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High Reflective Cycling and Running Socks

Be visible to drivers while exercising with ReflecToes Socks.

Reflective socks increase visibility, last over 50 washes, and have arch support.

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- Safety
- Comfort

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ReflecToes Socks offer Safety while Running or Cycling

ReflecToes use the motion of your legs to grab the attention of drivers and identify yourself as a walker, runner or cyclist. Our brains are wired to detect motion. That means that you will get the attention of drivers from farther away when they see your ankles bobing up and down. We also instantly recognize BIO-MOTION and can identify the familiar human motion of your ankles moving. 360° reflective coverage means drivers that come upon from all sides will see the familiar motion.

  • High Reflectivity – We only use high reflective (>300 lux/m2) material because it will increase the distance at which you are seen by drivers. We do NOT use reflective yarn that is about 10% as bright because the reflective beads are not oriented the same way. We use thousands of directionally orientated, spherical mirrors to reflect 10-50 times more light back to the source than reflective yarns to make you visible at a greater distance.
  • Durability Guaranteed – Our NEW and IMPROVED socks last over 50 wash cycles. No other reflective socks with HIGH reflective (>300 lux/m2) have this much reflective surface that withstands over 50 washes without cracking or peeling. If you are wearing the right size sock and have any issues, contact us and we’ll send a free replacement or refund.
  • Bio-Motion is Key – The attention grabbing motion of your legs, not only gets you noticed, but also gets you recognized as a person because of your Biological motion. Our brains are wired to notice movement and identify familiar motion. Studies show you will be identified as a cyclist 90% of the time with reflective on your legs; 50% of the time with a reflective vest.
  • High Performance – Moisture wicking yarns keep your feet dry and comfortable. Mesh vent upper keeps your feet cool. Arch support for comfort and stability
  • Care Instructions – Machine wash cold with like colors.


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High Reflective Cycling And Running Socks - Night Safety Running Gear
High Reflective Cycling And Running Socks - Night Safety Running Gear


ReflecToes Socks are the perfect footwear for anyone who loves to walk, run, or hike outdoors. These socks are designed with safety in mind, and feature reflective material that will help ensure that you are visible to others even in low light conditions. With their breathable and moisture-wicking fabric, ReflecToes Socks will keep your feet dry and comfortable no matter how far you travel. The reinforced heel and toe provide extra durability, while the unique texture of the socks helps to prevent slipping and keep your feet firmly in place. ReflecToes Socks are also incredibly versatile, and can be worn under boots, sneakers, or even sandals. Whether you're heading out for a morning jog, a long hike, or just running errands around town, ReflecToes Socks will help you stay safe and comfortable every step of the way.

  • High Reflectivity - Increases distance seen by drivers
  • Durability Guaranteed - Lasts over 50 wash cycles
  • Bio-Motion is Key - Gets you noticed and recognized
  • High Performance - Moisture wicking and arch support
  • Care Instructions - Machine wash cold with like colors


    High Reflective Cycling and Running Socks
    released on July 20, 2018
    what is the difference between black and thick black?

    The thick version is 2x as thick and thus is warmer and more durable. If you wear socks without shoes often or need a bit more warmth, get these. The vented version is cooler and has a finer yarn and higher needle count (more threads per inch). The vented version is cooler for warm summer rides/runs. Ben

    How many pairs in a package?

    Just one pair in each package. Many people are interested in buying more so we just set up a discount for buying multiples. It will apply automatically at checkout when you have the correct quantity of the correct skus in your cart. If you order 3 or 4 pairs, you'll get 15% off all of them. Order 5 or more and you'll save 20% off all of them. This works with all sizes, colors and styles of our reflective socks sold by Oh, Susannah. If you are interested in buying in bulk (more than 15 pairs), reach out to info at ReflecToes directly. Ben Ben

    How do i get hold of the winter version? checkout indicates i have the summer version - not what i want, so won’t purchase.

    I would not know. You should contact the manufacturer and ask.

    How tall are these socks? In the Item picture they look tall but in the customer picture they look short

    There is an old version that is shorter and has reflective diamonds a bit denser. That one is discontinued, but there are some still available in size small. The new version is taller with diamonds a bit more spaced out. You can check out Insta to see more recent customer photos. Our IG handle is our brand name. Hope this helps! Ben

    Women’s shoe size 10, what size sock should I order?

