles protected from scratches.

  3. Natalie

    Got this for my nephew who is an avid skier and would love to be able to record his first hand view of his tracks, great idea and great goggles as well, good quality and camera quality looks amazing as well ( I tested it out before wrapping it up) I think he is going to love these and use them a lot.

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