    Based on the size chart I purchased size L for 7.5 shoe. The L was too sloppy. I do wear them but only with long tights. I then purchased size M and it is perfect..they are not tight. My daughter size 9.5 shoe wears the M comfortably so I think size M will be ok.



    The ReflecToes socks are designed to improve visibility and safety during outdoor activities. Utilizing reflective strips that are strategically placed along the sock, these socks provide a standout visibility factor that can increase awareness and decrease the risk of accidents. The socks are made of a lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking material, allowing for comfort during intense activities such as running or cycling. They are also versatile and great for other outdoor pursuits such as hiking, walking, or even walking your dog at night. The reflective strips located at the top of the sock on the front and back provide maximum visibility from any angle. These socks come in several colors, including black, white, and neon so that you can match them with your workout gear or personal style. By purchasing a pair of ReflecToes socks, you are not only investing in a quality product for your own use but playing an active role in ensuring your personal safety and that of others around you.


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    10 Reviews for High Reflective Cycling and Running Socks

    1. Ricardo

      These socks are amazing! And they paid perfectly with all my reflective gear. I love running early mornings and now I feel a lot more safer with them! The reflective gear provided by Reflectoes is uncomparable, and I highly recommend it to anyone who love cycling or running and is in need of some high quality reflective socks! By far, I’m incredibly amazed with the quality of the socks and how well it fits me. Perfect sizing, awesome design and safe. Don’t be indecisive about buying them, these reflective socks are the real deal!

    2. Easy Mike

      Fit and quality are good. They reflective portion does not stretch as much as a typical sock, so it can be a little difficult at first to slide over you foot. The reflective qualities are fantastic!

    3. Russell Tillson

      These socks are a must for any cyclist riding the asphalt with cars. When headlights hit them, the reflective spots POP! The only bad thing is that you can only buy two pairs at a time I would fill my cycling sock drawer with them

    4. Ron

      These socks provide the hi-visibility I want for riding my fat bike in low light conditions.They fit well and stay put. Little pricey but worth every penny if they keep me from getting run off the road!

    5. S Black

      Edit: I got the winter version and they are more of a traditional thickness and they seem more comfortable to me. I’d recommend getting the thick version unless you are planning on being in warm to hot temperatures on a regular basis.Thinner than I expected (next time I’ll order the thick version) but they do catch the eye! I’m looking forward to my pre-dawn bike rides using these

    6. CRD0831

      Used/and will continue to use for bike riding. Wear size 7-7.5 and purchased medium – perfect fit.

    7. Abel

      Fit great. Look great. Are SUPER reflective. They do everything they should as they should or better. These have no shifting while cycling which i really appreciate. They do this without being too tight which also nice. I forgot i was wearing them until i got home which a good sign. I am happy with this purchase.

    8. M. Durand

      Reflectoes socks fit as expected based on the size chart. The 360 hi-viz is outstanding and a huge improvement over every other sock with hi-viz elements I have found. The closet competitor I have found is the Specialized HyperViz. While the Specialized HyperViz are great socks, they are double the cost of Reflectoes, and they only have hi-viz elements on the back. See my second photo for a comparison of HyperViz (L) vs. Reflectoes (R).With that said, the biggest shortcoming of Reflectoes is that I wish the socks were a bit higher-compression around the ankle and calf. They can feel a little loose around my ankles, and therefor would not be my choice for solo ultra-endurance cycling, despite the excellent visibility. I also have doubts about the longevity of the hi-viz diamonds surviving my washing machine, so I’m making sure to wash them inside-out to preserve them as long as possible.

    9. Marc L. Soloff

      They fit well, light weight and very bright… but… I get the impression that the material will tear easily. So far I’ve worn them once and there’s just something telling me that won’t last too many washes.

    10. Brian

      The sock is comfortable and the reflective elements seem to work well. The problem is that I got a hole in the toe area after the first ride. The ride was 300 miles but it still should have lasted longer. I emailed the company but never got a response. I had the thin sock. Maybe the thick one will hold up better. Without better durability I’ll be searching for another option or just wearing an ankle band.

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